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Imaginings and Imaginations of the Soul

Imaginings and imaginations of the soul
Contzen Pereira and J Shashi Kiran Reddy

The soul is agile and transparent; it does not make the body weighty. It streams limitless within the patterns of regimented matter, gratifies the body until it can fill it no more, but remains as a swirling ball of energy with it. We do not see it, but can imagine it; like the wind; an energy, we do not see but can feel and there is no kerb to imagine its likeness. The soul so translucent lies beneath the scabbard of the body; brings the flesh to life; a heave of energy within and out of every speck of flesh. It abides the laws of nature and so departs the body upon death to be transformed and reutilized. Cosmic energy shapes matter and so shapes life; fabricates the mind and the soul; makes the body conscious of its presence. To seek it, we need to imagine it; imagination helps us see within the stores of the cosmic energy matrix. For no matter what, the soul exists, it is no extraordinary form, no mysterious form; a sphere of energy; pure, created with the purposefulness of engaging life in forms that can support it; us; to experience the magnificence of what is and why it was created. This paper is an insight into the imaginings and imaginations of the soul that deepens the ability of the human mind to venture into the depths of the cosmic energy which crafts it.

Key Words
Soul, Imaginations, Imaging, Cosmos, Energy, Mind

The Journey of the Soul: Images and Imaginations
Imagination and imaginings, is an adeptness of the human mind and this ability of the mind has led to several hypothesis and many discoveries. If we look at the soul from a science based reductive approach, it is a fabrication of the ever prevalent cosmic energy. The cosmic energy we feel; the energy we generate and the energy we expel; that cannot be created nor can it be destroyed, but is not as unadorned as we think it is. Cosmic energy can create and can destroy; for matter is a product of this energy and so can be reduced to energy. We perceive the macroscopic world created by this energy; for energy created matter; matter created matter and so on, but the most beautiful amendment was when energy inhabited matter to bring it to life. Unfortunately, life as we imagine is only the life that is around us; superficial; taken for granted, which may differ otherwise; and that which yet needs to be imagined and explored.

The mind is the soul; a product of cosmic energy that resides in the body that holds the design to develop the brain and the body; enhancing its capability to create, store and process information. The mind in reality is much different from the brain, for it is the mind that creates the brain and not the brain that creates the mind. The mind is the soul the true blueprint of a body, as long as it stays associated with the body. The brain is the organ evolved to accomplish the works of the body and as a medium to imagine and imaginate deep within the depths of energy. 

Imaginations are created by the mind within the limits of the cosmic information and beyond limits of memories that has been retained by the brain. Imaginations are formed with the blend of information that is retrieved by the mind from within the energy matrix of the cosmos; energy that contains information from origination to the cessation; the beginning and the end that reside beyond the limits of the dimensions of time and space. Imagining and imagination of the mind is entering into the depths of the cosmic energy that dwells in the body as the soul and mind, with matter playing the role of a support medium.  

The structural design that energy created since its instigation, is what lies embedded in the energy of the soul; energy is the root cause of all creation; the creation of matter, the body, the soul and the mind. What resides in the mind is what is in the soul and is all around us, and it is for us to imagine all that is in the visible and invisible; learning the art of exploring the energy within. The soul within organized matter gives rise to consciousness; it is the awareness of the existence of oneself. Consciousness is the energy map created when matter is organized, to direct matter to its right path. Death of organized matter releases the energy as soul, mind and consciousness, but the imaginations and images stay ensnared within this matrix expelled into the cosmos. The soul exists but with no identity; it exists like the wind, where we need to imagine and feel it as virtuous energy. Imagination is the pathway that leads the soul into the depths of cosmic energy and its amassed information.  

Cosmic energy flows within every single cell of the body; creates the mind and consciousness; nourishes the soul within the body; helps to learn and imaginate through the mind. Structured selves can bear the energy to imagine the imaginations and imaginings stored within the mind and soul as it flows through the body, effortlessly.

For the soul, is an interactive energy ball, constantly interacting with the eternal cosmic energy within and outside the body; it stays interconnected and intertwined to the matrix and with every soul interacting with the matrix gets cosmologically connected; balls of energy overlap the matrix to form patterns within the cosmos. We are beings composed of the universe. Our bodies were formed from the original energy that formed the universe and therefore we are connected forms, sharing the forces and charges that apply. To imagine the ball of energy as the soul is an image of the complex intertwined networking of the cosmic energy. This is a network that can link the soul to soul and soul to eternity.  

 Imaginations of the soul are imaginations stored within the cosmic energy of the universe and we as humans imagine it in a human state of mind. Energy has patterns much better than the human form and these patterns can be felt only through imaginations of oneself. Cosmic energy takes shape of the body when it resides within the body; the soul forms the body and so the soul shapes the body and resembles the body as an embodied image. The soul does not exit the body until death loses its identity in the absence of the body.

Humans have souls and so do other beings, but imagining the soul of another being is leaping into the depths of cosmic energy. Evolution has bought us way ahead of other beings but the energy that flows within every being is yet the same. The cosmic energy holds information to all that was, all that is and all that will be, for it has been imprinted within the matrix at its materialization. We connect to every living being, for no other is lesser than oneself; no other is less aware than oneself and so there is no limitations in imagining the soul of the other.  

Entanglement is the bizarreness of the microscopic world which is actually the true comportment of energy. Through connections of cosmic energy we realize that no energy is different and possess the same paraphernalia; entangled to perform as one. The energy of a soul is constantly entangled with the cosmic energy network that forms a mode of transmittance of information across dimensions. This entanglement within the body creates the mind; holds memories; that can survive outside the body until the body is resuscitated. Imagination enhances the process of entanglement; makes the soul powerful and the mind mindful. 

An imaginary collection of entangled souls is the imaginary shape that energy takes; entangled to hold information that is being constantly processed and that which has been already processed. We may imagine the images of many souls, which is actually a picture of information sharing between similar energies being released from their own matter. Identity of a soul is lost when it leaves the body but the information resides within energy. The true connections of energy within the cosmos look like an intertwined sphere which extends beyond the dimensions of space and time forming an undulating web of cosmic energy. 

Imagining death or the image death is an emancipation of the cosmic energy from the body; it is the release of the mind; the release of the soul, which remains in an entangled state for a while, before it merges with the energy matrix of the cosmos. The fear of death is that of a perplexed soul; for death is a passage from one energy form to another; the conversion of matter to energy; the disposition of energy to matter. Death leads to birth and birth leads towards death; information codified within the soul enriches the cosmic energy. Imagining death is picturesque for it is the interaction of the soul with the cosmic energy.  

The imaginary journey of the soul as imagined and experienced by many, seems unending as the entangled state of the soul stays until the body opts to give it up and so the information within it. The passage of the soul occurs beyond the dimension of space and time into the depths of energy but since its energy it cannot defy the conservation laws of energy and therefore follows the energy recycling process; a conversion from one form to another and the formation of matter and matter of matters. Time in soul state is in incomparable to the dimension of time in the bodily state as energy flows with no restrictions. A near-death experience is the experience of imagination and a memory of images of what lies beyond and within the depths of the cosmos.  

The path of the soul seems never-ending, for it traverses through dimensions beyond the perception of oneself. The time taken in pure soul state is far beyond the time in the bodily state; energy has no boundaries and can move between dimensions; forward and backwards of time. A realization of the experience of its limits makes the soul officious; energy is prurient and exploratory for it pursues new approaches whenever it gets a chance. It can be justifiably said, that energy has the ability to evolve and design. For energy to design and create, imagination by the mind is needed. Imaginations create orders and energy can bring these orders to life, all it needs is a body, the soul and the mind. The soul appreciates the beauty of energy through imagination. Fulfilment is achieved when the inquisitiveness of the soul is complete.  Within the imaginations of the soul lies the imaginary self of what one desires; it evokes information that has been hitherto stored. 

The body loses this entangled state to a journey which has a possibility of being transposed; the body re-claims the soul in the event of a near-death or out-of-body experience. Entanglement plays an important role during this process, as the entangled soul bears thoughts and memories of the past; information of one’s life. A near-death experience is a best example of a soul–body reversal linked to the supernatural; a force powerful to be called the creator; a guiding factor to this reversal with limits to the understanding of its working. A chance given has no reason, for it is wholly based on the organization of matter and its ability to support the soul. 

The supernatural is over all energy and energies to be known and therefore the imaginations of the supernatural are many. But to imagine the supernatural like mankind is a selfish imagination which develops from a superficial mind. Imagining the supernatural from the depths of the cosmic energy matrix that satiates the body, will image it to be overwhelming; an image like never seen before. An experience of the depth of reality where few can go and imagine; for the more we seek it the more it deepens and the energy evolves. The imprint of the cosmic energy matrix is the creation of the supernatural which has no beginning and no end. A thought itself of the supernatural can invoke the soul and the mind; there need not be an image, but the imagination itself connects the soul to the divine.

The cosmic energy is a collection of the souls of many; the minds of many; the consciousness of many, for it is not known but can be imagined to be the energy that thinks and that can make one think; creates and destroys matter to harbour itself in order for beings to realize its beauty. An imaginary place like the biblical heaven is actually a collection of this energy; energy filled with the information gathered by souls; their minds. Heaven is an imagination of the cosmos and its collective energy that is transformed from one form to another. If we imagine heaven, we need to imagine hell and if we do imagine both we differentiate energy into good and bad. A paltry thought that brings a divide in the mind and in the beauty of the cosmic energy doubting the creation of the supernatural.   

A divide in energy leads to a divide in the soul; a damned soul and a good soul. Cosmic energy seeks no differentiation, for the energy that prevails is pure; it is how the energy is utilized. Energy can create and so can destroy; energy creates matter and matter supports energy; energy creates the mind and the soul generates consciousness but evil is a shallow imagination of the mind. The soul within a body can choose, but outside the body is pure for it lies beyond the bounds of matter. Imaging and imagining the unclean, deprives the body to seek a better life, for the soul dies and so does the mind and as per the law of energy conservation leads to the loss of the bodily soul. The cosmic energy around us is evolving and will disavow, if the energy is utilized for unworthy purposes; a law of the supernatural.

The journey of the soul abides by the laws of energy conservation; an energy that cannot be created nor destroyed but transformed from matter to matter. From birth to death the body seeks the energy within and from the outside, and upon death the energy transforms to create matter of another kind. This imaginary cycle is the reality of all beings and is the truth of the existence of the cosmic energy and its capabilities. The cosmic energy gives us the ability to create, seek, understand and learn, but there lies more to this energy than we actually know. Our lives only experience a superficial part of this energy, the depths of which remain unexplored. Imagination can take us to great depths of the cosmic energy that resides around us, within us and beyond us.

Imaginations and images stored within the matrix of the cosmic energy helps to imagine the mind, the soul and consciousness bringing it out in varied colours, depictions, art and music and also through science, philosophy, culture and religion. Soul is not defined in science, but if we call it energy, it has to be defined by science, as energy is all what science is about and it is because of energy that science exists, in fact we all exist. The soul is therefore a signature of the cosmic energy created from a supernatural source that expands beyond the dimensions we perceive and so if we look deep into the imaginations of our soul we can seek what may not be perceived by us superficially. There is a need to look for things where they are, and not in places where you can’t find them; for we seek these in places where it does not exist. The power of imagination is a window to all understanding and therefore understanding the soul through imaginings and imaginations can help us understand the true nature of creativity of the cosmos, the works of the supernatural and the potential of the energy that prevails in it.

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 J. Shashi Kiran Reddy
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