Submission Guidelines - Call for Articles

If you are interested in exploring the metaphysical, philosophical, spiritual or conscious studies in a way that helps inform and inspire humanity, then we would be honored to invite you to publish your original articles.  In exchange for publishing articles, your biographical, contact and personal website information will be posted in the Bios section of the Journal and a shortened version at the end of your articles.  In addition, your work will be peer reviewed by experienced editors and publishers prior to posting. Documents should be submitted in “ready to publish” format.

In order to submit, you must own the copyrights to your work (no exceptions), submit your full name, email address and biographical information (including a Bio photo) for the Bios section or your contact information included for the bottom of your posting for the online journal.

A PDF copy of the journal will be published at least annually and emailed to all contributors. Hard copies will be available for purchase (Click Here for the latest volume in print).

A few words on format:

  1. The JMCC must have original content in Word format or txt as that streamlines the publication efforts.  You can submit articles in the body of an email text or as an attachment.   If your formatting does not lend itself to margin adjustment or if it contains numerous manually entered formatting elements, regrettably, your article may not be accepted. Please make sure you title your work and provide key words. Please make sure the document is ready for publication. Documents requiring heavy editing may be sent back to the author to further prepare it for publication.
  2. Any photos, diagrams or other elements you wish included should be in jpeg format for streamlined posting and submitted as separate attachments (or embeded within your word document with the source as a caption).  Please limit them to 1 or 2 at the most.  You can convert bmp, gif or tif images in Paint if necessary or similar conversion programs. (If you need assistance with this, just send an email to  Please just indicate where you'd like them to go (e.g., in your text indicate {insert photo 1}.  This medium is not very friendly to a lot of photos, unfortunately.    If you use photos that are not yours, you must identify the source site or owner and rather than link the photo, just include the source in the cited sources at the end of your article.
  3.  If you use other sources in your work, those sources should be cited in the Harvard or similar style (e.g., Author's name, Year of Publication, Title of Work, Place of Publication and Publisher).
  4. A word about size, this journal prefers articles less than 10,000 words or no more than 29-30 pages of double spaced text.  Anything larger is really more than this medium can accommodate unfortunately.  If you have published articles on your own sites, we would be happy to publish your abstracts with links back to your original published articles to help you widen your reach.
  5. Please make sure you have the legal right to publish articles.  If you send us articles written by others, we cannot publish them as your articles.  All articles must be properly source cited to avoid infringing upon the legalities of copyright laws.

We would be honored to help you share your thoughts, studies and explorations into the realms of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Spirituality and Consciousness Studies and related matters.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Joining us in our mission to inform humanity and share information has rewards beyond monetary.  As such, the Journal does not pay for articles.  If you have any questions, please contact me at


Rev. J.L. Harter, PhD, Founding Editor and Dr. Liam Leonard, Co-Editor

Please note that The Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness has the right to refuse articles submitted, even upon invitation if it determines that the work is not in keeping with the guidelines above or if they promote harm in any fashion to any group, culture, lifestyle, creed, religion or belief.  If you are unsure of the types of articles that fit our guidelines, please review other articles posted.  Also, if your work requires too much editing, we may return it to you for proper editing or you may consult with us for editing fees. 

DISCLAIMER:  All contributors maintain their copyrights and all actions stemming therefrom and contributions do not represent the opinions of The Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness or it's publisher The Ministry of Connected Consciousness. Your submission to the journal for online publishing is also your consent to inclusion, if selected, in the PDF and hard copy versions periodically produced.    

Thank you.