Saturday, October 11, 2014

Considerations on Consciousness

I wish to share with you some considerations on consciousness from one of my works.  Exploration is an ever unfolding task as is the resulting understanding that comes in waves.  But, we all must begin from some point of origin or premise and go on from there.  This was one of my points of focus and although written just earlier this year, the thoughts and ideas for greater understanding continues.
From my exploration into the topic of consciousness, the ego as the veil, I begin to come to the conclusion that the life we experience here on Earth is the result of a conscious individuation from the Cosmic Mind or One Mind in the form of ego for the purpose of a physical experience in an individuated focal point of existence in a specific time.  The ego is the veil that separates humanity from the Cosmic Mind or that, to us, which is unconscious or simply, not yet known.  The veil does not separate us from our Source or sever the connection to that Cosmic Mind but rather obscures it through the existence of the ego.  We remain part of the entirety of the cosmos, our cells, molecules and particles gathered as a density intentionally collected in a point of focus here in this now as are all entities in existence within this frame or dimension.
The ego exists as learned scholars and wise spiritual teachers will in unison agree.  Where they all may diverge is on the purpose of the ego and understanding its related consciousness.  In my dissertation, I posit that it is because of the ego that we have individuated from the One Mind or Cosmic Consciousness and this intentionally formed the veil between the physical conscious world and the world of unconsciousness, ether or the ethereal realms of the spirit.  It is through the process of choosing individual experience that seems to separate us from our Source at a purely physical or conscious level.  We did so in order to experience creating and the receiving of the gift and the use of free will from whatever Source or Force in this universe that created us.  As a unified whole, we still exist, I think, as everything in creation is interconnected as well as interdependent.  Others are beginning to join this body of thought. 
Another wonderful work I encountered that describes this thought in part a little more comes from Eva Herr in her work, Consciousness, within the Introduction section.  The author describes a moment in her life in which she became aware of her consciousness.  She describes going to sleep one night during a troubling time and awoke with a new sense of purpose in that she moved away from “the dogma of materialism, vanity and self-consumed ideations” (Rainbowbridge Books, xix) and moved to a more full understanding of consciousness.  She describes it within this same section as “The God force—behind everything that exists’’ and that accompanying this thought or feeling was “a powerful but simplistic idea of agape—the love for one’s fellow man as one loves oneself, because we are all one.” 
It is not enough to become enlightened to the mechanics of the fullness of our physical existence; the ‘hows and the whys’ in which we have come to exist.  These things are just the vehicles designed to carry forth our points of focus for an individuated experience of the wholeness of the Source of All That Is in order to truly experience and understand the significance of it.  Perception affects the perceiver and thus the perceiver learns through his or her own perceptions of individual experience.  If there were no veil of egoic consciousness, we might know the ending of the movie before the movie is finished playing and thus remove our ability to learn in the now moments as they pass as we intended.  The ego is not something to be destroyed but rather, better understood.
Various disciplines describe the Cosmic or Quantum Whole with different languages.  Many see the similarities in the words and descriptions and yet others see only a single source language with which to define our place in this world.  I like to use the analogy of a tree.  There is a beautiful tree planted on a beautiful green hill.  How would a psychiatrist define the tree and its existence?  How would an artist or poet describe the tree and its existence?  How would a carpenter or mechanic see a tree?  How would a reverend see a tree?  How would a mystic describe a tree?  How would a scientist or physicist define a tree?  What about a botanist? Each would view the same tree and describe it in accord with his or her selected discipline or experiential perspective focus. There is no other way each could define the tree. But then what would happen if the Truth were explained that each perceiver from within his or her discipline was the tree or an integral part, thereof?  
Like a perfect circle, each discipline has a degree from which they work within the construct of the circle.  What if the reality of our individuated experience is the circle and yet there are increasingly ever more concentric circles overlaid upon our dimension of reality?  Would it be too much for a simple human being to take in all at once?  Does the ego create a sufficient veil that allows us to take in the information we need in bite-sized chunks that are much more easily digested and that make it easier to live our lives in our current point of focus for the experience we most desired?
What if our body, the physical body that we seemingly exist within is the ego or the point at which the spirit and soul meet the physical world?  What if that ego is the tiny tip of the gigantic iceberg in terms of the divine aspects of the souls that we are and further yet, the spirit that lies beyond the veil?  Beyond the spirit is the Source of All That Is and that is simply beyond a tiny particle’s ability to comprehend.  A tiny bug cannot comprehend the entirety of the universe cohesively and completely, as it hasn’t got the capacity.
We have the potential for the capacity but our purpose and point of focus does not necessarily include understanding the entirety of the whole of existence precisely while our point of focus and materialization exists in the third dimension physically. 
Understanding that we are not the limited, unimpressive mere egoic humans pursuing our desires to our detriment or betterment may yet buoy humanity as they work their way through the construct of this experience here in this world, in this dimension at this time.  Physics theorizes and contemplates that our existence is not in a singular dimension but that it is quite possible that all that we see and experience has multiple layers of existence beyond that which we can readily comprehend. (Exploring the Conscious Self: For Greater Understanding, 125)

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Rev. J.L. Harter, PhD, M.Msc., B.Msc., Author, Blogger, and Spiritual Counselor, Editor of the JMCC.  See Bio section for more information.