Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dream Interpretation with Rory

 “I am watching a girl and boy. The girl looks really happy and the boy is sad.  She goes up to him and tells him to take off his sad pants and put on happy pants like her.  The boy doesn’t want to at first, but the girl doesn’t stop pestering him.  He finally stops being grumpy and gets his own happy pants and they start dancing together.”  Female, 25

Well now, this is a great dream! The dreamer should pat herself on the back, or more appropriately for her personality, she should do a little dance to celebrate a shift in her consciousness. Yes, as silly as this dream sounds, it is a spiritual dream (I don't have to tell you that since you already sense this, but for all the naysayers, let them (obviously you said “em” on purpose and that’s fine, this is just a suggestion;) know this dream shows the power of positive thinking that some attribute to naivety). In any case, this dream is significant. Why? Well, first off, the kids represent parts of one’s self that are developing and growing. In fact, one part of her feels so good about being herself she wears happy pants, or expresses a bubbly personality that can spread like wildfire.

In the dream, another more grumpy part of herself is reluctant at first, but follows suit soon enough by essentially choosing to enjoy life! And what is greater than that? Perhaps what happens next is --harmony and expression – which manifests itself within the dream as dancing. 

To the dreamer, I say keep it up, continue on this path and remember to keep spreading happiness. The next dance dream should have the whole world dancing, and then you'll know you're at one of the most beautiful levels of happiness -- the level when it has spread to your whole self.  I would suggest maybe starting at a dance party with a few hundred people and then from there, grow organically to the whole world. Or, maybe just shoot for the stars and land on the moon.  I know most people say it the other way, but let’s be real -- the moon is a lot closer than the closest star!  Keep dreaming Ms. Happy.

Repetitive Frustration

“There is this theme in my dreams.  I am trying to get something done but all these ridiculous, impossible obstacles get in my way and I never complete the task.  I am sweaty and extremely frustrated in the last part of the dream.  What do you think about that?”   Female, 40
Ah, yes, almost all of us can relate with you here! This dream indicates that there is a deeper part of the mind, an unconscious part that is essentially sabotaging your objectives, causing frustration.  Does that make sense?  If so, then I have a few suggestions.  

            First off, start doing a concentration exercise.  With most of the students I teach, I suggest that they concentrate daily for ten minutes, building a stronger control over their mind.  Those who do this tend to "uncover" different layers of their mind being active.  They basically become conscious of an unconscious thought pattern.  Secondly, I recommend breathing consciously anytime your mind starts to tell you why something “can't be done."  The conscious breathing will short circuit the ego-talk. Third, I want to let you know that having a mentor in this pursuit tends to be a "make or break" movement, so I am here for you if you would like me to help you in this transition from self-sabotage to self-empowerment.

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