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The Elemental Receiver of Consciousness

The body is an elemental comprised of mineral, water, air and the fire of spirit and consciousness.  The pure elemental components mirror that of the Earth from which the elemental body was originally composed.  The elemental body is comprised of a brain with multiple component parts e.g., Amygdala, Hippocampus, Cerrubellum, Pons, Medulla, Pituitary Gland, and more.  Each of the components of the elemental brain have very specific purposes and operate the various functions of the elemental.  The Claustrum portion of the brain has recently been discovered to contain an on-off switch concerning our animation (Scientists discover the on-off switch for human consciousness deep within the brain.  Sebastian Anthony July 2014. Extreme Tech. Web).  This article intends to explore animation separate from consciousness and define the animation as the turning on of the receiver within the Claustrum that allows the elemental to receive it’s consciousness as we commonly understand today as aware consciousness.  There is a question as to who is transmitting for the elemental’s brain to receive consciousness for the purpose of animation. For this answer or further hypothesis the author will turn to the realms of spirituality, philosophy and psychology.

Key Words: Elemental, Physical, Consciousness, Awareness

It is long held in spiritual circles that we are comprised of stardust, of soul and of spirit.  Many an author, research and academic have questioned, opined and researched all matter related to the question of the origins of our consciousness.  This line of inquiry bears on our explorations as they help to form a framework from which we may begin to understand how the elemental is animated and by whom.  If we were to hypothesize that a human being is comprised of the elemental or physical body with a brain and that the brain is a receiver or at least a very specific part of the brain is a receiver for conscious awareness, then we must have a Source of the consciousness being transmitted to the receiver in order for the elemental to be conscious.  Without this schema, what we would have is a mere zombie made of mud and stuff that is inanimate.  We may even be able to create very life like elementals but where would their animation come from.  We might rely on  artificial intelligence to animate the elemental but such an elemental would be absent a soul or spirit which means it would not meet the criteria for being considered human.

It is a leap to say the least that we are to grab hold of belief in a soul or a spirit but my hypothesis is that it is the ultimate Source or God that gives birth to the Spirit and that Spirit individuates from the Cosmic Consciousness to form it’s own consciousness and that consciousness projects to a designated or available elemental receiver.  To my mind this explains such phenomena as “walk-ins,” Possession and multiple personality.  I have no proof as this is merely a hypothesis.  However, even if theorized this line of thinking provide a logical progression of our conscious existence from the Big C of the Cosmic Consciousness down to the little “c” consciousness animate within an elemental.

More On Consciousness
In understanding the striations of conscious as set forth by Freud (Sigmund Freud), I believe that we must have a soul that contains our latent as well as unconscious portions of our awareness.  A soul connected to the Spirit would explain in part such a necessary function.  It is so very difficult to prove such hypotheses particularly those that relate to consciousness as we cannot necessarily call upon the applied sciences to test, research and obtain definitive truths concerning these matters.  We can relegate them to the lands of mystery or metaphysics if that is our persuasion or we can continue to research, ask more question, seek more answer and form great hypotheses from which we may gain greater understand.

While the body can at times function in the same manner as an inanimate object in the absence of consciousness or the ability to receive the transmission of the soul, we cannot prove definitively that this is precisely how this system operates.  It would seem logical to draw on the non-logical in an attempt to see if we can work out these equations much like the realm of physics and definitions of the various dimensions.  I think that more study is needed on this topic and the article that generated my own line of inquiry is worthy of much further study in order that we become better acquainted with our own brains.

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