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Metaphysics of The Holy Trinity

Consciousness cannot exist without matter, but for consciousness to flow there needs to be a system in place; organized matter, an assembly of structures which supports the flow of consciousness; governed by a feedback mechanism; but the experience still remains as the hard problem of consciousness. My hypothesis: Access consciousness is present in every cell and grows laterally supporting multicellularity, i.e. access consciousness or sentience is the guiding factor for cell division and growth. Phenomenal consciousness on the other hand triggers cell differentiation, and supports development of organs and its systems e.g. brain; the seat of phenomenal consciousness. Phenomenal consciousness of a being connects with the supernatural; God and Spirit; achieved through higher levels of mediation and spirituality supporting the concept of the Holy Trinity. Death results in collapse of the structures which ceases all forms of consciousness in beings.

Key Words
Access Consciousness, Phenomenal Consciousness, Spirit, God, Being

Every being is conscious; connected to the supernatural. A cell grows into a multicellular being; a panpsychist perspective would suggest a variation in consciousness reliant on growth and that which ceases with death. Access and phenomenal consciousness are forms of consciousness that were first proposed by Ned Block, wherein he proposed that phenomenal consciousness is an experience of consciousness, feelings, emotions or qualia while access consciousness is perception of the information that is perceived. This concept was further reiterated by David Chalmers; access consciousness is purely mechanistic or cognitive; that which is measured, while phenomenal consciousness is challenging; known as the hard problem which deals with experience of consciousness or qualia; why do we feel so or experience so?
Based on Block and Chalmers hypothesis, I propose a new hypothesis that blends the two types of consciousness; originating from birth and terminating with death of a being. Access consciousness is present in every cell and grows laterally supporting multicellularity through computations within the cytoskeleton network; access consciousness is the hypothetical guiding factor for cell division and cell growth. Phenomenal consciousness originates with cell differentiation and computes across the microtubules within the differentiating cells that support the development of organs and its systems e.g. brain and the neural tissue; that forms the seat of phenomenal consciousness. Phenomenal consciousness associated with the brain and neural tissue, bonds with the supernatural; God and Spirit and the realization of this experience or qualia transpires only at elevated levels of mediation and spirituality. Death results in collapse of the structures that support the flow, which ceases all forms of consciousness in beings.
Access Consciousness from a different perspective
From a panpsychist view and my hypothesis, access consciousness is a form of consciousness that is present in every living form; unicellular to multicellular beings, and which is supported by the ORCH-OR theory. Based on this theory it can be further hypothesized that consciousness generates and dwells within the cytoskeletal network of a cell. Access consciousness is computed within the cytoskeletal structure as a switching on and off of the microtubular proteins, terminating via collapse of the wave function. A cell is conscious and performs its activities under awareness computed within the cytoskeletal structures of the cell and which spans from microorganisms to humans and therefore is measured in hertz, megahertz and kilohertz. The lateral growth of access consciousness depends on cell division which supports events like building of a microbial colony to the formation of a multicellular being. 
The lateral growth of access consciousness helps in cell growth and cell division, while cell differentiation is supported by the vertical growth of phenomenal consciousness, that supports the formation of organs like the brain; the seat of phenomenal consciousness. The computation of access consciousness within the microtubules of the cells is involuntary and during cell growth and development increases in volume due to an increase in cell volume. In microorganisms, growth in colonies is also supported by the growth in access consciousness, which is a sentient form of response; involuntary response that supports survival. Access consciousness though present throughout the life cycle of a being, does not support cellular differentiation and is only concerned with cell growth and proliferation. 
Growth of Phenomenal Consciousness
Cell differentiation leads to the formation of organs and systems; the nervous system and the brain; the controller or promoter of phenomenal consciousness; experiencing conscious moment. Phenomenal consciousness computes at a higher rate with the growing brain and its cells and therefore can be correlated to neural plasticity. As the brain develops, the neural connectivity increase and so does the ability of the brain to store, memorize and compute phenomenal consciousness within the highly connected cytoskeletal network of the neurons. The limit of phenomenal consciousness therefore depends on the growth of the brain, beyond which the brain utilizes the computed phenomenal consciousness within the tubules to express and emote. Phenomenal consciousness is supported by access consciousness within the neural cells and originates through the computational mechanisms within the protein conformational changes in the tubules which are manned within the domains of space time geometry and wave collapse mechanism. 
Phenomenal consciousness though computed within the brain is connected to a cosmic supernatural state; a state which is arduous to explore. Phenomenal consciousness can be understood through a medium that necessitates perseverance and restraint; that which is beyond the discipline of most beings. Meditation and mind control through spirituality can help attain a state of higher phenomenal consciousness; a point where one encounters qualia. Death terminates and breaks the link between access and phenomenal consciousness where all of consciousness is lost due to the loss of structural features within the cytoskeletal network. The brain is the seat for phenomenal consciousness and ameliorates an organism to perform deeds beyond the imaginary; answers for which are recalcitrant to obtain or seek. Phenomenal consciousness will therefore still remain the hard problem of consciousness, due to its supernatural acquaintances.
Phenomenal Consciousness and the Holy Trinity
Phenomenal consciousness is unified with the supernatural; a being survives by the computation of access consciousness via the cytoskeletal network and connects to God and Spirit by means of phenomenal consciousness computed within the highly connected network of the microtubules in the neurons of the brain, wherein the experience of being conscious can be empathized. The relationship is supernatural and subsists for every being but remains mysterious until death. The flow of consciousness within the brain increases when a link is created between the three states, the being, God and the Spirit, which in Christianity is represented as the Holy Trinity; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Meditation and spirituality can enhance the association and hence makes a being aware of the charisma of the Spirit and God, which eventually depends on the growing phenomenal consciousness within the cytoskeletal structures of the brain. 
Holy Trinity can be hypothesised a connection between God, Spirit and being; as we all are sons and daughters of God and therefore should be a part of the Holy Trinity; all beings are connected to God and Spirit by the formation of the Holy Trinity. Holy men and women experience consciousness beyond the imagination of any being, for they sustain the ability to manifest the ability to connect between the different forms of consciousness and the supernatural. The triune relationship fills them with the teachings of God, which over the years has helped them to share God’s teachings with all beings on Earth; as it is written in scriptures, texts, etc. In such a state these beings link their access consciousness and phenomenal consciousness to the supernatural; beyond the imagination of any being and therefore it remains unexplainable.
God connects to all by means of consciousness; phenomenal consciousness gives us the experience; the feelings, emotions or qualia, while access consciousness helps us perceive the information that is perceived. God, Spirit and being are interconnected via the various forms of consciousness that are computed within the cytoskeletal network within the domains of space time geometry that support the hypothetical triune connection of these three states – The Holy Trinity. 

Dr. Contzen Pereira

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