Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploring the Conscious Self

Your presence here is not random, as some would have you think because you are not random.  You are very intentional.  Think about that for a moment in a very quiet and still place.  How does the thought of being random and meaningless feel to you?  Go on.  Try it.  Hold that thought and feel how that feels.  Does it really ring as truth to you?  Now, clear that thought away and go back again to the silence and stillness of your thoughts.  Think again.  Are you a consciously sentient being here with great intention and purpose?  Is your life being lived in alignment with its purpose?  Hold those thoughts and feel how that feels?  Does that ring as truth to you? 

You know so much more than you think you do but you haven’t been taught how to read the signs and the clues everywhere around you.  We human beings joke, “If only we had instruction books.”  But we do have instruction books and maps and education programs and it is called living life, right here and right now.  We are all we need and we have all we need to first discern our unique and particular purpose for intending to be here and then for finding and then understanding our beautiful purpose for living here at this time.

Look to your own experiences and learning, question your beliefs, know how to find the hidden ones as if you are on the biggest treasure hunt of your life.  I will tell you that if you take up this very uniquely personal cause, you will get to the gold, the treasures deep and vast that lie waiting right inside the heart of you for you to claim in pure and delicious victory.  You just have to be willing to want it.  You just have to want to understand.  When you want it and you seek the truth, doorways will open up for you that allow you to do the work necessary to understand your life’s purpose and it does have purpose and you being here has a great meaning not just for you but for us all.

As sure as I’m breathing here, typing away on these keys, I know that your lives are precious and despite the challenges and adversity that you face, you will learn that which you intended to learn and you will grow in immeasurable ways for the experience.  I’ve heard it said more than a hundred times, that when the student is ready the teacher will come.  I think the truth of that statement lies in the understanding that you are your teacher and whenever you are ready to embrace the fullness, wonder and beauty of you, you will have found it.  You will have solved X, whatever that is for you in your wonderful, amazing and beautiful life. (271)


Harter, J.L. Exploring the Conscious Self for Greater Understanding, 2014. The Ministry of Connected Consciousness.  Print.

Rev. J.L. Harter, PhD, M.Msc., B.Msc., Author, Blogger, and Spiritual Counselor, Editor of the JMCC.  See Bio section for more information.

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