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Belief As the Driver to Experience and Imagine the Cosmic Energy But With Limitations

Believing is what makes the believer believe what the believer wants to believe and this belief lures the energy to flow from the external to the internal; from the invisible to the visible; what we considered as a phenomenon or fulfillment of dreams in our lifetime. Cosmic energy naively progresses to create and recreate; to form and reform; to rise and give rise to and to fill and fulfill the desires of a being. Belief drives the experience of the experiencer; for it fills the being to its completeness and renders the achiever to achieve and believe in oneself. The belief of a believer is therefore unique and special to the believer and can never be or should never be taken away; for if so, may lead to loss of the being’s ability to perceive the ever prevalent energy; for there is no alternative to belief and believing for the higher being. On the other hand, if belief is coerced or foisted, it may lead to an excruciating irremediable change in the energy with a forfeiture of the soul, mind and consciousness.  

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Belief propels the soul, mind and consciousness

Belief makes the being a believer, but what the being believes is what the being has been edified with and therefore it is the belief that drives consciousness and the ability to experience. This is wholly applicable to higher beings and not to the lower beings; for the lower beings lack the ability to analyze with their imagination and innocuously blend within the cosmic energy, to experience it, rather than squandering to analyze it. When you believe in something, you relate to something; it is this something or nothing that drives you to believe; in full awareness of oneself.  When you believe you are connected; you get connected and faith builds in the being, for consciousness builds the faith in full awareness. In the absence of belief, the believer loses the ability to think and pursue, for everything at that moment seems redundant; that which cannot be achieved or completed and so is not gratifying to be believed, as there is no sense of achievement. So what makes everyone believe? Belief soothes the soul, calms the mind and builds awareness inadvertently; understood as an achievement; rather a goal by the higher being; a sense of satisfaction.

When a higher being believes, the being connects unknowingly to the cosmic energy; an energy that is prevalent in the universe, which resides within the body to make up the soul, the mind and one’s consciousness; that which resides in the vastness of the cosmos. Belief makes the believer believe, that what cannot be proven is true and with a strong belief, the cosmic energy supports and guides the believer through the entirety of one’s life. To believe what one believes is what has been thought from the very beginning and that which is imbibed within oneself through teaching e.g., Religious scriptures. The dependence on this belief rises as we grow physically and intellectually. Any kind of belief is a belief and there can be no limitations to believing, for the energy is of no limit and with belief makes it grow and think. The higher beings therefore needed to believe in the existence of a form. A form created to bring in fear; to control the human kind; for the human kind was somehow aware of its ability to go beyond its limitations. This gave rise to the form that we call God; which is the cosmic energy that was good but the day there were forms of God, God was lost and the ability to believe was crushed.  Energy was utilized to grow these separated forms rather than uniting them and God or cosmic energy was taken for granted.

The cosmic energy is indestructible, but intelligent and conscious to blend and transform to one’s desires and goals, but emancipates itself when anticipated to perform against its will. For there is no good or bad, all is good, for the energy is good and its goodness is what drives the cosmos. Believing in what one believes gratifies the cosmic energy too flow within the structures that design the being. A prayer can fulfill a wish and a wish granted is acclaimed as the power of God, for God the form created by beings is a self-motivating form which unknowingly activates the self and the energy flow. Therefore God for us cannot be ignored, for it is through this medium that we actually interact with the cosmic energy; it is through this medium that we energize our soul; it is through this medium that we are conscious and aware and prevent our ignorance to the actuality of the cosmic energy. Taking this medium away would leave all of the egoistic forms helpless, for there would be no form to look up to. So long these forms remain; energy shall be utilized in the right manner and for the right cause. Belief in a form or forms of energy as God controls the soul, mind and consciousness of a being; brings in a sense of stability.

We are conscious because we believe in the creation; we are conscious because our soul is a part of the creation that lives within and connects us to the creation; for it is creation that created all that is around us. Believing in oneself is equivalent to believing in the creator for the creation lies within us and therefore when we believe we can make this energy perform beyond the imagination of ourselves, we observe as miracles or achievements in our life. A being is born and comes into this life with no understanding or specificity of a belief, for the being is more concerned with its survival and through intuition builds its awareness of the creation. Lower beings demonstrate this ability to understand and perceive the energy that resides in the cosmos; to utilize it to grow and live; to release it upon death. But the higher beings ignore it, to give importance to the egoistic achievements in life. As the being grows, the energy takes shape and forms the mind, soul and consciousness to realize and applaud the creation; to take and receive what the energy has in store for the being; to build and grow the structures and the body within; to emerge intelligence; for the human kind seeks beyond intuition that leads to learning and memory.

Seeking leads to analyzing and understanding the creation; energy is utilized to understand the energy that makes the being seek beyond imagination and believe, therefore the why of creation gets replaced with the how of creation. For if all this was created then there should be a creator and so there should be a God and that is when the ever-prevalent energy loses its importance and so does God. For a human, God is human, a much bigger human; a human that possess powers beyond the limits of a human; energy for the higher being is not God, for now God is taken form and the form is human. Belief in God now unknowingly drives the energy that grows stronger and better and builds the soul, the mind and propagates consciousness. God takes the first place and belief in this form drives energy within and beyond. When you believe, you connect to the cosmic energy; for this energy fills you and therefore guides you. Belief for a human is an uncontrolled and involuntary connection with the cosmos which is portrayed in the form of religion and religious activities and therefore should not be taken away from the being, as unlike other beings, humans cannot perceive the cosmic energy and therefore need a medium to do so.

Belief and believing without limitations can suppress the experience

Believing in a medium can drive consciousness, the soul and the mind, for inadvertently the being interacts and utilizes the immeasurable and incalculable energy that prevails within the cosmos; the cosmic energy that encompasses the whole of creation and all that was and is being created. The medium gets defined and created by believers who believe that, all that is around them is because of the one whom they believe in rather than the energy that resides within and around them. For so long the belief drives the energy, it remains harmless but the day this energy is utilized to entail belief the energy will transform, but cautions before leaving. So who brings in a differentiation of beliefs? Higher beings bring in a comparison in order to differentiate between beliefs; for when a goal is achieved the belief is good and when not, the belief is bad. The energy gets labeled as good or evil; God gets labeled as good or evil and the belief is believed to be good or bad. When a comparison arises among beliefs, the actual essence of the belief is lost and the energy becomes unstable. Belief is important but cannot be forced and this is what religions do and that needs to be changed; for all of mankind suffers the burden of this act.

Religions were created to bring a sense of belief; to realize the force that drives life; to experience life and creation. It may have brought in this feeling, but it also brought in fear; fear of someone more powerful than the being; fear of God. The fear of God forces one to believe; the fear of God grows with the growth of intelligence but inadvertently it reduces the experience of the experiencer; for the energy is too simple to be God. As intelligence and ego grew, the outfall of intelligence grew, the egoistic being thought “Is life so simple? Are we here just to experience the creation?” and the existence of life has thence been taken for granted. The reason we don’t seek the experience of the creation is because we always want to experience much more than life; we imagine beyond the limits of imagination where the very essence of imagination is lost and so is the experience. Belief drives us to believing more than we should believe; to utilize energy for our selfish needs rather than that of experience. Higher beings converted the form God to many gods and with many gods came the comparison between gods and then the superiority of gods; today we fight trying to defend which God is superior to the other. The belief of humans has gone beyond that of God, for God is a mere form that is utilized to induce fear; with the being now more powerful than that of God, the being is feared.

Energy by higher beings is utilized to generate fear, hatred, and anger among beings, which somehow is becoming a belief, where the believer believes in it more than God or energy. The goodness of God now needs a medium to be understood for more than the goodness of God we seek what more the God can do; we extrapolate God not realizing the limitations of God the true energy; not realizing that just like energy can create, energy can destroy for it is a mere transformation that it needs to undergo to make this change. Why should I believe in what I would not like to believe? For it is my mind, my soul and my awareness of the creation and therefore my belief is what I believe and is beyond the imagination of the other. So if that is the case, why is superiority of belief a cause for the downfall of mankind? Unrealized, we take the cosmic energy for granted, for this energy created us, therefore is the creator of our creation; we may call this energy by names and give it forms, but this is what made us. With religion we create forms; forms with many types and we compare these forms which belong to the same one form; for when there are forms, there is comparison and when there is comparison, there arises supremacy and ego. The superior and the inferior make the energy unstable for then; the charm of its very own existence gets questioned.


Energy resides in the vastness of the universe and it is this energy that transforms itself from one form to another keeping the created and to be created functioning. We come into this world through a source of energy, in order to experience the beauty of the energy and its creation that resides all around us. As we grow we forget the need of our existence and belief drives the very existence of ourselves. Belief is therefore the driver for the growth of our mind, soul and consciousness, for it is the very own cosmic energy that fabricates us. This is common within beings, until beings grow to be higher beings, with the ability to analyze themselves and also their beliefs, differentiated based on superiority of their forms and beliefs; gods and goddesses. Despite of the presence of the several forms, realizations of the very existence of our belief in these forms makes us realize the abundant energy source that drives the existence of the being; the cosmic energy that provides the experience of being alive; helps experience the soul, mind and consciousness, but subsists only if exploited within its limitations; the limitations of believing. 

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Metaphysics of Cosmic Energy and its Goodness

Cosmic energy is good and its goodness created all that was created; for the creator is immortally teeming with goodness. The cosmic energy is therefore the blueprint of the creator, which accommodates information of what was, what is and what will be and in its goodness creates, shapes and guides matter. The cosmic energy transformed matter to create the being that emerged to be intelligent; a being that acquired the understanding of language. Language and intelligence were essentially meant to articulate goodness, but ego bought in doubt; subjugated the goodness of energy to bring in a disparity of good and evil.  The goodness of energy exists all around us and within us, but our intelligence and egoistic capacitance ignores it; for if we utilize the goodness of this energy, we can overcome our ego and change our thoughts. Everything is good and everything was created from goodness to be good and to remain good, all that needs to be grasped is the goodness that resides in the cosmos and within us.

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Goodness of the Cosmic Energy

Energy that resides within the cosmos is indisputably good and it is the cosmic energy that guides and shapes the cosmos. In the old testament, the first chapter of Genesis states “Let there be light,” and there was light and God saw that the light was good” and similarly all that was created after that was good; for if all that was created was good then all that exists should be good. Scriptures have acclaimed that the act of creation by the creator was good and that it was performed by the goodness that prevailed in the creator. From a scientific perspective, we understand that post the big bang, a symmetric state gave rise to forms of light and matter. Surprisingly, the anti-matter disappeared and all what remained was asymmetric forms of light and matter; but was definitely good, for if the anti-matter had remained there would never have had been a creation. Alongside goodness, evil is said to reside and originate within energy and matter and since it originated from good, the evil was actually good at some point of time. The question here is, if all that was created by the creator was good, why did the creator not destroy evil that emerged from good? The intent of this paper is to seek an answer to this question. For the creator is the creator of all and there should be no one above this symmetric form of light; the light that holds the goodness that prevails in our cosmos.

Goodness created matter and light and this goodness was embedded in light and matter that formed from the cosmic energy. The cosmic energy is therefore the blueprint of the creator, which holds information of what was, what is and what will be and its goodness is what creates, shapes and guides matter; for it is said to exist beyond the limits of space and time. On Earth, its goodness that created life and creates life by the flow of cosmic energy through it and within what exists in it. The goodness of this energy created matter; which was good, it organized matter to create beings that would understand and acclaim their creation. Why life does not exist on another planet? Or why the goodness of energy didn’t support life elsewhere? This is a question that can be rightfully asked but cannot be answered immediately. The cosmic energy follows the laws of energy and therefore can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another and so does its goodness, that can never diminish but can be moved from one form to another; from matter to matter and light to light. Matter transformed; beings became intelligent and with intelligence came ego; an entropic price to be paid alongside the growing intelligence and the increasing complexity of matter. Ego is therefore a derivative of transforming matter and with its growing complexity can take over the goodness that resides within it.

Matter transformed to incorporate the cosmic energy within structures like the brain; the seat of intelligence that was intended to be good; unknowingly the seat of intelligence transformed to a seat of egoism. Cosmic energy is pure energy but the way this energy is used differentiates the good from evil e.g. a knife is an instrument that uses energy to cut; when used to cut fruits and vegetables, it is considered good as it satisfies hunger but when the same knife is used to kill, it is bad or evil. It all depends on the way the energy is used and the way it is perceived; for the perception of one can be different from the other that which comes with the complexity of matter. Energy is neither good nor evil, it is just energy and it all depends on how it is utilized by intelligent beings. Intelligence creates ego and ego is what drives matter and energy to take these forms; for all that was created was good and in goodness to experience the creation. With the emergence of intelligence and complex transformation of matter came language; that which controls intelligence; that which can express goodness but brings in a differentiation; that which can be used to create a misapprehension to replace the goodness with evil; that which can bring in a doubt and lack of faith in the creator and the creation.

Language is a harvest of intelligence and can control the cosmic energy flow within matter bringing in restrictions that alter the normal paths of flowing energy. Intelligence drives ego with the use of complex matter and destroys the ability of a being to express the goodness that resides within the cosmic energy. Lack of language and the use of goodness within the cosmic energy can be understood in lower intelligent organisms. These organisms are intelligent but since the ego has not overcome the goodness of their energy and matter, it prevails and is acknowledged, to live in harmony and respect; to live and enjoy all that has been created. Due to the lack of language there is no restriction to the flow of energy which gives these organisms the ability to explore the beauty and creativity of the creator and the creation. This energy has always been good and was created in goodness, it is the way we interpret it and use it. All creation will always be good and will remain good, for this goodness is what creation is all about and therefore this goodness exists in the creation of the creator.

Matter transformed with the help of cosmic energy, as the blueprint of the creator, a plan which would helped create forms that could be admired and that which could admire the beauty of the creation. Intelligent beings were part of this plan, with abilities to express with language and intelligence to understand the creation and acclaim its beauty but this transformation apparently came with a heavy price; the creation of ego and therefore we now see intelligence being used to destroy oneself; destroy matter and its goodness. The cosmic energy and its goodness has been taken for granted and has been utilized to bring in destruction and despair; sadness and misery. The elucidation to ego is death, which releases the energy and matter to be refurbished. Death brings in a reversal; rehabilitates and purifies the energy; where matter and energy regain their goodness, for with death, the ego, intelligence and language is rescinded; it is an act of transformation or reversal to the original plan of what the creator had created and intended.


The cosmic energy is good and its goodness guides, but it needs to be felt and followed; as it guides one through the path and provides the experience of what truly exists. Goodness exists all around us and within us, but our intelligence and egoistic methodologies make us flout it; for if we harness the goodness that prevails within the cosmic energy, we can surmount our egos and our doubt’s. Everything is good and everything was created from goodness to be good and to remain good, all that needs to be followed is the goodness of the creator that resides within the cosmos in the form of energy.

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