Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Materialistic Soul

The soul is an immeasurable assortment of photons of the electromagnetic spectrum of radiations present in the cosmic universe that follow the laws of quantum metaphysics. Whether the soul came first or the body is unknown, but organized matter in the form of bio-chemical systems that exist which formed as part of reorganization and evolution conjoins with the soul to bring these systems to life. In this paper I hypothesize that the soul follows a recurring process, just like the bio-chemical cycles within the cell, conforming to Aristotle’s Anima or the Jaina concept of Jiva; the transforming soul that supports life and many lives.

Key Words
Photons, Soul, Electromagnetic radiation

Hypothetical Materialistic View of the Soul
According to St. Thomas Aquinas, one can consistently posit a plurality of souls in a single body only if one conceives of the soul Platonically, as a mover rather than as a form of the body where Plato held that there were several souls in one body. Based on this proposal it would mean, that each cell has a soul and therefore the many cells in a multicellular organism is made up of the many souls. The soul is constantly interacting with a living system and freely moves in and out of it through a metaphysical involuntary pathway. This pathway runs parallel to all the other processes in a living system and is mutually interacting with these processes to provide life and death and differentiating non living from the living.

The soul is a free flowing energy flowing through the system. It is an uncontrolled process which goes hand in hand with other involuntary processes such as respiration, digestion, excretion, etc, the beginning of which is not determined. The soul is an ever-changing assortment of photons of different wavelengths with differing energies that is in mutual interaction with the cosmos through constant supply of photons via electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is made up of a wide spectrum of wavelengths which can be harmful to a biological cell at either end of the spectrum hence cellular components play a major role in eliminating this risk and thus supporting the existence of the soul. The cell membrane and cytoplasm help in the process of differentiation of photons along the electromagnetic spectrum through reflection, scattering and absorption. Thus the cell is able to absorb only photons of wavelengths within the infrared and near infrared range and supply energy in this form to the involuntary process within the cell. Water being the most important constituent of the cell helps in controlling temperature changes and absorption of harmful radiation.

Absorbed photons that make up the soul bring about excitation of photo molecules within the cytoplasmic fluid with a release of ultra weak photons via the mode of electron excitation and photon release. These ultra weak emissions within the cell are taken up by the microtubule cytoskeletal network of the cell by a process known as trapping potential, where the photons condensed and lose their identity and behave like clones of each other forming the Bose-Einstein Condensate or Frohlich Condensate. This condensation of photons formed at room temperatures; activate the tubulin helical structure partly supporting the Orch OR theory as penned by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff. The theory confirms the dipole characteristics of the tubulin states that mediate computation and entanglement as electric or magnetic, the latter being more prominent as demonstrated by Bandyopadhyay Coherence at alternating currents of gigahertz, megahertz and kilohertz frequencies at room temperature. 

The entanglement and interference patterns within the tubules results in the formation of holographic images which form the basis of consciousness. This interference pattern generated in the microtubules increases with the increase in the complex networking of microtubules within the cytoplasm and results in the formation of a higher sense of coordination within the cell and its organelles and thus forms the basis of consciousness. Constant excitation of photons within the cell cytoplasm and cytoskeletal microtubular network leads to a surge of ultra weak emissions of different wavelengths within the cell. These emissions reunite with the soul and indirectly connect to the cosmos fulfilling the laws of energy conservation. The various reduction-oxidation, electron-transport and energy generating processes that exist in cellular pathways also generate ultra weak emissions which contribute to the overall photon pool of the soul. Overlapping souls between two biological cells activate intra-cellular signalling via the computational and entanglement process that exists in the microtubular network and supports the bio-chemical signalling process that progresses involuntarily across all multicellular life forms. 

Dr. Contzen Pereira

Independent Scholar, Mumbai, India
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