Thursday, November 27, 2014

Moving to the Post-New Age Paradigm of Consciousness

After running across an article about the New Age Movement, I had to give some serious thought to the broader concepts expressed.  In the article, the author expressed understandable frustration with some factions of the New Age Movement for some of its darker lessons.  These frustrations have been expressed by many related to the New Age Movement, primarily, the over-stated ego of the professed ego-less, money for nothing and abundance of the monetary focus only.  I took in the article and focused not on the words used but the feeling behind it and I have to say, I get the frustration.  As a qualified practitioner in the discipline of Metaphysics, I work in the realm of what the New Age has brought us.  As I continue to look within the realms of my own discipline, the New Age Movement, The Secret pushers and Law of Attraction for Mansions and Sports Cars Success Promoters, one does have to scratch her head for a moment and think, “Wait a minute.  Abundance is good but when you use spiritual principals for egotistical gains only, what is the point and how will that bring you the kind of growth you leave here with?Okay, that’s my own ego talking and on the ego, there’s more.

In my book, The Ego is the Veil, I explained the concept of the ego as that point where consciousness meets physical reality. This is not a new concept.  It is one written about by Sigmund Freud.  I take the point in a bit of a different direction in that while we have a conscious focus in the Third-Dimensional reality, we must understand that the ego is here because we are physically here.  I posit that we cannot exist here in 3-D without the ego.  The arguments of frustration expressed in the article I ran across sort of proves my point in a way.  You see, so many of us consider those in the enlightened New Age Movement to be above ego.  Some may even profess it.  Then, as we get closer to these folks and see that they too have within them the little “c” egoic consciousness just like we do, we are instantly disenchanted and likely very disappointed.  Is the problem with the New Age Movement and its proponents and practitioners having an ego or is it the misconception held by those seeking services from those in the New Age movement being ego-less that is the problem?  I do not intend to blame any victims here. There are those who claim to be egoless and are out to gather followers and the money of those followers.  There are also those truly beautiful souls with great integrity just interested in helping humanity by providing a service.  Neither faction is without ego.  If those seeking services or guidance understood this point, perhaps they could make more educated decisions about how they follow and financially support others.

In reality, there are just bad apples in every movement whether you are observing a political, religious or other movement.  Those bad apples are just human beings trying to find a way to deal with the Malware they unconsciously hold and get by. They may do things judged unsavory by others but those who judge and judge harshly merely perpetuate their own Malware in psychological transference and projection.  So, where does that leave any of us who feel a higher calling, a call to help, a call to educate or those seeking help and education from the purportedly educated?  Well, for starters you have to level-set your understanding.  There is no conscious human being here that does not have an ego.  The ego represents our physical focus here in 3-D.  Everyone has an ego and those that tell you the loudest that they are egoless are quite honestly proving my point that they are in fact, not egoless.  I don’t discount the fact that there may very well be Avatars among us who seem real but are not.  I’ve had some rather interesting experiences as have many others.  The Avatars or those appearing here but are not really here may be the only one’s not possessing an ego.  But they are projecting here ethereally and not physically and, therefore, they can escape the need for ego, perhaps? They remain more closely tied to the Cosmic Consciousness and the void of creation or no-thing which is truly Everything.

If you are seeking to expand your consciousness, I suggest that you find someone that you work well with.  Don’t worry so much about the path you take or calling all trees bad because one had some bad apples.  Instead, use your energy for greater conscious knowledge and understanding.  We all have an ego.  We are all here to learn and grow.  Look for a teacher that is more in line with your personality, your morals, your goals and your beliefs--never mind which path they hold onto.  It is truly time to embrace the Post-New Age Movement where dogma is not needed to embrace our own consciousness and better understand the true self that remains always and ever connected to the Source Consciousness of All That Is.  This world is an amazing place of dichotomy for us to learn from. There are good apples and there are bad apples.  The New Age Movement, as any other, has brought us some amazing light and it has also brought us some darkness.  How perfect is that for humanity that some times learns best by stark contrast?!  Reach for deeper meaning within your own being and you will learn what is in resonance with you and your purpose here.  Those who don’t resonate with you are just those who don’t resonate with you.  Those paths that don’t resonate with you are not paths that you must choose or destroy.  There are plenty of folks who will sell you snake oil with huge promises of false returns.  They exist in every facet of humanity.  We all have egos and most are infected with all manner of Malware.  I also wrote in my book, Exploring the Conscious Self that we are all subject to Malware which is the frame work from which we engage in our learning while living here.  No path is a bad path and no one’s Malware is worse than another’s.  Each is different and serves no lesser or greater purpose.

When we can let go of the paradigm of rigid, limited and dogmatic thinking, let go of blame and finger pointing and seek that which moves us most from the center of the core of the true heart of our being, we will find enlightenment…enlightenment of our own path.  We’re all unique in terms of what we are learning and how we will learn.  Be an aware consumer of those things you choose to consume.  Embrace your conscious journey with hope, stamina, determination and so much love for the beauty of the journey.  That’s all that matters.

© 2014, J.L. Harter

Rev. J.L. Harter, PhD, M.Msc., B.Msc., Author, Blogger, and Spiritual Counselor, Editor of the JMCC.  See Bio section for more information.