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Deciphering the Trinity of Soul Curriculum Systems

Cosmological conceptions around the world have similar paradigms about the creation of the manifested universe. They postulate creation as a series of emanations of energy, principally light energy, in various gradations or levels of manifestation. On the other hand, standard scientific paradigms postulate light as having wave and particle properties, both linear and nonlinear. These two metaphysical frameworks are used as backgrounds to examine the nature of the soul, and the possibilities of various soul curriculum systems. In the light of these findings, an argument is made for the case of nonlinear reincarnation as an alternative and deeper way of understanding the evolution of the soul.

PROLOGUE: From the Book of the Oneness
And the One did create the Wandering Orb, slicing a fragment of Its Fundamental Quintessence. And the Wandering Orb prepared to sail into the Darkness of Primordial Night. But the Oneness did enable the Wandering Orb to have a final gift before its maiden voyage. The Oneness cut a portion of Its Infinite Arm and out gushed a Chalice full of its Quintessence. The Blood then merged into the Heart of the Wandering Orb, which began to pulsate with the rhythm of Infinite Grace.
Then the Wandering Orb began to voyage within the Labyrinth of Infinite Darkness. And the Oneness receded from its Perception. The Heart of the Wandering Orb, filled with the Quintessence of Oneness began to know Power.

The Power of Life. The Power of Death.
The Power of Creation. The Power of Destruction.
But the Wandering Orb, travelling the Ecstasy of Night, also began to experience a rare kind of power, the Power of Ignorance. For, travelling further and further from the Oneness, it began to forget the Oneness itself.
It thought that it was Alone.
It then knew it was Alone.
It realized it was Alone.
It experienced that it was Alone.
It wished that it was not Alone.
And thus, in its Heart, began the wish to search for something, someone.
To banish the feeling of Aloneness.
Thus, began the perilous search for the Other, in the Bosom of Infinite Night!
In the Bosom of Infinite Night……

While the Wandering Orb was traveling within the Bosom of Infinite Night, several things have been happening to it/her.
The first event was that the Elements of Being have been gathering strength within her and have been yearning for release.
Even without a mate, the Wandering Orb is pregnant.
Pregnant with possibility.
Fire has been conceived within her, within the Wandering Orb.
Air has been conceived within her, within the Wandering Orb.
Water has been conceived within her, within the Wandering Orb.
Earth has been conceived within her, within the Wandering Orb.
But a final Element is not yet born.
The final element is not yet born.
Not born.
Yet to be born.
And these Elements of Being yearn for release, birth and expression. Such is the power of the Wandering Orb, a legacy of its nativity.
For the Wandering Orb is a vessel of Power, filled with Imajica Potentia, derived from the One. But, the second event that is gaining strength within it is the Power of Ignorance. As the Wandering Orb sails deeper and deeper into the bosom of Eternal Night, its parameters of Ignorance has been increasing.
The Wandering Orb is beginning to forget that it has a beginning.
The Wandering Orb has forgotten that it was created by something else.
The Wandering Orb, filled with ignorance, has started to contemplate that it is the beginning.
The beginning of all creation.
The Wandering Orb has become deluded, a delusion inspired by the spark of ignorance.
The Wandering Orb is starting to get lost.

Filled with Imajica Potentia, the Elements coalesce and are gifted with definition.
The Elements are being born.
Fire mixes with itself and then is born. This is the first Heptarchy, the first level of Being.
Fire interacts with Air, this interaction is then born as a separate force. This is the second Heptarchy, the second level of Being.
Air mixes with itself and then is born. This is the third Heptarchy, the third level of Being.
Air interacts with Water, this interaction is then born as a separate force. This is the fourth Heptarchy, the fourth level of Being.
Water mixes with itself, and then is born. This is the fifth Heptarchy, the fifth level of Being.
Water interacts with Earth, this interaction is then born as a separate force. This is the sixth Heptarchy, the sixth level of Being.
Earth mixes with itself and then is born. This is the seventh and last Heptarchy, the seventh level of Being.
Elements have been born.
The Elements are born.
The Seven Elements are born.
Born, from the plethora that is the Wandering Orb.
And so the Universe comes into Being.
A Universe is born.
Born, from a Mother.
The Universe shall call the Wandering Orb its Mother.

And now the Wandering Orb is able to express itself.
The Orb is able to express itself into the planes of manifestation.
How does the Orb express itself?
It takes the manifold structure of the Heptarchy and produces an Emanation.
The Wandering Orb produces an emanation of purity, upon the evocation of the following:
“Let there be Light!”


            The Cosmos is a Oneness. This Oneness has a tendency to enter into dreamworlds within itself. To manifest essences, punctuations and existential realms within the Infinity of its array. To do that, it emanates singularities, polarities, trinities, quaternities and multiplicities. But the balance of the Oneness never wavers, never strays from the harmony of its spheres. It never strays from the central ground of absolute symmetry. 

            The purpose of this mystic treatise is to explicate the trinity of soul curriculum systems, their similarities and differences, and their relationships to soul evolution and ascension. A further goal of this treatise is to highlight the nonlinear reincarnation model as a deeper and more encompassing way of understanding the development and evolution of consciousness. 

PROGENY OF LIGHT: Emanations of Being from the Tree of Life

            In order to understand the soul, its nativity as light and its culmination in heaven or paradise, we need to understand its origin or source. The Kabbalah, the sum total of Jewish Mysticism, has a very beautiful explanation of the origin of the soul. The conceptual framework for the origin of the soul can be traced to the theoretical paradigms of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and its various emanations. According to Jewish mysticism, Divine Providence manifests itself into the phenomenal Cosmos by the presence and development of various emanations, now called sephiroth. In the beginning, there is a nameless Void, which is nevertheless filled with potency. This is called the Ein Sof. This void then manifests itself in the phenomenal Cosmos as a manifested singularity, which the Kabbalistic masters term the Kether. Kether bifurcates into two, Chokmah and Binah, which further evolves into the other sephiroth. In the most comprehensive terms, this implies that the singularity develops into a polarity, which then develops further into a trinity, which later again develops into a quaternity. Taken as a whole, this beautiful mystic paradigm describes the continuous creation and transmutation of various forms of energy in the manifested universe. 

It is interesting to note that this fundamental template for the Progeny of Light has echoes and similarities in at least three disciplines or systems of thought. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras has echoed this theme in his time, with his theory of Reality as number, as symbolized in the classical tetraktys. In this mystic paradigm, number is seen as symbolizing the potency and power of energy and its permutations. In the Pythagorean paradigm, 1 evolves into 2, which evolves into 3, which evolves into 4. From this, the celebrated mystic templates in the various esoteric arts of wisdom have emerged: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The four sacred elements. This is just a highly symbolic way of explaining the emanation, propagation, and evolution of Energy into Mind, and then later into the plethora of forms in the manifested universe. 

In Eastern philosophy, echoes of this paradigm or framework also exists in the mystical stream of Taoism. Ancient Taoism has taught and maintained that in the beginning, there was the Tao, or the Way. This Tao later develops and evolves into the “ten thousand things.” This metaphysical and ontological position is actually very similar to the Kabbalistic and Pythagorean mystic paradigms and echoes similar concepts, assumptions and sentiments. In the medieval Renaiisance, this template also underwent a massive artistic elaboration in the beautiful images and archetypes of the Tarot, a symbolic language of exceptional power.

TRANSMIGRATION OF LIGHT: The Nature of the Soul Curriculum

The basic tenet of reincarnation as soul pilgrimage in its ultimate manifestation has been a concept that has been explored by a variety of spiritual masters and mystical thinkers throughout world history, most notably by Lord Plotinus himself (Clark, 2016). One of the greatest mystics of all time, Lord Plotinus discoursed about the verities of the soul world, and his spiritual, mystical and metaphysical teachings have been immortalized by his eminent disciple, Porphyry. In the spiritual and metaphysical architecture of Lord Plotinus, there are various emanations of being from the bosom of the Oneness, and these emanations give rise to various realms of being. This position is actually very similar to the theoretical position of some quantum physicists. 

The essence of Spirit encases itself in various case sheaths, or vehicles of exploration in order to make contact with the sensual apparatus of the realm it is exploring. On the other side of the fence, the beings currently navigating that particular realm or dimension are also possessed of certain distinct sensual and perceptual systems which help them navigate and understand the parameters of the realm they are currently exploring. 

The following table characterizes the differences of acquiring a reincarnation viewpoint, comparing the orthodox human perspective with the perspective of advanced spiritual Seekers who possess a reincarnation perspective: 

Table 1: Differences between persons with orthodox views compared to persons with or possessing a reincarnation perspective
            Thus, we can visualize the soul curriculum as a set of goals and objectives laid down by the Higher Self for the fractal souls to accomplish. The Higher Self has made a massive sacrifice indeed by attempting a very, very challenging task. But, by doing this the Higher Self shall in turn reap the benefits of such an existential exercise, in the form of the acquisition of a new set of experiences from its travels in the planes of matter. The nature of the soul curriculum is directly entwined with the principle of reincarnation. This is because reincarnation is the actual methodology that the Higher Self uses to teach its fractal souls. As in science, we can also say that in spirituality that experience is also the best teacher. The reincarnating being shall directly experience and absorb a plethora of experiences which can only enrich and enhance its essence. Within the paths of reincarnation, transcendence and immanence have a unique conversation.  
APOTHEOSIS OF LIGHT: The Mystical Paradigm of Nonlinear Reincarnation
However, this author belongs to a select group of mystical writers and thinkers who have discovered and are advocating the contemplation of a radical form of reincarnation. This is the concept of Nonlinear Reincarnation (Rimban, 2017). Seminal ideas of this unique form of reincarnation have been offered in various writings, most recently Nonlinear Thought in Metaphysics, Psychology and Education (Rimban, Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness, July 2017). The idea for this form of reincarnation can be visualized by looking at a painting. We look at a painting in a nonlinear way or holistic way. We do not look at it in a sequential way. In Nonlinear Reincarnation, the Higher Self, situated in the higher dimensions, pre-selects a set of lives, to be explored by its fractal souls. The Higher Self, immortal, hyper-intelligent and totally secure in its foundation in the higher realms, can look at its set of lives holistically, guiding them with art, elegance, wisdom, compassion and an intelligence that is beyond the understanding of beings in the physical realm. Dr. Eben Alexander, one of the foremost neurosurgeons in the world, who was able to journey into the higher realms while being comatose for days, gives a startling revelation of the power of nonlinear dynamics in his book, Proof of Heaven (Alexander, 2012). This book is highly recommended as an initial starting point for those who want greater understanding of the power of higher dimensions and alternate realities.
            We can say that there are two ways of apprehending Ultimate Reality. One is the sequential mind pattern and methodology and the other is the nonlinear mind pattern and methodology. The predictive powers of the sequential mind, in its own context, are awesome, for it seeks to create, cultivate and propagate alphabets of understanding, which it uses to navigate from the known to the unknown. These alphabets are all the languages, from the linguistic forms to the mathematical worlds, to the computer languages and thence into all the symbolic forms. These languages are powerful in their own right, for they give rise to a certain kind of internal logic that arises out of their syntax and coding. Like a game of chess or the set of equations in geometry, these languages persist for they can define protocols in their own worldspheres. Remember that all forms are fractals of the Cosmos, and therefore partake of its power. In this sense, sequential constructs have an abundance of order. Why? Because that is the part of the Cosmos that they express. The problem, however, occurs when the sequential mind attempts to translate these languages and interpret the Cosmos as a whole. Here the map fails. And it fails miserably! The Cosmos is too awesome to be interpreted by any kind of mental map, however profound that map is. A map is still a map. Thus, there are limits to what a map can understand.
            On the other hand, the nonlinear processing aspect of Ultimate Reality apprehends multidimensional realms simultaneously. It is like looking at an art form, or listening to a piece of music, or watching a dance performance.  The whole is assimilated completely, not part by part like the one in sequential thought. The learning style is holistic, and the learner assimilates a large amount of data. In the same way, by configuring his fractal souls as nonlinear processors, the Higher Self is able to assimilate a very large amount of data. He assimilates a large amount of data simultaneously, all coming from the many lives that he has, which are happening all at once! This is an awesome discovery and could revolutionize world thought. Nonlinear reincarnation can also explain the fact that most humans do not have memories of past lives. This is because human souls reincarnating in the nonlinear manner do not have past lives. What they have are parallel or nonlinear lives! The experiences of the fractal souls of a being undergoing nonlinear reincarnation yield an incredible amount of data, processed at an astoundingly prodigious rate. The Higher Self with nonlinear fractal lives is a learner par excellence.
            Thus, this author would like to encourage esoteric, spiritual, mystical and metaphysical seekers of all kinds to discover, research, study and learn more about the possibilities and permutations of nonlinear reincarnation. It is an idea whose time has come. It may bring to light many of the darker aspects of consciousness that humanity has failed to process since the dawn of time. It may bring to light many of our universal questions and provide definitive answers to many of our hypothetical dilemmas.
The following table presents, compares and contrasts the two different models of reincarnation:

Table 2: The Two Different Paradigms of Reincarnation: Nonlinear Reincarnation and Sequential Reincarnation
EPILOGUE: The Prayer to the Higher Self
            If you are interested in understanding more about the mysteries of our world, the following prayer is suggested for connecting deeply to our Higher Selves:

Higher Self, beloved of my soul.
I love you with my whole being.
I thank you for the life you have given me.
Teach me to reach out to you, as you reach out to me.
Teach me to commune with you, as you commune with me.
Teach me to journey in life with you, as you have journeyed since the origin of the Cosmos.
Presently, in my soul location, there is a dilemma in the Conversation between Order and Chaos.
Teach me to examine this dilemma and bring forth the solution.
With everlasting love, now and always.

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Sensei Erwin Rimban was born in the Philippine Islands. Since a young age he has been fascinated by the esoteric realm and avidly read books on world history, philosophy, astrology, mythology, the social sciences and similar fields. Educated at the University of the Philippines, where he graduated Cum Laude, he added Evolutionary Biology to his plethora of interests. After graduating from college, he spent many years in the tourist destination of Baguio City where he pursued a career in writing and teaching, while at the same time finding time to be a meditation teacher. His hobbies include chess, poetry and Tarot counseling. Currently, he is active in organizational work, where he is promoting advocacies in educational philosophy, spiritual counseling, and environmental issues. He is also the founder and mentor of a learning organization and Wisdom Community, the ANAM CARA Philippines Learning Organization. He has written numerous essays on wisdom, metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, history, educational philosophy and psychotherapy

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(Developing Conceptual Paradigms for Interdisciplinary and Interfaith Program Development)

This manuscript explores the fundamental conceptual paradigms that various Interfaith communities can utilize for curriculum development concerns as well as program development concerns. The conceptual frameworks are applicable to religious, spiritual, interfaith and interdisciplinary organizations in theology, the social sciences and the humanities.

Wisdom, spirituality, spiritual organizations, interfaith, religious organizations

         The concept of the Interdisciplinary as well as Interfaith Discussion Group is one of the timeliest developments in spiritual collaborative efforts for communities nationwide and worldwide. The interfaith brings together spiritual people from various walks of Life to come together, discuss similar ideas, celebrate commonalities and join together in the spirit of Wisdom and Loving Service. This manuscript therefore explores the fundamental conceptual paradigms that various Interfaith communities can utilize for curriculum development concerns as well as program development concerns.
         The freedom to conceptualize and organize spiritual, interfaith, and religious communities is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines:
“No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights.” (Article III Bill of Rights, Section 5, 1987 Philippine Constitution).
Thus, in accordance with this law, interfaith and interdisciplinary religious dialogue is a right of the sovereign Filipino people. This inspires us and gives us the impetus to outline and highlight conceptual paradigms that various interfaith and interdisciplinary religious and spiritual communities in the Philippines can utilize for organizational purposes.

Symbiotic Unity in the Spirit of Service
         Spiritual seekers from all inclinations and from all walks of life are now beginning to come together and share knowledge, insight and wisdom. Coming together from various spiritual frameworks and backgrounds, these spiritual people have realized the need to unite in the spirit of service. Unity is a crucial factor in all historical epochs and more so in an age where Ascension is possible. Symbiotic Unity is a conceptual paradigm that could have a very powerful impact in the way interfaith and other spiritual communities come together, coalesce, and manage themselves and their relationships with fellow organizations and the community as a whole. In understanding Symbiotic Unity, we have only to access the legacies of various mystical orders, shamanic associations, and spiritual communities since the dawn of time. Their spiritual lessons have always included the facet of unity as a very crucial factor in achieving their dreams and goals. For example, we can see Symbiotic Unity as a crucial factor in the management of Celtic Druids. The great Druids of Europe would come together every now and then, share knowledge and help each other in the service of their Celtic tribes. They were the fathers of their respective peoples and commanded respect far and wide. The conceptual paradigm of symbiotic unity can be seen in the inner workings of the Shaolin Temple of China. It was a massive demonstration of unity at a time when monks were not given proper attention by the ruling elite. Eventually, the symbiotic unity of the Shaolin Temple monks helped raise awareness about the many productive endeavors that they were regularly contributing to the community.
         In the present age, spiritual people from all walks of life can utilize the lessons of Symbiotic Unity to improve the cohesiveness of their mystical or spiritual organization in ways that can transcend their particular backgrounds and religious frameworks. It is understood that spirituality can be a guiding force that binds together seekers of various inclinations into one cohesive, dynamic and cheerful whole.
Collaborative Harmony in the Spirit of Cheerfulness
         From the fields of psychology and management, humanity has acquired the lesson that inner passion must be one of the guiding forces in the choice of vocation and occupation. Spirituality and mysticism can join this insight with their spiritual wisdom and produce groups, teams and organizations which are functioning at a very high level because they incorporate the aspect of “FLOW.” Flow is a term in motivational psychology referring to the zone state where a human is performing at the most optimum level. It has been recognized that mastery of a skill or talent requiring the utmost performance level can be achieved when one is fully passionate about a particular activity. (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, 2008).
         Spiritual organizations and interfaith communities can take a cue from these findings of psychology and management. It is very important for spiritual leaders of all kinds to have the utmost enjoyment in their craft. The spirit of cheerfulness, therefore, can be another guiding force that can enlighten and solidify the performance of spiritual tasks. It is already a given that spiritual leaders love their particular vocation. However, they should also incorporate the spirit of fun, adventure, humor and cheerfulness in their calling. The best spiritual communities are those who are imbued with an element of fun. If it is not fun, why quest spiritually?
Infinite Diversity in the Spirit of Love
         The Cosmos is a massive ensemble of worlds, like sands in the seashore. The infinite permutations of the Divine Essence of the Supreme God are so numerous as to dazzle the mind and imagination. Thus, all the fields of thought themselves are expressing this principle of Infinite Diversity. All the souls of all the universes are playing a symphony in eternity that is so dazzling and so deep and so multi-dimensional that it can only elicit the spirit of wonder from any observer.
         It is this principle that the interfaith communities nationwide should exercise as another guiding principle in the conduct and management of their organizational strategies and tactics. Infinite diversity as a conceptual paradigm can be celebrated in many ways. Be open to the ideas of new as well as old seekers. Celebrate their uniqueness. Everyone has a story to tell. Ennoble the storyteller by listening attentively and actively as well as testing that narrative in the crucible of experience. Spiritual insight produces its validity when examined by the crucible of experience, modified by the uniqueness of the context where it arises. Another way to express Infinite Diversity is to celebrate creativity in all its forms. The artist is brother to the medium. The artist is brother to the mystic. The artist is brother to the shaman. When interfaith communities incorporate this conceptual paradigm into their operational goals, Love will naturally bloom with its finest essence.
         In the saga of Philippine History, we can see the paradigm of Infinite Diversity to be expressed in a very unique form in the panorama of the 1898 Philippine Revolution. Our heroes and heroines were unique personalities with outstanding individual talent. The wisdom and prudence of their leaders was palpable in the harnessing and integration of those singular talents into working wholes. For example, Marcelo H. Del Pilar was the archetype of leadership wisdom, Andres Bonifacio was the archetype of martial courage, Apolinario Mabini was the archetype of sacrificial service while Dr. Jose Rizal was the archetype of versatile intelligence. (Teodoro Agoncillo, 1990).
Organizational Autonomy in the Spirit of Empowerment
         Spiritual communities like the Interfaith initiative here in our country are organizations that can stand on their own if imbued with the proper set of strategies and tactics. Strategic planning must blend with operational implementation in such a way as to manifest and create a successful program of development. Spiritual empowerment, therefore, is another crucial conceptual paradigm that interfaith offices nationwide can study, incorporate and implement as part of their organizational goals. (Erwin Rimban, TAR Paradigm, 2016).
         Here in the Philippine islands, various spiritual Seekers understand the crucial role of spiritual empowerment as a conceptual paradigm that should be explored and implemented in order to insure organizational success. We are currently exploring various strategies and tactics to enhance organizational effectiveness and better serve our spiritual communities. We recognize the need to absorb and utilize insights from various fields of thought, like the sciences, philosophy, psychology and education in the management of our spiritual community. We realize the pivotal roles played by organizational autonomy, self-reliance and spiritual empowerment to insure that we achieve our organizational goals in the most effective and efficient ways possible. The fluidity of our team management can only be a testament to the beauty of our spiritual paths and the primacy of our spiritual vocation as a blessing from God.

1987 Constitution, Republic of the Philippines
Teodoro A. Agoncillo, History of the Filipino People. Garotech Publishing. Manila, Philippines. 1990.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. Harper Perennial Modern Classics. 2008.
Erwin L. Rimban, TAR Paradigm: The Tests of Authenticity and Relevance. (

Sensei Erwin Rimban was born in the Philippine Islands. Since a young age he has been fascinated by the esoteric realm and avidly read books on world history, philosophy, astrology, mythology, the social sciences and similar fields. Educated at the University of the Philippines, where he graduated Cum Laude, he added Evolutionary Biology to his plethora of interests. After graduating from college, he spent many years in the tourist destination of Baguio City where he pursued a career in writing and teaching, while at the same time finding time to be a meditation teacher. His hobbies include chess, poetry and Tarot counseling. Currently, he is active in organizational work, where he is promoting advocacies in educational philosophy, spiritual counseling, and environmental issues. He is also the founder and mentor of a learning organization and Wisdom Community, the ANAM CARA Philippines Learning Organization. He has written numerous essays on wisdom, metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, history, educational philosophy and psychotherapy

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Deconstructing the Psychology of Reincarnation

Critical Thinking and Paradigm Development in the Mystical Philosophy of Reincarnation

The soul and its vehicle are locked in opposite domains, yet living in the same wave-space. The paths of the soul ever beckon to the higher realms. As if in counterpoise, the paths of its vehicle, the body, always remain in fascination with the matrix of space-time. The two sides are always in disagreement. But they manage to have a conversation. This conversation, this dialogue, this concord is a difficult one. But it must occur if they are both to thrive in their native domains. Having made temporary peace, they are free to pursue their respective aims.

The one who is born from the upper realms is an explorer of multidimensionality. He or she or it (actually this form has no gender, but we will try to use conventional terms for ease of comprehension) is a pure being, without assumptions, devoid of biases, totally open to new experiences and possessed of the spirit of wonder always. But, in order to explore the realms of multidimensionality, this pure being must acquire and maintain vehicles of exploration. There are several kinds of these vehicles, each suited to the plane or dimension or universe of its current fascination. Normally, the soul that journeys within its vehicle is not cut off from the Source. Meaning, he maintains and enjoys actual contact with higher realms, especially with its realms of Home. There is a saying: “Home is where the Heart is.” And indeed, it is also true in this instance. In fact, the monad, that is locked within the temporary prison of its vehicles, has made a massive sacrifice just by encasing itself in various case sheaths, as it were, in its efforts to sample and explore the various multidimensional realms. At some point, the soul will be extremely interested in the sensual delights and other pleasures of the realm that he is exploring. This is normal, as long as he always connected to his base, his Source, his Home. 

But what if, by some mechanism, whether intentional or accidental, the monad or the soul is suddenly cut off from the Source, from his Home, and from the memory of his origins? Then a very interesting existential dilemma arises! We shall go back to this subtopic later. 

         Meanwhile, the vehicles of the monad or soul are its primary expressions in the realms of exploration. These vehicles are chosen for a purpose. They serve the goals of the Soul Curriculum which the monad follows as a guide in its mystical adventures. The soul curriculum of every soul defines the road-map of its journey. In the realms of the material universe, the vehicles achieve an unusual power that is characteristic of templates which are operating in their own elemental fields. We recognize that the physical vehicles are children of the material universe. Thus, while souls or monads are exploring in the material universe, their physical vehicles are apt to attain a position of great importance. Again, the normal attitude of the soul is to recognize that physical vehicles are simply tools for the navigation, learning and pleasure of the exploring monad. This equanimity is at its highest in the safety and security of the existential contours of the Deep Self or Higher Self, which represents the core of every reincarnating being. There arises a situation however, when the reincarnating aspects of the Deep Self, which I call the Fractal Selves, are cut off from their Source. This situation gives rise to what we mystics now call the “Existential Loop Dilemmas.” The reincarnating aspect, separated from the Source and its Deep Self Core, and phase-locked in the planes of matter, or whatever plane that has caught it as prisoner, may come to think that his current manifestation is already the most authentic one. The only real one.  When in fact it is only a façade, a mask, a vehicle of exploration. This propensity to exalt the fractal over the Deep Self or Higher Self may also be magnified by any devious system, born of negative polarity, which attempts to maintain such a state of ignorance for its own egocentric ends and agendas. If this is a state where you find your fractal self involved in, then you are required by the forces of destiny and serendipity, to muster all the resources at your disposal to overcome the boundaries of ignorance and attain the ascended state. To seekers from the planet Earth, we now usually call this the “wisdom quest.” The wisdom quest is the attempt of the fractal soul to realize its own true mystical nature, liberate itself from the bondage of ignorance and willingly and cheerfully choose to graduate from its present state. This is no easy task. 

         There are many, many roadblocks to Ascension or soul graduation. The acquired tendencies of the soul may be impediments or barriers. Negative attitudes are definitely impediments, but also are “actuations arising out of habit.” Failure to educate yourself in any way possible is a roadblock, too. Thus, it is incumbent upon every soul to pursue knowledge for its own sake, as well as knowledge for practical purposes. You never know when that bit of knowledge shall help you. Learn, learn, learn.  Institutional systems, when implemented by an invading race out of selfish intentions, may be barriers to mystical development also. And to this morass we can also add culture. Culture is definitely a product of the evolutionary successes of a race, but it also possesses challenging variables which may pose as impediments to Ascension itself. Thus, Ascension is a very, very subtle enterprise. It is the most challenging task in any incarnation! 

         Like any story or narrative, the spiral of reincarnation has its own theme, structure, flavour, timing, colour, vibration, story-line, beginning, middle and climax. Though the outline of the reincarnation process is defined by the soul curriculum chosen during cosmic birth; the variables, specifics and dynamics of that process itself is coloured by the specific requirements of the Higher Self or Deep Self. In this, as in many areas of Cosmic Life, free will and the liberty of choice are essential parameters. The Deep Self is free to choose what narratives it wants to explore, using his own particular paradigms of learning, in its own contexts, using its own timing and rhythm, and occurring in environments of his own choice. No one can interfere with this Cosmic Law. The Higher Self has complete control of its incarnational perspectives, including the nativity and culmination of those fractal selves. The Deep Self and its incarnational streams are all existing in their own incarnational universes. They are inviolate and given the ultimate freedom to decide their own narrative cycles and progressions. 

          A human soul is an explorer par excellence. In order to elicit maximum learning from its incarnational lives, the Deep Self is invited by the Cosmos to sample and experience as many varied lives as much as possible. The dance of the energies represented by the Houses of the Zodiac is only a guide to the variety and multiplicity of lives that a fractal soul can assume. At the same time, the natal astrology chart is a map that gives an insight to the range of possible lives and incarnational streams that a cosmic being can assume. An array of archetypes can dazzle the imagination. Child, warrior, lover, scribe, mother, father, sage, king, queen, mystic, genius and the like. These archetypes are the templates of assumption, characteristic of the infinite dances that a soul can assume. These and many more archetypes are you! You are them, in your thousands of lifetimes! You have loved before, been betrayed before, died before, a thousand times a thousand! You have been born a king, entrenched in the pedestal of power. You have been born a beggar, experiencing the extreme poverty that life can offer. You have been born a queen, a shamaness, a priestess, a lover, etc. You cannot graduate without experiencing the male as well as the female perspectives of the universe. All of us are both male and female, as well as beyond male and female.

         And now, let us try to appreciate the times we are living in. Prophets of the Mayan world have made precise calculations centuries ago. These insights have been popularized by Hollywood into the science fiction movies we all enjoy today. Technically speaking, these prophecies correspond well with the inspired research of individual Seekers like Terence McKenna, who elicited the wave-forms of the I Ching. They are all warning us, of the possibility in our lifetime of an event of maximum Novelty. This event indeed corresponds to what sages have been proclaiming as the graduation point, the Zero Point, or the Days of Ascension. Our generation is extremely lucky to even have the possibility of experiencing such an event. From the point of view of reincarnation, the culmination of a narrative brings with it all the connotations and associated meanings that are unique to such a transpersonal phenomenon. Again as learners of the phenomenal universe, it is incumbent upon us to contemplate the possibilities of such an event with the utmost care. Now is the time to harness all our spiritual and mystical resources. Now is the time to bring forth all the wisdom that we have acquired through eons of reincarnation. Now is the time to unite, brothers and sisters. For it is extremely imperative for all of us human souls to inquire and quest whether we are now in the stage of culmination. Ascension, the culmination of our quest eons ago, is our birthright. Always has been, always will be. 

         Reincarnation is a gift, a very powerful gift of the Cosmos. It allows spiritual beings from various dimensions of the Cosmos to discover the manifold realities of Life in all its plethora of permutations. It is the fulcrum of soul pilgrimage. As cosmic learners, let us learn to use it to our optimum advantage. 

About The Author:

Sensei Erwin Rimban was born in the Philippine Islands. Since a young age he has been fascinated by the esoteric realm and avidly read books on world history, philosophy, astrology, mythology, the social sciences and similar fields. Educated at the University of the Philippines, where he graduated Cum Laude, he added Evolutionary Biology to his plethora of interests. After graduating from college, he spent many years in the tourist destination of Baguio City where he pursued a career in writing and teaching, while at the same time finding time to be a meditation teacher. Currently, he is active in organizational work, where he is promoting advocacy programs in educational philosophy, spiritual counselling, wisdom, metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, history, educational philosophy, ecology and alternative medicine. (He can be reached at this email: