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Biophysical Understanding of Resonance at a Cellular Level


Consciousness has always been linked to the nervous system or rather the brain, but there recorded conscious behaviours in organisms without nerve cells have changed the perspective of consciousness. A living cell is a blend of resonant frequencies, due to degrees of freedom that make it vibrate as a harmonic oscillator supporting the progression of vibrations as waves in and out of the system; to the neighbouring cells, to the body, to other bodies and ultimately to the Universe; all of which connects. Quantum generated consciousness is energy; emerges in each and every living cell and traverses by means of resonating vibrations; which utilizes the cellular structures to flow by means of a coherent, obscured, robust, recoverable process.

Key Words

Electromagnetic field, Cell, Consciousness, Quantum, Resonance


Energy is the cause of the universe, a form created from nothingness but its principle of action is expressed through change managed by entropy. Matter is an asymmetric form of light, which moulds and creates e.g. a living cell, with the capability to interact and capture energy. The living cell is an organization of elementary particles, which requires a symmetric energy state, for it to come into existence. Energy obtained in the form of electromagnetic radiation is highly conserved in the universe and is the key to understanding the phenomenon of consciousness. Resonating frequencies are produced when such forces of nature activate the vibrational transfer of energy by means of highly organized objects at their natural frequency or naturally occurring frequencies. Connected via resonance, cells and bodies can transmit energy across domains and therefore are in constant state of interaction and interference; keeping all cosmos connected.

Energy controls the movement of consciousness and therefore supports the concept of resonance wherein transduction occurs within cellular structures and at the level of intermingling bodies. The technique of healing is a best example of resonance spawned via consciousness, where healers focus on their subjects to create a resonance interference pattern resulting in a healing effect, attributed to the supernatural but occurring at a cellular level. Similarly, when people pray for others, they initiate a non-local resonance process which may result in a positive effect due to focused attention and energy transfer. Consciousness exists in every single living cell and the effects of resonating frequencies generated due to structures within the cells of an organism connects at cellular and multicellular level; internally as well as externally.

Electromagnetic radiation – Cause and Effect of Consciousness

Electromagnetic radiations play an important role in biological systems and depend on energy transferring factors like radiation strength and frequency. Photons that interact with a cell can be absorbed, scattered or reflected and in the process resonates at different frequencies. Scattered photons are eventually absorbed or escape in the form of diffused reflection, but absorbed photons interact with organic molecules or photo molecules. Most communications within or between cells occurs via chemical or electrical signalling. Cells obey the laws of physics, such as the first law of thermodynamics and hence can be viewed as a thermodynamic machine but simultaneously it locally acts against the second law of thermodynamics by creating structural and functional order. 

Living cells can therefore be viewed as micro-factories with nano-machines performing individual tasks. Meditation and chanting is an art of managing one’s own vibrations at a cellular level, which is not produced directly but is derived by a summation of electromagnetic vibrations within the cells that can produce healing effects within tissues and poorly functioning cells. Resonant entrainment is a phenomenon which is demonstrated by biological systems wherein cells oscillating at a particular frequency, oscillate neighbouring cells at the same frequency generating a quantum-based conscious or cognitive ripple effect.

Materialization of Quantum Consciousness at a Cellular level

Consciousness is the ability to be aware of and to be able to perceive the relationship between one’s self and one’s environment while quantum consciousness proposes the existence and creation of a conscious moment through a computational event. The information of consciousness gained by the movement of the energy, resides in patterns of matter and energy, which are built up in the cell based on prior experiences with more interaction and knowledge. The trapping of electromagnetic radiation and propagation of the energy in the cell wholly depends on the organization of matter, which makes up the cell, its components and biochemical systems. On disentanglement or release, the photons are released and it merges with the electromagnetic radiation in the cosmos, an involuntary cycle that cannot be changed or altered. The photons interact within the cell, only if its structure and cellular processes are primed; in the absence of these structures, the propagation gets altered.

Quantum consciousness enables the cell to understand and judge perceptions, which gives the cell a prospect to behave as per will which is released into the cosmos. The universe comprises of things which have known frequencies or more than one frequency.  Resonating structures like the cytoskeletal network of single cells resonate when they vibrate at their natural frequency or multiple natural frequencies transferring energy to its adjacent structures so that they begin to vibrate at the same frequency, which begins at a molecular level and connects the cell and the body to the Universe.  Meditators, healers, religious, mystics and natural psychics routinely use the technique of resonance, by focusing attention on physical objects and icons by allowing intuitive perceptions to enter a state of conscious awareness. The experience is an altered sense of space-time with closure of self and a unified sense of relationship with all that exists through the balance of the resonating frequencies between the cells, the body, the earth and the universe


Every single biological cell is conscious and goes through the voluntary and involuntary cycles of quantum generated consciousness. Quantum consciousness though present within a cell becomes much more complex with multicellularity and cell diversity. We are all part of a universe that demonstrates harmonic resonance, which includes the smallest wave-like vibrations that can be generated via the smallest particles of matter to larger orbital resonances that emerge from the galaxies and stars oscillating at specific frequencies. Resonance can be accomplished when the flow of quantum consciousness is smooth, alert and expansive, but gets deformed when consciousness is taut, disordered and apart. 

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