Monday, October 5, 2015

The Metaphysics of Cosmological Connectedness


Cosmological connectedness materializes when energy within the conscious cosmos connects one and all, an energy that wraps each and every being, living or non living, an energy that forms a labyrinth of intricate connections, an energy that transforms from one form to another with no control of itself. Matter created matter, but conserved the energy that created it, for the creator created matter and energy; to be connected eternally breathing life into beings. Cosmological energy trapped by matter is an exclusive connection between energy and matter that moves beyond the domain of time. Seeking to be seeken should be the essence of all living beings, for man; the highest of beings known till date, bears the burden of an egoistic evolutionary self; laws of entropy shall forever grow, but through consciousness within the cosmos can sustain the connections.

Key Words

Cosmos, Connectedness, Energy, Matter

The Endless Knot: A Depiction of Infinite Connectedness of Energy within the Cosmos

Understanding Connections Within the Cosmos

Cosmological connectedness is about the energy that resides in all. We all are connected to each of the other, to the earth, the universe, the universes and so the cosmos. Time connects itself to space and this point of contact, is the present life that we observe and live, for our sense of time is subjective to our present. If we were not connected, we would be living within ourselves; seeking not the other; a life deficient of the ability to conceive a conscious experience. Over the years we have abandoned our true feeling of connectedness, due to the selfishness that resides within; a feeling of only the self being connected to the creator; the debauched side of religion. We connect through energy; the cause of the universe and the universes beyond the imagination expressed through change and entropy. Connectivity helps maintain the conserved nature of energy bonds with matter creating a outpouring of interdependencies and sharing.

We are beings composed of the universe. Our bodies were formed from the original energy that formed the universe and therefore we are connected forms, sharing the forces and charges that apply. We secure and liberate energy through a nameless cycle, constrained within the domains of space and time, for we as matter cannot escape the present, under the limitations of light. Matter fashioned matter, but conserved the energy that created it, for the creator created matter and energy for it to be connected eternally. The laws of nature nurture and support this connection, making it strong and healthy, but the entropic ego we bear, has the ability to reduce the intensity of this connection making us vulnerable to change. The connection resides within the domains of cosmologicalness or collectiveness; global consciousness that connects being to being; being to non-being and being and non-being to ultimately the mystical.

Cosmological consciousness defers from the form of consciousness that resides within the living being, for the consciousness that lies within the being is cosmological energy trapped by matter; a ball of energy that is linked to matter through a strong connection. It therefore shares a unique connection with matter and moves beyond the domain of time; a perfect duality where energy moves beyond the domains of time while matter stays trapped within it. This binding is unexplainable, for it is beyond the understanding of biological time despite of knowing the movement of matter within biological time. Trapping potential of this energy to matter and its link to the cosmological consciousness may have come through the complexity of evolution; the charge paid through entropy, an effect of evolution and the brain through the arrow of time. This unique setup makes it possible for matter to allow energy to flow within as well as connect to the energy within the cosmos; maintaining the conscious outcome of cosmological connectedness.

We perceive because we are beings that are evolved and we are conscious due to the evolution of perception that resulted in the formation of energy that stays connected to matter, made through the realms of cosmological consciousness. Through evolution, we can understand that biology depends on connectedness and the connection of bonds is generated as molecules as a bonding of atoms and other sub-atomic particles. Connections at such a micro level are a proof to the existence of connections that exist within the cosmos; the creation of the cosmos and the works of the creator. If the universe was born with only light then there would be no scope for conservation of matter and energy, for all processes known would function as light and end as light. For therefore there was matter and there was energy to make it conscious, which is why when we die and get reconstructed, the act enhances the entropic constant and the universe expands; the unfortunate thermodynamic way of life.

Matter for the being or non-being ages, as it is bound within the domains of time, but energy remains pure, for it exists beyond the limits of time. Energy stays connected and so does our bodies; upon death the energy is released, but still stays connected to cosmic energy, while our bodies perish to unorganized matter, for we were born from dust and will die to be dust. Selfishness is an entropic form that brings out the egoistic nature of man; wherein man shows his dominance over other beings; for man feels he and only he is linked to the creator, for which man uses religion to defy the other resulting in the feeling of otherness and making the other feel othered. The energy bridge that connects beings is lost in this translation of egoistic thoughts that suppress the sheer feeling of existence and that of being connected. For blessed are those beings that are lower than man as they know how to keep themselves connected with the cosmos and the creator; they know to cherish the energy within them, which controls the requirements of the matter making them conscious of themselves.


Connected through energy and the energy that resides within beings makes us understand each of our desires, to understand the created universe and to appreciate its beauty. For as long as this energy stays connected to our organized matter, we live to admire, experience and connect with others. The experience of consciousness; the energy within and around us lies outside the parameters of space and time and by way of it we perceive ourselves and all that is around us, we think, record and evaluate through its connectedness with matter. Cosmological connectedness is maintained as a flow of a raw energy that connects being to being, being to non-being, being and non-being to the cosmos and eventually to the creator. 

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