Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Process of Unlearning

The process of unlearning. A concept that may sound a bit strange to you at first, especially since so much emphasis has been put on learning throughout our lifetime, but if you consider the expectations put upon us by influential people in our lives, you may begin to understand the meaning behind this reversing process.
When we entered this world as babies, with the purity of our untouched souls encased in our bodies, we were completely free.  Free of judgment, expectations, and totally accepting of who and what we were.  We flailed with joy, extending our limbs out from our soul to feel and experience the world around us. We cried when our tummies were hungry, we needed a diaper change, or a good burp to let out some air.  Pretty simple.  Then piles of learning came upon us.  We needed to learn a plethora of skills just to survive in this world.  In addition, the teachers in our lives taught us what they thought were important; often beliefs they were taught and so on down the line. The question remains; is what our teachers were taught attributes that resonated with our personal soul?  Very likely, some did and some did not.  Your challenge today is to dig down deep into your soul and tune in to what resonates with your authentic self.  As you do this you will strip away the layers of all those expectations you piled on to please others.  Anything that doesn't feel comfortable in the pit of your gut is worth reevaluating in your life.  I use the metaphor of peeling away the layers like a banana peel, discarding one strip at a time.  As you do this you create room for the real you!  What would you add to your life as you strip away the old?  Listen to the whispers of your soul and you will begin to live the life you came here to live. Fulfilling your purpose here on earth.
The more you become the purity of your soul the happier you will feel walking your earthly journey. Enjoying your own path as you extend your natural love and positive energy out to others. Just as you were meant to be, living in the vastness of simplicity. To be true is to be you.
*Excerpt from ‘Living, Loving & Unlearning: A therapist’s guide to healing and living authentically from the inside out’.

Cynthia Brennen, LMSW, Contributor, Author.  Please see Bio section for additional information.

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