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Understanding Memories...

Understanding memories of a near-death experience from the perspective of quantum entanglement and in the presence of the supernatural
Contzen Pereira and Janice Harter

Key Words
Near-Death Experience, Quantum entanglement, Memories, Supernatural, Sub-atomic cloud

Near-death experiences are a big challenge to the fields of science and philosophy; termed as hallucinatory by neurologists and “stuff of which fantasies are made off” by sceptics, there are some unique near-death experiences which defy these claims. Memories generated during these experiences are of specific interest as they are created without a body and can be recalled post the experience. Call it the mind, soul, psyche or consciousness, if deliberated as a form of quantum generated energy, a strong correlation under a reductionist based perspective can be obtained. Life at a macroscopic level may not be similar to life at a quantum level, and has been proved in quantum physics through its spooky properties like quantum entanglement. Self-sustaining quantum generated energy through entanglement is the answer to all mystical realties and the answer lies in believing in its existence in and around us. It is this energy that brings in the awareness of one’s existence and which performs tasks beyond the imagination of the current self; an energy created at the creation of all that exists; a true supernatural force. This paper reviews a unique void near-death experience and hypothesizes quantum entanglement to be involved in the conception and storage of these energy-based memories in a quantum subatomic cloud which can be restated if returned back to the body or lost to the environment upon death.

Be it the soul in philosophy and religion; the psyche in psychology or the mind or consciousness in science, there seems to be a resilient correlation or similarity with each of these concepts, especially in relation to its preposterousness and absurdity. From a scientific reductionist based perspective, if we reduce these notions to pure energy generated at the level of subatomic particles that exists all around us, it may seem unswerving. The problematical part is to prove the ability of these entangled subatomic particles to create and store reminiscences outside the body. Quantum studies are now revealing aspects in relations to subatomic particle energy and its ability to perform beyond the imagination of what one can accept and visualize. Quantum entanglement is a unique property in quantum physics that best describes the mysterious behaviours that take place at a quantum level with its effects observed at a macroscopic level (Peres 1993).
Near-death experiences may be termed absurd by some and hallucinatory by many (Mobbs and Watt 2011) but there sure is some depth of existence if we look at it from the perspective of quantum generated energy; a pure subatomic energy that exists in the unruly microscopic quantum world; an energy that supports the existence of what we have been addressing as the soul, psyche, mind and consciousness; the oldest form of energy created and present all through the cosmos. With consciousness alone, multiple disciplines have attempted to pinpoint what consciousness is precisely and the best academia has to offer at this point in time is the hard and easy problems of consciousness.  Perhaps our lack of understanding of consciousness has inadvertently ruled out the possibility that consciousness does, in fact exist in part outside the brain-body. If it does exist etherically as a field of energy, this may be a game-changer in terms of how we view this phenomenon of the near death experience.  This paper evaluates an experience different from the mainstream and more typical accounts of the near death experience in that this one was a positive void–based near-death experience and attempts to hypothesize this experience to be a result of quantum entanglement with the interference of the supernatural force that exists beyond the dimensions of space and time (Harter 2014).
A void-based near death experience
A near-death experience occurs at the moment of anticipated death just before biological death during which a patient is quite often clinically dead or very near death (Schroter-Kunhardt 1993). Most of the near-death experiences studied and evaluated are broadly categorized as positive and negative.  Positive near-death experiences involve a feeling of peace and tranquillity, a sensation of floating through a tunnel towards a bright light with a complete life review, while a negative near-death experience is more horrific, which is usually accompanied by unpleasant feelings of fear and panic which may or may not be associated with a life review (Blanke and Dieguez 2009). In both forms the most common and important aspect of the experience is the ability to remember the experience as a reminiscence post the experience.
Janice, whose experience I would be sharing in this paper experienced a void near-death experience, which was surprisingly a positive one along with a past and future life review. This experience is definitely unique in comparison to other near-death experiences and can bring in a correlation of her thoughts, memories and experience with the mysterious quantum world that yet needs to be fully explored. Since most near-death cases of the void are negative and associated with a feeling of fear and darkness, her positive experience along with a future life review is a unique experience which retained as a memory that changed her life post the experience.
Her experience – She was 36 weeks and 9 days pregnant and was completely healthy when she went into labor in hospital. Upon admission she was given a medication called Breathine (Turbutaine) and within seconds of administering the drug intravenously, she felt her body temperature rise and she passed out.  Breathine is a bronchodilator, which dilates the bronchial openings of the lungs by relaxing them for much better flow of air in and out of the lungs. It was surprising that this drug was administered despite of it not being recommended for treating prolonged (more than 48 to 72 hours) premature labor. Fatal side effects, that includes fast or irregular heartbeats, high blood sugar and low potassium levels, fluid accumulation in lungs and heart attack have been reported after use in pregnant women. While passing out she felt her heart beat stop and felt as if she had moved from one reality to another while retaining conscious awareness. For her, the time elapsed in the void seemed around 30 – 45 minutes which was actually 3 – 4 minutes hospital time, wherein the doctors considered the case as code blue and administered a medication to counter act the first one, to revive her.
The reality that she experienced was a pure black form of nothingness; a void space which somehow didn’t seem frightening to her. She was curious to know whether she could feel her hands and legs but there was none; she was aware that she was in a place of pure transparency. In this state of transparency, she was consciously aware and was convinced that she was out of her body as she felt lighter than what she would have felt in her heavy physical body. The time spent in the dark void seemed eternal as she watched the most important sequences of her life through a life review, which stopped at a point where she had children and she could not perceive the review further. In the void there was a presence of an entity with her; she could not see it but could feel it as an inner voice, which she described as a tone. When her life review was complete, this entity sent her a thought, “Are you ready to go?” At that point of time, she was unaware of the reason why she was in the hospital and therefore within the void she confided in the thought that was sent to her by the entity and was ready to go at that moment, for in the void she considered that she had done the best of everything in life.
The tone asked her whether she was sure to go and then it showed her the moments that she had spent with her older children which ended with her the baby that was not yet born and what she would look like when she was 2 years old. Post the experience Janice gave birth to a girl and the daughter resembled the same baby she was shown during the future life review, the only thing odd was that during the review the two year old girl had shoulder length blond curly hair which was turned out to be the case with her daughter when she was two years old. This life review changed her thought; she felt love; felt a sense of incompleteness which was not until the entity showed her the future life review which was subdued within the void which seemed more self-oriented. A longing for completeness of her life review lead the entity to grant her wish and within a single spin of her heart beat she was back into her body and she heard the voices of the hospital staff as they spoke of not disclosing her state to her friends who were present during the event for fear of upsetting her in her delicate condition.
Quantum entanglement as a reason for memory retention post the near-death experience and the interference of the supernatural force depicting the future
According to reductive science, matter is nothing but a form of energy; an energy created by the bizarre. In quantum physics when two particles are entangled they behave as one and not as two separate particles, so what happens in the quantum world is completely different from what we perceive in the macroscopic world, which also holds true for the world of quantum biology. In an entangled state of sub atomic particles there will be a constant exchange of energy between these particles which somehow interacts with one another resulting in information gathering. Hameroff and Chopra suggest that quantum entanglement of low-energy particles could interact even outside the body suggesting a near-death experience; therefore the existence of a quantum soul (Hameroff and Chopra 2012).
In order to justify this theory, we need to hypothesize that the flow of energy within the body occurs through quantum interactions for which the microtubular network is the ideal support framework that is known to quantum compute information. Based on this hypothesis, it can be suggested that the information gathering may occur as a result of quantum entanglement of the sub atomic particles within the microtubules resulting in the formation of a subatomic cloud that acts as a holographic image processor. The subatomic cloud of energy is therefore in a constant state of exchanging energy with the cosmos with an ability to retain memory through holographic processing to commute consciousness. During a near death experience, a shutdown of the body may result in a change in the state of this quantum entangled subatomic cloud of energy wherein post shutdown the microtubules cease to compute consciousness but the holographed memories, identity and cognition with emotion and function remains intact within the sub atomic cloud, until the body can be revived or resuscitated.
The experience in the void for Janice was reportedly beautiful as well as peaceful and these memories changed her life thereafter. Based on the above hypothesis, her subatomic particle cloud, with her past memories remained intact outside her body as she experienced her past a life review. The most important memory to be noted in her experience was the awareness of her being outside her body. Her curiosity to feel the presence of her hands and legs assured her that she was in a state of pure transparency which confirms her awareness within the void, where she could differentiate between her physical and non-physical body; she could feel the presence of her own subatomic energy cloud. Based on her experience it can be assumed that this awareness was computed within the quantum entangled subatomic cloud outside the body creating a holographic image within this cloud to be retained as a memory which was reiterated when she was rescusitated.
The ability to see her life review of the future was unique to her near death experience. Life reviews of the past has been observed in many near death experiences and is surely a link to the recalling of memories that may be stored as holographic images within the quantum entangled particles within the microtubular network of the brain and body. But a future life review is rare, especially when it comes true, which was obvious in her experience. The image of her daughter before she was born during the experience is more inclined to the presence of a supernatural form; a form which creates experiences within and beyond the domains of space and time; a form who resides over all possible dimensions; the symmetric form of light that created all of what exists.
The beauty of such a memory lies in the image created of something that does not exist; in this case the image of her daughter was created and was holographed within her subatomic cloud to be stored and to be observed in the future. A supernatural force may sometimes seem irrational during such a scientific discussion but science sometimes does not have an answer to every question and impetuses one to be more open to the consideration of the possibility of a supernatural. This does not mean that there is no science behind the supernatural; rather it is the supernatural that utilizes science to make us appreciate our existence. Experiencing the creation of the supernatural is the true appreciation of the subjective experience of one’s consciousness, for like the supernatural, it will always remain a beautiful mystery ( Pereira 2015).
Self-sustaining energy is the answer to all mystical realties and the answer lies in believing in its existence in and around all living beings; that which brings in the awareness of one’s existence and which performs tasks beyond the imagination of the current self awareness; an energy created at the creation of all that exists; a supernatural force beyond our imagination. Near death experiences cannot wholly be definitively referred to as hallucinations as they do not correspond with such objective reality. For during a near-death experience the brain is inactive and as of now there is no study that has detected activity in the vision centre of the brain during a near-death experience. A biophysical visual representational model has been developed to show the involvement of low-energy quantum entanglements during near-death experiences (Bokkon et al 2013).  
The quantum world is mysterious; the entanglement of particles at a subatomic level within a biological network of the microtubules is where memories and awareness gets computed. The subatomic energy cloud has the ability to perform within the system as well as outside the system, which is clearly demonstrated during a near-death experience. Awareness and memories is therefore fundamental; a form of energy that exists all around us, created by the supernatural and computed by particles in the quantum world and our bodies are like quantum processors that are an emerging creation meant to increase its intelligence and build its identity. Memories can therefore be created with and without the presence of a body; for it is computed within the realms of the quantum world that lies beyond the imagination of oneself evident during a near-death experience. 
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