Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Unsatisfied Body Deteriorates the Soul and So Its Experience

Satisfaction or contentment is deficient in our intelligent world, for entropy is at its prodigality accompanying the egoistic human mind. The lesser beings are content with what is provided, seem more beholden of being created, rather than the selfish unsatisfied human, whose desire to gain has no limit leaving the body unsatisfied to deteriorate thy own soul and its existence and of the others. The cause of entropy is human intelligence and the falsified superiority of human consciousness that leaves the body unsatisfied and the soul to writhe; for it creates a resistance in the flow of consciousness that makes the human loose its value of life and all that resides within. Egoism enhances superiority promotes an indestructible feeling; denies consciousness that flows within and across the system; a loss of revere to the cosmic bridge of consciousness that links the body, mind and soul to the universe. Satisfaction can be gotten when one clearly differentiates the subjectivity from the objectivity of consciousness; for the subjectivity of consciousness cannot be taken for granted over its trailing objectivity that ceaselessly deceives.

Key Words
Satisfaction, Soul, Consciousness, Content, Human, Egoism, Entropy

Lack of satisfaction leaves the soul and consciousness morbid
Satisfaction is the fulfillment of a need or a desire expressed as pleasure or contentment derived from gratification, while on the other hand it can become an expression of discontentment or displeasure against a need or desire. Lack of satisfaction leads to an unsatisfied body and alters the state of the mind which revolves around the thought of a specific need or desire; a reversible effect but can lead to irreversible changes if the greed grows beyond the scope of change. About 99.99% of individuals inclusive of me belong to this category while the other remainder who deny this state may be currently residing in a trance or coma. The human body is indecisive about its needs and drives the body to a state of unsatisfied mess; craving or longing that over-powers the conscious self and breaks the link between self and reality. This is an entropic price that humans need to pay for their big brains, falsified higher state of consciousness and self-acclaimed superiority of thy souls.
Lack of satisfaction arises due to one’s greed and envy of what the other possess; entropy being the cause of instituting the body to an egoistic and envious state; altering the unvarying flow of consciousness within the body; for it weakens the mind and so the soul loses its energy. The energy slackens and therefore imperils the soul into a state of displacement; revising the flow of nature, the flow of universal consciousness that flows within all living beings; that obeys the laws of energy conservation wherein the body draws in energy from the cosmos against the growing egoistic behaviour of itself. Intelligence grows with complexity and the price for it is paid through entropy; the seat lies in the brain which manages the behaviours and desires of the body. Realization of the existence of consciousness and conscious moments in the forms of emotions emoted by the body can overcome this entropy, for the mind and soul does seek the desire to overcome this change, but the body and the brain dictates the experience of one’s consciousness.
Weaker the soul, weaker is the flow of consciousness; the body in such a state takes over the mind and drives the body towards a state similar to the state of semi-consciousness; a zombie, who denies the existence of the subjectivity of consciousness and therefore depends on the objectivity fulfilled by the body. An entropic change in energy conservation leads to the breakdown of the actual energy vibrations that support the flow of consciousness; an exchange of energy between self and the universe. Vibrations of a weak or stressed soul can alter the soul of the other and others; like an epidemic through interaction, that scythes down a community. A weak soul will make thee other weak, drawing away the happiness and subjectivity of the conscious experiences of self and enforcing the likeliness of its own objectivity. Lack of satisfaction enhances this effect, for it will destroy the body completely; under the laws of energy conservation; the soul or consciousness would rather give rise to a being with a realization of itself than the body it currently resides in; entropy can be supported by the body within the limits of nature and therefore transforms when beyond control.
Entropic egoism of a body can survive for a short period until the body self realizes, but during this period the soul or consciousness will want to revive back to its conventional state; for the change is reversible when understood. In some cases the body stays stubborn and the egoism peaks, for such individuals, the soul or consciousness deteriorates, the subjectivity or expression of emotions and feelings belittles and the body maneuvres in a pure objective state; a cold and expressionless body with a degrading soul and consciousness. The brain controls the egoism, constraining emotions expressed by the body, but the soul or consciousness in such a body will try to maintain a balance between the objectivity and subjectivity of its consciousness; for the flow of energy may help support the functioning of the body but the experience of the existence of the body is reduced. The experience of consciousness is an important role in the life of a being which has been understood well by living beings other than man.  
Lack of satisfaction has a minimal impact to global or universal consciousness; for the cosmic energy and its connections for the utilization of energy are in a state that is much higher than usual. This imbalance of energy is reversible and can be understood and handled by nature; for we are just a speck of matter in this vast universe and cannot challenge the capability of the universe to correct itself. The limit to bear this intolerance remains wholly with the body and these unfavourable conditions created by egoism may be borne up to a limit of a ball of matter absorbing the energy from the cosmos, when this intolerance goes beyond the limit of matter, the matter itself perishes and the energy is reunited to the cosmos. Growth beyond the limits of requirement is a result of greed and a lack of satisfaction which destroys the actual purpose of life and its beauty. The soul desires to experience the beauty of all that has been created, which is evident in lesser beings for their limit or desires stay within the purviews of their soul and consciousness and the balance between the objective and subjective state of consciousness never change due to the non-existence of ego.
Higher the consciousness, higher is the entropy and so higher is the rate of change of the behaviour of the body; it instils an eagerness to be superior, which takes the body away from the actual sense of its existence; the eagerness of the soul. Realization of this greed can help the body overcome its egoistic approach to life and help the soul or consciousness grow within the whole arena of the energy or consciousness that prevails in this universe. Satisfaction in can be achieved when one can feel the flow of consciousness; can experience the outcome of consciousness; can understand the subjective state of consciousness and most importantly, understanding the nature of acknowledging the relevance of consciousness and its beauty.

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