Monday, November 3, 2014

The Courage to Leave Shore

What is your individual purpose or role as you see it? Why do you feel or think you are here? What are our individual expectations of self?  I’ll use an analogy of ships or other vessels. The craft is expected to transport safely its staff, and cargo from one point to another. The ship, crew and collective volume are invaluable, priceless and in most cases cannot be replaced. Ships were not built to remain in the berth or port. Thus far can we agree in order for the ship and staff to satisfy their respective roles and purpose that they must at least leave shore? 

And so it is with us. Leaving the shore of doubt and disbelief involves the process of faith in one’s own competence. Trusting in ones innate gifts. Our role is to courageously set sail in the yet uncultivated waters of life. Naturally it provokes a bit of fear to enter the unfamiliar yet in order to satisfy our position we choose movement instead of the stagnation of remaining tied up, bound and wrapped in dread, as well as apprehension. 

The mere knowing we have the power to alter or improve our lives can add an element of fear. Fear of responsibility, failure, or maybe even transformation. 
You may ask, “what do I do with this conversion? What does transformation look like? What does renovation feel like? Can I maintain this makeover?” Notice I did not use the word change as this word strikes shear distress in some of us. We were neither created to be afraid of nor to be intimidated by or reluctant towards the expression of Love of ourselves. Leaving the shore of hesitation as well as arranged doubts about our talents is long overdue. 

The quest to courageously forge ahead towards an opportunity offers the chance to utilize such gifts as the authority of expression, acknowledging crucial learning experiences that add to the development of character, integrity, to ignite the fire of passion and desire for the vision to reach fruition.  The very idea that “yes its possible that I can leave shore” will in time supersede any origin of fear imaginable. But only if one allows that.

Learning to love one’s self is a process that is worth the continued journey of work.  There are required ports-of-call on our ship’s manifest.  Ships dock in the  course of voyages to load or unload cargo, obtain supplies, or undergo repairs. Making the decision to leave life’s  various shores encountered will allow an opportunity to unload the cargo which weighed us down, acquire the provisions of optimism and assurance, secure associations of like-minded sojourners to inspire the development of audacity, as well as to restore areas of our life.

Our tapping into our potential is one of many requirements as travelers with an itinerary. Our ability to access our genius is available to all of us but we’ll never know if we don’t set sail and explore. 

Spirituality is a Powerful gift, which produces itself from the inside to reflect its quality outwardly. Our inner world carries a seal of the Divine. Perception and Power are just a few of our immutable undeniable faculties, talents which we discover as we come to visit each port. There is triumph during the adventure once we develop the Courage to Leave Shore.
Rev. Barbara Williams provides services in the areas of premarital counseling, facilitating addiction workshops aimed at the progressive benefits of holistic counseling, officiating of weddings or civil ceremonies, christenings, baptism’s, baby naming interpretations, home blessings, transitional or home going ceremonies also known as funeral services and the reading of the Tarot. Rev. Barbara Williams currently resides in Poughkeepsie, New York and can be reached at either or (845) 392-2909. See her Bio for further information.
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