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Healing Collective Trauma, Stopping the Static and Re-aligning with the Divine Plan ~

Hello friends. Well as you can imagine I’ve been quite busy since last week as a cosmic correspondent. Last weekend was a tough place to be in social media, but it did give me a good idea on what was going on in the collective consciousness. Whoa. As my one wise friend likes to say, “the cheese was thick on the ground.”  

I admit I was heavily impacted, especially that on the week of the glorious 11:11 Stargate such horrendous things would happen in the world. I know many of you were also. (NOTE: There is more commentary by the Keepers and myself on these incidents at my previous blog post, “Thoughts on Recent Events in Paris.”)

Having some time to contemplate and confer with Guidance after I cleared my energies, I was able to get some further clarity. As you know I’ve been following and tracking the astro-cosmic influences and have commented often on the intensity and “magnification” aspects of the “8” Universal Year energies. Like most things that exist in a 3-5D scenario, they can be interpreted on several levels. 

 Though this meme from “Zoolander” is certainly funny and apt for the moment, shaming others is definitely not. It’s also a subtle, but real form of bullying. A popular sentiment that’s been going around heavily in social media is to shame or give people static for not being concerned about what other think they should be. As in the examples of Paris vs. Lebanon, and so forth. This is a form of divisive thinking that helps no one, except perhaps the negative aspects of ego/ordinary mind. I used the word “static” for a reason, as in times of pain, trauma and chaos the collective noise gets very high and the resultant vibration unsteady. I have also noticed that it’s a convenient way to project (i.e. “offload”) the anger, pain and helplessness that many people feel in times of violence and crisis as opposed to taking responsibility and not adding to the collective garbage heap.

“It’s like saying, “these people don’t deserve our deep sympathy because they’re much better off than these other people in the world.” That type of comparison is deadly to compassion. “Politically correct” shaming (and possibly resultant guilt) gone overboard won’t help us relate better to each other. This, to me, is more reflective of our collective inability to sit with discomfort, while having no answers to this insane level of violence in the world. Outward projection is always divisive, and ultimately, serves no one.” – Alyce Walker

I couldn’t have said it any better myself than this wonderful quote by Alyce Walker. “Sitting” with our pain is not easy, especially in a culture that supports taking a pill, buying more stuff and/or generally numbing out rather than to face reality. Being with pain also bringing a vulnerability and rawness that is also not especially condoned or supported in our culture, where excessive “Yang” attitudes are still prevalent, although that IS changing. One of the gifts in situations like this is actually a return to the Healing Angels, Taras and Great Mother, to lay our fear and pain at their feet and allow their loving compassion to penetrate our hearts and softened places. There is a resistance to this in certain circles, as the understanding that our “soft spots” actually contain great power is not yet a very popular view. Psychic and emotional “Armoring” created from pain and resistance can be penetrated, while the open truth of feelings simply ARE. This is not to imply however, (especially for Empaths and Sensitives) that we do not take precautions with our own personal/psychic energy, which is another matter.

So what CAN we do? Since ultimately we are all ONE, what are we bringing to the table of humanity? Our pain, fear and projection or our love, peace and essence? This is something that we indeed do have some control over. As we become aware of the unfolding of more frightening and violent world events, I am reminded of the “Two Worlds” scenario mentioned by noteworthy Indigo/New Earth Researcher and author Dolores Cannon, and also several others. The division between vibration and “worlds” is becoming more evident and pronounced. It is essential that we guard our energies and thoughts well and that we choose wisely in terms of media, conversations and even companions. 

**I especially invite all energy workers, Reiki and IET practitioners to include the Collective in your work. Archangels Michael and Raphael are especially helpful in clearing fear and trauma to restore health and balance.

Forces of Light will overcome the forces of darkness. Complete spiritual enlightenment on Earth will occur. – Edgar Cayce

From the centre which we call the race of men, Let the Plan of Love and Light work out. And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. – excerpt from “The Great Invocation,” received by Alice Bailey in 1945 (Lucis Trust)

In my work with the Akashic Wisdom Keepers over the last seven years, they have often referred to this as well.

Now is the moment. The Indigos, Crystals, Lighworkers, Starseeds who are with you now number in the millions. Please do not be fooled or afraid – the restoration of Gaia is underway, no matter what illusory stories are being played out. Those who have awakened to the knowledge and truth that they are Galactic Citizens have “seen behind the curtain” so to speak, and are guided by and attuned to the higher authority of Cosmic Love. Shanti – peace unto you all. – The Keepers, Cosmic Love, page 114

Stay strong yet truthful in your vulnerability, friends. It can be done. Your light is needed and appreciated. You have seen behind the curtain and know there is much more than meets the eye. Trust your inner Guidance. Sat-Chit-Ananda. You Are That.

Auric Field picture of Angel Celestina by Alex Fitch.

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Elements and Origins

I saw the Body’s Exhibit over the weekend and I have to say that I am absolutely astounded at what amazing miracles we are.  Just to see how every piece and part of our physical bodies works perfectly in harmony to allow us to see, hear and do all of the things that we do each day is amazing.  It is so easy to take that for granted.  Never the one to be satisfied with the superficial, I must go deeper than the physical body.  It is elemental in nature as I have written of before, made from all of the elements, perfectly.  But what is behind it, beneath it or above it?  What keeps it going?

Seeing the teeny tiny parts of the brain, I am sorry but I am not a believer that everything we are comes from just the biological hunk of fibers referred to as the brain that is merely a component part of the suit we wear.  What I have come to understand is that we are so much more.  An elemental is just that, an elemental – full of pieces and parts formed with automatic and selective processes that put the body in motion.  But what animates that form intelligently?  I call it Consciousness.  Others use different terms.  When I say Consciousness, think Energy.  I mean Consciousness with a very, very large C more in line with the absolute infinite or “All of Everything” as is quoted in the Kybalion.  Others may use the term Cosmic Consciousness, God, Goddess or Source.

There are some very unscientific theories that what animates the elemental human is a very tiny part of that infinite and vast Cosmic Consciousness.  You might call that tiny portion the spirit or the soul.  When that animating consciousness withdraws itself, the body ceases functioning and dies.  But that consciousness lives on.  Energy cannot die but can only transform.  As I walked around viewing the exhibits, I saw the forms of the elementals reduced to their most varied and basic parts and I realized the body is truly only a vehicle for our consciousness or Consciousness, I should say.

Theologians have innumerable and sometimes synchronistic positions on what we are and where we came from.  While I respect those positions and related theories, I think they fall short of the truth.  It’s something I feel deep within from that place I know I can trust more than anything.  There is a knowingness that arises within us all when we have learned to become very still and quiet.  This knowingness belongs to the chain of command, so-to-speak, that goes from the smallest part of our Consciousness straight to the Largest most Infinite part of our Consciousness.

We often take bits and pieces of premise for granted or truth without digging deeper for the evidence.  Take our very existence as a prime example.  We rest our theories on writings from antiquity but where is the proof?  There isn’t any proof.  If we intended to prove how we came to be, there are so many intangible ideas we must contend with.  Science contends with this every day and they must create a premise from which they can build their hypotheses and theories.  So, we started somewhere and just went with that and we still hold today that we were created by a white bearded man who created two individuals in His image, one male and one female, yin and yang.

In the creation myths that abound from various cultures all over the globe, there are very similar and also very different tales of our origins.  Our origins seem a bit obscure, to put it lightly.  Some think we are aliens.  Maybe we are.  Some think we evolved from apes or fish.  Maybe we did.  Some think we were created by the Great White Bearded God that lives in a magical kingdom called heaven.  Maybe we did.  Some believe that we individuated from the great Cosmic Consciousness to enter this dimension as a holographic elemental image for the purpose of having an experience that we take back to the Source of the Cosmic Consciousness when we’ve completed our experiencing.  Maybe we did.

Where does that leave any of us who are wondering about our origins?  How do you choose when belief is all you have and very little if any evidence at all? Some might say, “Now Jaie, you must have faith.”  “In what?,” I would respond.  I have faith in my Consciousness.  You see, I had the privilege of being Conscious outside of the body in this vast nothingness and everythingness that was so peaceful, so very quiet that for the first time in my life I could think and be without everything that comes with these elemental trappings.  But even that experience is only filtered through my perception so cannot be objective.

When I go with that inner knowing feeling, I feel that I am a tiny part of a much bigger Spirit that stays always and ever connected to Source and in my moments of greatest inspiration or intuition it is THAT voice that speaks to me subtly, encouragingly and lovingly to guide me through this situation or that.  When I consider such things, origins become a bit unimportant as I turn to other questions like “Why am I here at all?”  Wouldn’t that be a cool question to have answered?  Again, I can’t go with anything the outside world would project upon me because it wouldn’t resonate as truth with me, with that still small voice of the Spirit that comes through nudging me this way or that.  My dissatisfaction I find is nothing more than an attachment that I really need carry no longer.  My Spirit knows where it came from and the elemental me that will return to the dust from whence it came when my consciousness pulls out for the last time will query no more. 

In all my questing for answers to the unanswerable, rather than give in to the frustration or buying anyone else’s answers as a definitive truth, I will go with what I trust and that is me.  I trust me implicitly.  My soul and spirit are clean.  I trust what comes through and I’m reassured that I need question no further.  I need only live and love and enjoy my time in this type of experience until my consciousness moves onto something else and be content with that.  Can I do it?  Yes, I think so and it starts today. 

In a way, I will always be an explorer of consciousness and seeking understanding of all of the things that create our behaviors and desires.  There is a part of me that wishes to protect an Earth that needs no protecting (yet another attachment).  All is perfect as it is because from it we are learning to take greater care.  From the tragedies we learn to be more careful with each other and ourselves.  From the hard times we learn to truly find gratitude for the good times.  From the desolate and lonely times we learn to turn within for comfort, solace and love.  These things and realizations take lifetimes sometimes.  And, that is okay.  So, suffice it to say, I’ve come to accept life on its terms and to have faith in myself to master whatever task I am called to master. That is my Consciousness and within that, I have that much faith in myself and no fear of failure.  Failure is learning. Am I any closer to the truth?  Well, I can’t say that I am for anyone else but I can say so for me.

(Photo:  NASA)

Rev. J.L. Harter, PhD, Founding Editor.  Please see Bio Section for additional information.

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Consciousness and Life in General

This article acknowledges the challenges in our understanding of consciousness but pushes the boundary further in reaching for we do not yet understand.  In so doing, the concepts outline here intend to impart some understanding of the challenges we face as conscious humans while still attempting to inspire further research, study and acceptance of ourselves as human beings that are an integral part of humanity.

Key Words:  Consciousness, Exploration, Frontiers, Humanity, Life

In certain circles we evaluate consciousness and its origins vis a vis the hard and easy problems.  In Susan Blackmore’s book, Consciousness an Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2004.  NY), she outlines the hard problem as:

The hard problem is to explain how physical processes in the brain give rise to the subjective experience.  The term was coined in 1994 by David Chalmers, who distinguished it from the “easy problems” of consciousness.  These include the ability to discriminate, categorize and react to stimuli; the integration of information by cognitive systems; the reportability of mental states; the focus of attention; deliberate control of behavior; and the difference between wakefulness and sleep.  By contrast the hard problem concerns experience itself, that is, subjectivity or “what it is like to be…”(19)

The arguments made by many a learned scholar make sense within their frameworks but I still cannot help but feel this nagging feeling within that we are all overlooking something important; perhaps something simple.  I cannot tell you precisely what that is until I can tease apart this nagging urge a bit more.

What we do know about consciousness is that in some respects, it is a bit of a mystery and potentially relegated at least in part to the land of metaphysics.  We cannot definitively pin point the origins of consciousness with certainty.  Consciousness is not limited to the brain but perhaps extends into the Mind and even beyond which encompasses the brain and yet includes a much broader concept such as the whole of the Universe.  Perhaps like the big bang or little blink, it just began and there it was in existence supported by all the dark matter and light of the universe.  I cannot tell you which.

What I can tell you is that I am conscious within the limited framework of a physical body that is awake and aware and that I am also part of a larger existence of consciousness of which we are all a part.  Maybe consciousness is no problem at all and our digging deeper into a piece of reality just to label it is a mistake.  We take bits and pieces of existence all the time.  We sort of decide to take this chunk of reality as limited as it may be, study it, test it, experiment with it and decide, “This is it, this is X.”  What if we do not have the capacity to take a big enough chunk of our reality to accurately measure it at all?

In terms of life in general, our consciousness is defined very closely to its component psychological parts as Freud (1856-1939) determined, Consciousness, Latent Consciousness and the Sub-conscious.  Everything we do and experience becomes some part of our consciousness in life.  So be it. It is what it is.  This is all well in good if you are content to get up every day and avoid philosophy.  Sadly or fortunately, as a philosopher, I don’t have that blessing.  I’ve an inquiring Mind which seeks to understand consciousness in it’s various states for my own personal reasons having experienced altered states of consciousness that have nothing to do with drugs!

I think the conclusion that I come to is that I can be satisfied with all of the studies and ideas on consciousness but I cannot be satisfied with stopping there.  We have so many great minds reading, researching and who are so very willing to continue the exploration into new frontiers on consciousness so that we might some day come up with something infinitely more useful for humanity concerning something very close to the home of every individual on the planet, our consciousness.  Being part of the much larger Consciousness, of which we are all part, is our right and privilege here in this frame and so we live our lives in various stages of consciousness that shifts, changes and expands much like the universe.  Be that as it may, I love life and I don’t think I could ever stop exploring our conscious existence in a very big way.  In a way, I hope you grasp that same pioneering spirit with whatever it is that calls to you within your own lives and fearless continue your inquiry until you are satisfied with the answers.

(photo:  NASA)

 Rev. J.L. Harter, PhD, Founding Editor of the Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness. See Bio section for additional information.

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New Moon & Stargate Report for 11.11.15

Hello friends. We’ve got a special New Moon in Scorpio happening this year. Not only is is happening right in the middle of the potent 11:11 Stargate, but the Sabian Symbol for it is particularly beautiful and in synch. I will tell you more about that in a moment.
A traditional translation of the Scorpio New Moon is self-mastery and a return to the essence of personal power. It’s regenerative properties of the “new” are particularly enhanced as Pluto is the King of all that asks to be transmuted and upgraded (and also that which doesn’t necessarily ask, too.) Everyone will be feeling this to a certain extent, but those with personal planets in Scorpio will especially be visited by this exceptionally potent and magical energy.

With Mercury also in “spiritual detective” Scorpio, our ability to look behind the masks of things has been enhanced. Just like in the “Wizard of Oz,” the advice to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” may have a new meaning at the moment. The outer world’s ability to distract and divert have definitely been called to task. It is also customary this time of year for there to be a noted inner battle between the “bad witch” of ego/ordinary mind and the “good witch” of our Higher Self. For many, we have grown tired of that particular drama and struggle, and this time around we are noticing the difference. Well done, starshines. 😉 Just like Glinda told Dorothy, “you had the power all along, my dear.” As many of the great ones have shared with us, deep contrast often serves a great purpose. That is, until we no longer require it as a teaching tool. However, it is worthy of mentioning that Sun and Moon in Scorpio are never want for intensity and a possible abundance of shadow material in the collective. For those who are of a mind to do so, please take a few moments out of your own celebrations and/or personal work to hold loving space for all who may require support through this portal.

New Moon Message: Dear ones, the Scorpio energies have been compared to the great Phoenix. Take the dust and ash of your transformation and gently blow it away. It is no longer you. – The Keepers, 11/8/15

The energies of this Stargate are already with us, starting to especially gain in potency starting on 11/7. I’ve been hearing many reports of what we jokingly call the “ascension flu” at Cosmic Weather, as its symptoms often come and go strangely and feel to be strongly energetic. Do follow the usual recommended guidance with any potent period in the cosmic weather: proper nutrition, rest, stay hydrated and don’t forget your grounding. As in all potent energy periods, whatever material is coming up and out, it’s recommended to not resist it.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Scorpio is: A woman drawing aside dark curtains that close the entrance to a sacred pathway.

This is another example of the beauty and perfection of the Universe as Scorpio represents: the hidden and the unveiled, the poison and the antidote, the illness and the medicine, death and resurrection. Especially in combination with the 11:11, the way has been opened.
The keywords for the 11:11 (2015) Stargate are: Joy. Resurrection. Truth. Return. Joy as the truth of your being. Resurrection as the end of a cycle and the beginning of new one. A return to essence, with more of the unnecessary dropped away. – The Keepers, 11.8.15
Thinking on the Cosmic Tune for this Moon/event, this great one floated in. The Golden Avatar is us, just awaiting our welcome and realization. And so it is.
I called you the keeper of my heart, ’cause I’ve felt that you’ve been there waiting from the start. – Crispian Mills

Golden Avatar – Kula Shaker
The 11:11 Stargate is one of the sacred pathways that we have been generously been given for our own healing, growth and awakening. For all that we have experienced and let go of in this potent and dynamic year, this New Moon and the 11:11 feels like a sacred gift. Let us remember to dedicate it to the benefit of all sentient beings.
Happy New Moon and 11:11 friends!

NOTE: I will be celebrating the release of my new book, “The Aquarian Healer” and also giving an online teaching and activation with the Akashic Wisdom Keepers on 11:11 at 4pm PDT/7pm PST. Please visit Angels of Hope Center for more information or to register. Thank you.

The New Moon in Scorpio is 11/11/15 at 9:47 am PST/12:57 EST

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer
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An Unsatisfied Body Deteriorates the Soul and So Its Experience

Satisfaction or contentment is deficient in our intelligent world, for entropy is at its prodigality accompanying the egoistic human mind. The lesser beings are content with what is provided, seem more beholden of being created, rather than the selfish unsatisfied human, whose desire to gain has no limit leaving the body unsatisfied to deteriorate thy own soul and its existence and of the others. The cause of entropy is human intelligence and the falsified superiority of human consciousness that leaves the body unsatisfied and the soul to writhe; for it creates a resistance in the flow of consciousness that makes the human loose its value of life and all that resides within. Egoism enhances superiority promotes an indestructible feeling; denies consciousness that flows within and across the system; a loss of revere to the cosmic bridge of consciousness that links the body, mind and soul to the universe. Satisfaction can be gotten when one clearly differentiates the subjectivity from the objectivity of consciousness; for the subjectivity of consciousness cannot be taken for granted over its trailing objectivity that ceaselessly deceives.

Key Words
Satisfaction, Soul, Consciousness, Content, Human, Egoism, Entropy

Lack of satisfaction leaves the soul and consciousness morbid
Satisfaction is the fulfillment of a need or a desire expressed as pleasure or contentment derived from gratification, while on the other hand it can become an expression of discontentment or displeasure against a need or desire. Lack of satisfaction leads to an unsatisfied body and alters the state of the mind which revolves around the thought of a specific need or desire; a reversible effect but can lead to irreversible changes if the greed grows beyond the scope of change. About 99.99% of individuals inclusive of me belong to this category while the other remainder who deny this state may be currently residing in a trance or coma. The human body is indecisive about its needs and drives the body to a state of unsatisfied mess; craving or longing that over-powers the conscious self and breaks the link between self and reality. This is an entropic price that humans need to pay for their big brains, falsified higher state of consciousness and self-acclaimed superiority of thy souls.
Lack of satisfaction arises due to one’s greed and envy of what the other possess; entropy being the cause of instituting the body to an egoistic and envious state; altering the unvarying flow of consciousness within the body; for it weakens the mind and so the soul loses its energy. The energy slackens and therefore imperils the soul into a state of displacement; revising the flow of nature, the flow of universal consciousness that flows within all living beings; that obeys the laws of energy conservation wherein the body draws in energy from the cosmos against the growing egoistic behaviour of itself. Intelligence grows with complexity and the price for it is paid through entropy; the seat lies in the brain which manages the behaviours and desires of the body. Realization of the existence of consciousness and conscious moments in the forms of emotions emoted by the body can overcome this entropy, for the mind and soul does seek the desire to overcome this change, but the body and the brain dictates the experience of one’s consciousness.
Weaker the soul, weaker is the flow of consciousness; the body in such a state takes over the mind and drives the body towards a state similar to the state of semi-consciousness; a zombie, who denies the existence of the subjectivity of consciousness and therefore depends on the objectivity fulfilled by the body. An entropic change in energy conservation leads to the breakdown of the actual energy vibrations that support the flow of consciousness; an exchange of energy between self and the universe. Vibrations of a weak or stressed soul can alter the soul of the other and others; like an epidemic through interaction, that scythes down a community. A weak soul will make thee other weak, drawing away the happiness and subjectivity of the conscious experiences of self and enforcing the likeliness of its own objectivity. Lack of satisfaction enhances this effect, for it will destroy the body completely; under the laws of energy conservation; the soul or consciousness would rather give rise to a being with a realization of itself than the body it currently resides in; entropy can be supported by the body within the limits of nature and therefore transforms when beyond control.
Entropic egoism of a body can survive for a short period until the body self realizes, but during this period the soul or consciousness will want to revive back to its conventional state; for the change is reversible when understood. In some cases the body stays stubborn and the egoism peaks, for such individuals, the soul or consciousness deteriorates, the subjectivity or expression of emotions and feelings belittles and the body maneuvres in a pure objective state; a cold and expressionless body with a degrading soul and consciousness. The brain controls the egoism, constraining emotions expressed by the body, but the soul or consciousness in such a body will try to maintain a balance between the objectivity and subjectivity of its consciousness; for the flow of energy may help support the functioning of the body but the experience of the existence of the body is reduced. The experience of consciousness is an important role in the life of a being which has been understood well by living beings other than man.  
Lack of satisfaction has a minimal impact to global or universal consciousness; for the cosmic energy and its connections for the utilization of energy are in a state that is much higher than usual. This imbalance of energy is reversible and can be understood and handled by nature; for we are just a speck of matter in this vast universe and cannot challenge the capability of the universe to correct itself. The limit to bear this intolerance remains wholly with the body and these unfavourable conditions created by egoism may be borne up to a limit of a ball of matter absorbing the energy from the cosmos, when this intolerance goes beyond the limit of matter, the matter itself perishes and the energy is reunited to the cosmos. Growth beyond the limits of requirement is a result of greed and a lack of satisfaction which destroys the actual purpose of life and its beauty. The soul desires to experience the beauty of all that has been created, which is evident in lesser beings for their limit or desires stay within the purviews of their soul and consciousness and the balance between the objective and subjective state of consciousness never change due to the non-existence of ego.
Higher the consciousness, higher is the entropy and so higher is the rate of change of the behaviour of the body; it instils an eagerness to be superior, which takes the body away from the actual sense of its existence; the eagerness of the soul. Realization of this greed can help the body overcome its egoistic approach to life and help the soul or consciousness grow within the whole arena of the energy or consciousness that prevails in this universe. Satisfaction in can be achieved when one can feel the flow of consciousness; can experience the outcome of consciousness; can understand the subjective state of consciousness and most importantly, understanding the nature of acknowledging the relevance of consciousness and its beauty.

Dr. Contzen Pereira Independent Scholar, Mumbai, India Corresponding Author. Address: Nandadeep, 302, Tarun Bharat Soc, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 099, India. Tel: +919819642456, +912266750530 Email Address:,

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The Cosmic Energy Bridge, Cellular Quantum Consciousness and Its Connections

A conscious moment occurs when an individual is in a state of awareness of one’s self and the external environment. The human brain has been extensively studied to understand the phenomena of human thought and behaviour in the context of consciousness. Consciousness has always been linked to the nervous system but there are several studies that have recorded conscious behaviours in organisms without nerve cells. This paper hypothesises that quantum energy generated consciousness emerges in each and every living cell and traverses by means of electromagnetic radiation; an oldest form of energy that exist in the cosmos and which utilizes the cellular structures to flow by means of a coherent, invisible, powerful, recyclable process; a connection with the cosmic energy bridge.
Key Words:  Electromagnetic field, Cell, Consciousness, Quantum, Cosmic energy 

The cosmic energy bridge connects the body with the cosmos
Electromagnetic force and gravitational force is some of the oldest forces of energy that exist. Cosmic energy is the cause of the universe, which is a form created from nothingness but its principle of action is expressed through change managed by entropy. At the level of a biological cell, entropy reduction arises from internal self organization, information storage and transfer, and the only way to support the laws of thermodynamics is by balancing these free energy changes with metabolic energy expenditures (Davies et al 2013) which might be true for all matter. The universe is a living, evolving, adapting universe, which utilizes information to organize itself and to create ever-increasing levels of complexity (Mitchell and Staretz 2011). Matter is an asymmetric form of light, which moulds and creates e.g. a living cell, with the capability to interact and capture energy from the cosmos.

The living cell is an organization of elementary particles, which requires a symmetric energy state, for it to come into existence. Cosmic energy obtained in the form of electromagnetic radiation is highly conserved in the universe and a confederation of these two forms can form a bridge which may hold the answer to consciousness. Information for the formation and progression of the universe is stored in atoms as charge and spin, with the electron providing low energy to support life and the nuclear constituents such as protons and neutrons providing high energy for the stars (Teilhard de Chardin 1959). Photons are stable, massless quantum objects that exhibit properties of both wave and particles with observable facts, such as diffraction and interference, on the length scale of its wavelength (Mead 2000; Okun 2006). Quantum tunnelling is a concept derived from quantum computing wherein photons travel through specialized cell organelles and elicits signalling by means of movement and interaction of photons within the cell (Hameroff 1998a; 1998b) a process more rapid than any biochemical or electrochemical process that exists in the cell and can be compared to quantum computing. This paper is a compilation of quantum based factors which hypothesises the existence of consciousness in every single living cell via the cosmic energy that resides in the cosmos.

Electromagnetic radiation and the formation of cosmic energy bridge
Phototrophic way of life in living systems is by means of trapping of electromagnetic radiation energy, converting it to chemical energy to use it for cellular maintenance and growth (Overmann and Garcia-Pichel 2006). The effect of electromagnetic radiations on biological systems depends on radiation strength and its frequency; these properties play an important role in energy transfer. Photon penetration was first demonstrated by Popo and Klimek by a process known as photon sucking, which involves active absorption and re-absorption of emitted radiation that supports biological regulation within the cells and tissue (Popp and Klimek 2007). Vogel et al demonstrated this phenomenon in bacteria, where some bacterial species suck up radiations from their nutrition medium (Vogel and Sübmuth 1998). Photons that interact with the cell, can be absorbed, scattered or reflected. The scattering behaviour of the cell is an important feature, because it determines the volume distribution of light intensity in the cell (Chung et al 2012; Tuchin 1997). Scattered photons are eventually absorbed or escape in the form of diffused reflection, but absorbed photons interact with organic molecules or photo molecules. Absorption of photons occurs, when a charged particle moves from a higher energy excited state to lower energy ground state i.e. hf = E2-E1, where h is the Plank’s constant, f is the frequency of the photon, E2 is the energy of the excited state and E1 is the energy of the ground state and brings about a release of a photon (Marston 1999) leading to an optical window effect in the cell.
According to Schrödinger, high level of organization in living cells can only be maintained because the cellular system within the cell continually obtains order from the environment, through sunlight (Chang et al 1998; Popp and Beloussov 2003). Herbert Fröhlich introduced the concept of coherence in a living system, where he considered absorbed light as an ultra weak radiation that is calm, with stable intensity and can superpose like a laser (Hyland 2000). He also postulated that biological systems exhibit coherent longitudinal vibrations of electrically polar structures (Fröhlich 1968; 1967). Most communications within or between cells occurs via chemical or electrical signalling. The first known cellular signalling was demonstrated by Alexander Gurwitsch, where he showed an increase in mitosis in a set of chemically isolated onion root cells present in a zone of actively dividing cells and called it “mitogenetic radiation “which was electromagnetic in nature (Gurwitsch 1923; 1924; Gurwitsch and Gurwitsch 1924). Low frequency electromagnetic force is known to affect various cell functions, including cell proliferation and differentiation, apoptosis, DNA synthesis, RNA transcription, protein expression, ATP synthesis and metabolic activity (Foletti et al 1999; Lisi et al 2006; 2008).
Biophotons or ultra weak photon emission is a well researched concept under the studies conducted by Popp and his group, where cells are known to emit one to thousands of photons/s cm2. Biological cells are known to show increased intensity of these emissions, when they undergo physiological changes under chemical or physical stress (Slawinski 1990; 2003) or a “flash of death” when the cells get damaged beyond repair (Slawinski 2005). The cytoskeleton is expected to be a source of vibrations that generate cellular electromagnetic forces at kilohertz to gigahertz range, which is also connected to the metastatic growth of this network (Pokorný 2005; 2006; 2009). Cells obey the laws of physics, such as the first law of thermodynamics and hence can be viewed as a thermodynamic machine but simultaneously it locally acts against the second law of thermodynamics by creating structural and functional order i.e. it creates and maintains information by expending energy produced from nutrient in the form of ATP and GTP molecules. Living cells can therefore be viewed as both micro-factories with nano-machines performing individual tasks and biological computers whose nano-chips are the various proteins and peptides in addition to DNA and RNA (Davies et al 2013).
Every living cell is conscious….
At the first annual Francis Crick memorial conference on consciousness held on 7th July, 2012, a group of scientists formally declared a document entitled “Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in Non-Human Animals” which stated that the capacity of consciousness emerged very early in evolution and those processes that support consciousness in humans are likely characteristics of many living organisms (Low 2012). Lynn Margulis, in the endosymbiotic theory of organelle evolution, suggested that not only animals but every organized being is conscious (Margulis and Sagan 1995). Humberto Maturana was the first to propose that living systems though cognitive systems are applicable to all organisms with and without a nervous system (Maturana 1970). Consciousness is the ability to be aware of and to be able to perceive the relationship between one’s self and one’s environment. It is to be associated with the ability to process, store and act on information gathered from the external environment (Miller and Bassler 2001) while quantum consciousness proposes the existence and creation of a conscious moment through a computational event (Hameroff and Penrose 2013). The information of consciousness gained by the movement of the energy, resides in patterns of matter and energy, which are built up in the cell based on prior experiences with more interaction and knowledge.

The quantum hologram theory by Marcer proposes that, life at the most basic level such as primitive cells exchange information with the environment by utilizing quantum coherence of non-locality (Hameroff 1998a) which is an attribute demonstrated by the photon activity. The trapping of electromagnetic radiation and propagation of the energy in the cell wholly depends on the organization of matter, which makes up the cell, its components and biochemical systems. On disentanglement or release, the photons are released and it merges with the electromagnetic radiation in the cosmos, an involuntary cycle that cannot be changed or altered. . The photons interact within the cell, only if its structure and cellular processes are primed; in the absence of these structures, the propagation gets altered. Propagation by electromagnetic radiation can be demonstrated in processes like, photobiomodulation or low-power laser therapy, which is used to pump-up the cell when under stress, by generating ATP. During this process the cell membrane and cytoplasm act as the first barrier for penetration of electromagnetic radiation and protects the cell, by mechanisms such as selective absorption, scattering, reflection and re-absorption.

Cytoskeletal structures such as microtubules in the brain cells have demonstrated this message transfer via the Orch OR theory penned by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff (Hameroff and Penrose 2013). The cytoskeleton is expected to be a source of vibrations that generate cellular electromagnetic forces at kilohertz to gigahertz range, which is also connected to the metastatic growth of this network (Sahu et al 2013a; 2013b). Penrose and Hameroff claim that constant formation and reformation of tubulin states in the cytoskeleton are governed by quantum mechanical effects within each tubulin interior and these effects function as a quantum computer using "quantum bits" that interact non-locally with other tubulins and with quantum holograms. When enough tubulins are entangled long enough to reach a certain threshold, a "conscious event" occurs (Hameroff 1998a; 1998b). Evolutionary comparison of the cytoskeleton and its structures suggests that consciousness existed from the very beginning and has been propagating by means of the cytoskeletal network of the cell by means of quantum computing (Pereira 2015).

Pop and Klimek have shown the principle of photon sucking by which radiation becomes partially re-absorbed as soon as it is emitted by the tissue or cell (Popp and Klimek 2007). As per the laws of physics, a molecule cannot absorb low energy photons to emit high energy photons, but this can be overcome by the cell through the property of multi-photon excitation, which results in emission of a higher energy photon, if two low energy photons are absorbed (Sun et al 2010).Transmission of photons is ultra fast in comparison to any of the cellular biochemical processes, where searching, processing and retrieval of stored information from previous experiences are analyzed and then used to activate the processes required by the cell, which advances consciousness in the cell. Upon death, biological cells are known to show increased intensity of biophoton emissions, when they undergo physiological changes under chemical or physical stress (Slawinski 1990; 2003) or a “flash of death” when the cells get damaged beyond repair (Slawinski 2005) which concludes the involuntary cycle of the flow of electromagnetic radiation within the cellular structures and merges with the cosmos.

Quantum based consciousness traverses within every cell and therefore can be hypothesised a support mechanism for important cellular functions such as cell proliferation and differentiation, apoptosis, DNA synthesis, RNA transcription, protein expression, ATP synthesis and metabolic activity. Quantum consciousness therefore enables the cell to understand and judge perceptions, which gives the cell a prospect to behave as per will which is released into the cosmos. The relationship between the universe and consciousness can therefore be explained by the concept of cosmic-symmetry wherein a cell comes to know the real world (King 2011) through the uninterrupted flow of radiation that prevails in the universe.  

We are all wired and so is the universe!!

Single celled organisms demonstrate the presence of intelligence in its lowest form, which has evolved to a higher state as a form of adaptation by means of cell division and cell differentiation in higher organisms depicted by similarity in social behaviours (Marijuán et al 2013). Every single biological cell is conscious and goes through the voluntary and involuntary cycles of consciousness generated by means of the quantum processes within the cells. Consciousness emerges in each and every living cell and traverses by means of electromagnetic radiation; an oldest form of energy that exist in the cosmos and which utilizes the cellular structures to flow by means of a coherent, invisible, powerful, recyclable process; a connection with the cosmic energy bridge. Quantum consciousness though present within a cell becomes much more complex with multicellularity and cell diversity. Cellular functioning can be accomplished when the flow of consciousness is smooth, alert and expansive, but gets deformed when consciousness is taut, disordered and apart.

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