Thursday, October 16, 2014

This Semester Called Life

“You do not remove a partition and find another Self standing in the shadows. You simply awaken and find that you were It all the time”, John Randolph Price, Empowerment: You Can Do, Be, and Have All Things, 1996.

     There is a school of thought which lends itself to belief that one does not learn their particular lessons during this Semester Called Life then there is, if you will, a round trip ticket to complete or address the unlearned message another time. Is there, on some level, unfinished business from one of our prior re-embodiment encounters or is this visit a prelude for our next assignment?  Are our daily experiences lessons, warnings or both?

      Another question to consider is whether a Power Greater than myself is everywhere to include the ambits then why not offer an obvious warning, detectable evidence or both so we will not repeat the occurrence? Why can’t we get a grade score consideration for our efforts?  Is this because although the answers were apparent, to not do the required assignments there would not be a learning experience? 

     In some cases or instances there are red flags, sirens, blinking lights, mile markers of which we have upon several occasions made a conscious choice to ignore. Therefore there are lessons to be learned in the chapter entitled: The Willingness to Practice Recognized Lesson Assignments.

      I, at one time or another, have experienced lessons that left me feeling emotionally cut into strips, mentally shattered, and spiritually diminished. Life’s episodes have shown me that whatever the process is as well as the outcome of a situation, it is something I must learn to live with. 

    During my involvement with my lesson learning stages, I’ve noticed that there is a sense of disconnection or separation from Spirit. However, making contact with that Energy is communicated through Mindfulness meditation. God offers the gift of deliberate gentle understanding.  There is making a decision to do what is in my best interest as I can best see it and learning to live with the outcome, which is in my best interest. There is acceptance of my conclusion of what is beneficial. After careful evaluation comes the willingness to follow through with the resolution and or to practice required exercises.  After engaging in the aforementioned would a passing grade ensue in This Semester Called Life.

         Does The Power Greater than me even consider learning curve credits, an “E” for effort? Does executing effort in and of itself equal mastering This Semester Called Life? Ought we to be allowed a passing grade of consideration so as to not have to repeat the learning incarnation encounter?  Nevertheless, effort does have its place in the learning process. However this does not seem to be the way Greater Power performs.  The grading system seems to be either “skilled at” or “repeat.”

There is no meeting a Power Greater than myself on the next ambit any more than there is on this ambit. God is everywhere fully present in this sphere as in the next.

Spirit is an all-encompassing male and female, masculine and feminine, God and Goddess, Energy. The “Greater than” strength located within us is unlimited. This Great Powerful Muscle within us is ineffable. 

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