Sunday, November 23, 2014

Divine Authority

This spiritual topic is about our potential, our spiritual gifts, and how to obtain what we want by simply focusing on our Spiritual Authority. We, all of us, have several innate gifts one of which is Divine Authority. This Divine Authority is a spiritual innate, infinite, Force that no bodily muscle can reckon with.

I will make an attempt to break down the term Divine Authority. Divine, examples may be Wonderful, Great, Blissful, and Lovely. Thus far no religion is inferred right? Synonyms for Authority may include Power, Conviction, Confidence, and Authorization. Therefore I am a Wonderful and Powerful expression of… of what?

There lay a great void or abyss to be filled with respective beliefs. One such belief I grew up with was… “Someone died for my sins and I am a sinner headed for hell.”

The Principle of Divine Authority is the spiritual practice of communing with our innate, infinite, Force that no bodily muscle can reckon with.

Therefore the question I propose is “What would be your spiritual vibratory outcome if you practiced the principle of Divine Authority?

When I was a child I attended Sunday school. I was taught that although I had yet to commit a “sin” someone gave their life for me and just in case I, in the future, commit a “sin” someone already “paid a price.” Being a child I had no concept of what “sin” was. I had no idea that it was to include – something I might do that may be so horrendous that someone had to die for me.

I remember asking the Sunday school teachers questions pertaining to the lessons counting on answers and yet I found that I was usually belittled by the Sunday school teachers, and more often than not cited as “being fresh at the mouth,” (a cultural colloquialism which translated to“stay in your place Barbara Jene you are a child”). Simply put, my unanswered inquiries often resulted in feelings of hollowness. Therefore, the opportunity for spiritual self-esteem building was lost, and the void was filled with fear and guilt because someone died for something I, as a child, knew nothing about.

Every Sunday there were three teachers and approximately thirty or more of the same students in our class ages 6-10 years old. My friend Beverly, at 8 years old would say to me “stop asking so many questions it only makes them (the teachers) mad.” “Do you see anyone else asking questions?” At that point embarrassment became entrenched in my being as I found I was unable to reduce my prying. To my recollection, there was never a mention of harnessing our Greatness with the use of our spiritual gifts. There was neither an overture towards nor a broaching of the concept of us students possessing any Divine Authority. There was never as much as an inference or a mention that we even had spiritual gifts.

For years the weekly ritual facilitated by the instructors with students as a captive audience left every one of us learning the “truth” that we were “shaped in iniquity.” I researched the word “iniquity,” which means evil, wickedness and nastiness to name a few. The bottom line so it seems is that we were told by reliable sources (our teachers) that we children were resolutely molded as evil and unworthy and that some one important to humanity was executed for us and our sins.

Given that I had neither a concept of spiritual affluence nor was I offered a rational understanding of a ‘how to’ map or coloring book for the purpose of learning prosperity principles or better yet what is a Principle? My continually experienced barrenness was filled with a fear-based, egotistical, self-centered pride. This attitude by no means captured the authenticity of Blissful Confidence.

It was not until many years later into my adulthood that exposure to spiritual concepts, self-help books, listening to self-help audio, reading inspirational empowerment workbooks, and taking classes that these tools placed me firmly on my path to enlightenment.

I became open to respecting offered suggestions that were in my best interest, understanding how to establish together with maintaining a sense of empowerment, which offers a realization of Divine Authority.

Introducing the concept of Divine Authority to children may be one of many possible alternatives to elevate the spiritual esteem of youths with an intention of teaching them to be accepting of their uniqueness and giving themselves permission to begin exerting their muscles of Divine Authority.

It is part of the human growth and developmental schematic process that the imprint of their role, can and will influence the quality of their participation in the grander design of life.

When we are, at best, introduced to the paradigm or concept of our vastness at a younger age this may establish the groundwork of knowing that within us all lays the nucleuses of Divine Authority.

© 2014 Rev. Barbara Williams, M.Msc.

Rev. Barbara Williams provides services in the areas of premarital counseling, facilitating addiction workshops aimed at the progressive benefits of holistic counseling, officiating of weddings or civil ceremonies, christenings, baptism’s, baby naming interpretations, home blessings, transitional or home going ceremonies also known as funeral services and the reading of the Tarot. Rev. Barbara Williams currently resides in Poughkeepsie, New York.  See the Bio section for more information.