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"Let there be light” and the light was eternal: A meta-religious understanding of creation and consciousness


“God is the light of the world and may his light shine before all” (Mathew 5: 14-16). The creator is the symmetric light which gave rise to asymmetric matter along with abundant cosmic energy that currently resides in the matrix of the universe; for the symmetry was broken with the big bang to create the universe. In the physical world, matter gave rise to biological structures to possess the electromagnetic soul and its processes; a localized form created of the cosmic energy, we call the Spirit. Eternal cosmic energy is the source that supports the localized cloud of photons or the electromagnetic soul within temporary matter; propagates information across the systematic biological make up of matter; a key to the phenomenon of consciousness within the physical. Matter if corrupted or altered, leads to an imbalance in the life processes which can be healed with support from the eternal cosmic energy, as a healer for the soul. God is light; and in him there is no darkness (John 1: 1-5); for the creation was created of this light; filling the cosmos with the Spirit. Thus, we may know the ‘how’ of creation of the universe, its matter and its consciousness, but the ‘why’ shall remain eternally phenomenal.

Key Words

Consciousness, Creator, Matter, Light, Cosmic Energy 

Metaphysics of Light and Matter

God said, “Let there be light”: and there was light (Genesis 1:3). If this chapter of Genesis was written by a physicist, this statement would have read as – God said, “Let there be electromagnetic radiation”: and there was electromagnetic radiation, an asymmetry beyond imagination. Michio Kaku, puts it in much more scientific manner, In the beginning, God said that the four dimensional divergence of an antisymmetric second rank tensor equals zero and there was light”, and “there was light, and it was good “(Kaku 2006). According to the “Philosophy of Illumination” as stated by Suhrawardi, light is the producer for all forms and operates at all levels; produces immaterial intellects such as angels, souls of living beings and the body (Walbridge 2000). According to the Koran, 'Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth,' and which also correlates with ancient Hindu writings, 'Lead me from darkness to light, lead me from the unreal to the real.' (Surat An-Nur 24:35; Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad 1.3.28.). The creator that we humans call ‘God’ is the symmetric form of light; the cosmic energy; the creator of matter and all of matter and the universe; the asymmetric forms of light.

The creation began with the formation of the most primitive energy form; the cosmic energy that gave rise to asymmetric matter in a phenomenal event differing the law of matter and anti-matter annihilation. This gave rise to forms such as electromagnetic radiation, an important ingredient of life; for he knew that there would not be life without an energy source. Connected through energy and with the energy that resides within can make us understand each of our desires, to understand the created universe and to appreciate its beauty (Pereira 2015). Electromagnetic radiation is a primitive form of energy and currently our knowledge and use of this energy is need-based, just like the brain; we use it only to the limit of our requirement (Fenchel 2003). Electromagnetic radiation is an energy source that has great potential and was created, so that it could be utilized by every living creature in this universe to perform tasks beyond imaginations powered by the cosmic energy. This radiation is mediated by the electromagnetic force generated by photons; small packets of energy that hit an atom to excite electrons from a ground state to a excited state and bring about a cascade of excitations and relaxations, a process known as the ‘photoelectric effect’ (Cassidy 2004).

Matter is a form of asymmetric light and is made up of atoms, which are comprised of sub-atomic particles. The living being is a form of organized matter that is shaped and designed by atoms and sub-atomic particles. The creator, the physicist, the symmetric form of light, created matter which can never be altered or changed, created or destroyed, but can definitely be transformed from one form to another. Every living being, is made up of matter; with matter forming the biological structures and eternal matter its driving force along with the cosmic energy. The architecture of the being and its biological structures are said to be complete, only when all the structures, pathways and its contents are appropriately shaped and perfected to acknowledge the eternal matter to propagate life and the Spirit. “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God and that you are not your own? (Corinthians 1: 6:19).

Metaphysics of Existence

Life exists, because of the creation of asymmetric matter and guidance is provided to every living being by means of the Spirit through matter (Corey 1993), for everything is matter other than God and the Spirit, according to the Thomistic philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Phillips 2015); here the Spirit is the cosmic energy while within the physical body resides as photons; the electromagnetic soul. Matter has weight, occupies space and can be touched and measured, which does not apply to the Spirit, who are immortal; non-physical. In the old testament, Moses said, And the Lord your God spoke to you out of the midst of the fire; ye heard the voice of the words, but saw no similitude; ye only heard a voice (Deuteronomy 4:12) this has been confirmed in the new testament by Jesus, who defines God as “Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape; for God has no form or shape” (John 5:37). Eternal matter is the soul; an incorruptible form of energy created from asymmetric matter and made up of a blend of photons of scores of wavelengths, supported and guided by the cosmic energy we call Spirit; the eternal symmetric light.  

Temporary matter is susceptible to corruption, which will result in slow decay of the matter when in an undesired state, eventually leading to death or release of the electromagnetic soul to the non-physical form. For Aquinas, temporary matter is a biological structure, vulnerable to corruption and dissolution, as they are composed of materialistic things (Fitzpatrick 2013). A corrupted temporary matter can be healed by the electromagnetic soul but up to a certain threshold, in case the damage is beyond repair, it would lead to death and liberation of the electromagnetic soul. Ageing is also a form of programmed corruption that is guided by the electromagnetic soul and increases with multicellularity, which is a price paid to reduce entropy (Navratil 2011, Bortz 1986). When the interaction is new, it is highly energetic and effervescent, but with age, this interaction starts becoming insubstantial as the electromagnetic soul strives to keep up with the corrupting biological structures, which in due course is released on death. All temporary matter emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of photons, which unite with the overall electromagnetic soul or eternal matter to be reprocessed. Biophotons or ultra weak photons (UPE) are persistently being emitted in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum from biological systems (Cifra et al 2015) and increase in amounts during stress (Rahnama et al 2011).

God does not decide fate; God guides the process of evolution that decides the fate of living beings. Henry Laurency wrote in “The Knowledge of Reality”, “The great cosmic evolution does not work according to a predetermined plan. Only the final gal is laid down; all monads acquiring omniscience about the whole cosmos and evolution itself creates the conditions and possibilities of its growth” (Laurency 1979). Higher intelligence, leads to higher disorder and is considered as higher entropy in the laws of physics and with evolution the life cycle of intelligent beings is abridged; a price paid to reduce entropy (Wissner-Gross and Freer 2013). Amoeba proteus is a protozoan that is considered to be immortal, as it never dies, but it transforms from one form to another (Obstfeld 1996). This protozoan has the capability of transferring its soul during its biological life cycles, which is definitely a property lost with multicellularity and intelligence. Intelligent and multicellular beings have a higher dependency on the electromagnetic soul for their life processes, as compared to a unicellular organism and therefore, the creator has created superfluous amounts of cosmic energy in the universe, for it was known at some point of time, consciousness would promote evolution of higher and intelligent beings, which would lead to higher entropic changes. The creator for sure is a planned biophysicist; the one who created all it.

Life is an acquaintance created by the confederation of the electromagnetic soul and the biological make-up of temporary matter and its complexity, gives rise to local consciousness, which grows and helps to grow with the evolution of multicellularity and division of labour. The plan of the creator is one without any flaws and if ever there is a flaw it would not be considered as one, as the creator and the Spirit are non-local, pure and incomparable to immaterialistic bound matter.  Everything is good and everything was created from goodness to be good and to remain good, all that needs to be grasped is the goodness that resides in the cosmos and within us (Pereira 2016).

Metaphysics of Consciousness

To be conscious means to be aware, and to be aware means to perceive; a facet created by the creator, by intermingling matter with matter. Propagation and interaction of the electromagnetic soul with the biological make-up of temporary matter generates localized consciousness; a sense of awareness used as a support system by living beings to perform valuable life processes. Consciousness generates knowledge through perception, which is displayed by living beings as intelligence (Gregory 1997). Biological structures help build a level of intelligence in living beings which grows with multicellularity and division of labour (Kuyucu et al 2010). According to psychiatrist Richard Bucke, level of consciousness differs with intelligence, higher the intelligence greater is the level of awareness of the universe (Bucke 1905) which has been deciphered by Hameroff and Penrose in their “ORCH OR’ theory (Hameroff and Penrose 2014). The creator created the electromagnetic soul fed by the cosmic energy, to guide the flow of consciousness through biological structures and to maintain its uniformity during the process of evolution, for the creator was aware of the new multifarious structures that were in the progression of being created. 

Intelligence is knowledge gained through awareness or consciousness and is present in all living forms with or without a neural system but can be differentiated based on the complexity of multicellularity. A single biological cell is intelligent, but a collection of cells, demonstrates higher intelligence, which can be observed in bacterial biofilms when compared to the nervous system (Westerhoff et al 2014). As per the plan, the electromagnetic soul propagated consciousness, which helped build structures or organs with a higher level of intellectual capability like the brain. During the course of evolution, intelligence in beings was limited to nutrition and survival, which then focused on reproduction and now is dependent on the brain, which manages all functions in higher beings (Nunn et al 2014). Today, the human brain is the smartest organ known and is constantly evolving towards a level of superior performance to support complex cognitive functions (Bressler and Menon 2010). But despite the complex architecture in the brain and its multicellularity, the key to intelligence and consciousness stays with the irreplaceable interaction of the localized electromagnetic soul and temporary matter but is yet to be understood from a non-local stand-point. 

Corruption of temporary matter prevents the propagation of the electromagnetic soul, leading to an obstruction of consciousness and bereavement of intelligence. According to Socrates, “The soul is not the sort of thing that can have intrinsic principles of deterioration or corruption” (Plato 428BC-348BC) for it is eternal matter, while Plato explains the body as a hindrance to the pursuit of wisdom (Phaedo, 61C-69E), which can be subjected to corruption and deterioration. Corruption can therefore be healed by the electromagnetic soul guided by the Spirit; the eternal cosmic energy, but in case the damage is beyond repair, it leads to death, and releases the electromagnetic soul that merges with the non-local cosmic energy. During this process, there is high state of excitation and release of photons, which is an attempt of revival of consciousness by the electromagnetic soul and wholly depends on the level of change exhibited by the temporary matter.


Several years after the creation of life, Jesus described God as “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”. The electromagnetic soul was created from the cosmic energy, to guide eternal matter and propagate local consciousness, for it was known, that consciousness was needed to be transmitted across the biological architecture for life to exist; it needs to travel speeds greater than that of light. In the process, the creator created a localized unicellular quantum based system, that eventually evolved to form a multicellular quantum based system which now processes and functions at speeds beyond imagination, maintaining a higher cognitive state of performance. In actuality, the non-local world is in itself superluminal and in fact slows down when trapped in matter, to control consciousness and intelligence.


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Dr. Contzen Pereira, Independent Scholar, Mumbai, India
Corresponding Author. Address: Nandadeep, 302, Tarun Bharat Soc, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 099, India.

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Shift in Consciousness


Consciousness seemingly carries so many layers that it is difficult to understand fully with any certainty.  We have Freudian definitions; Jungian thoughts on consciousness as well as a slew of philosophical thoughts and papers on what it is and how it is.  This article looks not directly at consciousness but the operation of observation and awareness within and perhaps beyond or before it and the impact of awareness and observation on the perception of time through a first-hand experience of a few moments in time some time ago.


Key Words  

Awareness, Consciousness, Mind, Observation, Perception, Consciousness, Time


Always in the quiet and cool stillness of the wee morning hours do I find myself the happiest. The peace seems palpable, as if you could hold it in the palms of your hands. I treasure such moments as I do many others. When the world gets chaotic, emotional and seemingly out of control, I learned a little trick while walking along my up and down path in life. It’s simple gratitude and appreciation. For example, earlier in the week I was feeling a bit chaotic juggling all of the seemingly important things in my world when all at once I was struck by the depth of a cerulean blue sky. Not to stop there, as it seemed my perception was rapidly expanding, in the span of seconds I lost all concept of time. My consciousness expanded in an indescribable way and my senses came so very alive. It was so warm out and the grass had just been cut.

That smell of fresh cut grass on a warm day always reminds me of the summer time of my childhood...days spent in a little suburban neighborhood in Southern  California. I was always up so early just waiting for the sun, choking down breakfast quickly so I could go outside and play. I stopped in the moment in my present reality and all of those memories and scenes played in my mind's eye and I was filled with the joy and laughter of childhood memories of play and friends. But the moment was still expanding and I caught sight of the poppy flowers in a bed near my building at work from the parking lot. The colors of those flowers in the distance  seemed electric and alive...the brightest alive orange I’ve ever seen, the deepest soft pink in contrast with the deep green grass along with bright and vibrant yellow. I stood transfixed for what seemed like an hour. But the moment of expanding consciousness wasn’t yet done with me. My sight was pulled upward to a hawk hovering above the trees hunting for something small and delicious to eat. She looked magical floating on a warm up-draft of a gentle wind current. She circled effortlessly and I just watched in awe as if I could feel the wind beneath her wings.

But the moment still was not yet complete. Suddenly my consciousness was pulled to the scores of people walking around the campus. I saw them moving so quickly and noticed they hadn’t noticed their surroundings at all, too caught up in the drudgery as well as the superficiality of work-a-day existence by the looks on their faces. I could feel their thoughts and the cacophony seemed deafening. I observed only pulling back from my own thoughts and just observing a feeling of what was happening around me. A cool breeze kicked up out of no where and blew my hair into my face. I looked at my phone and realized all of this awareness, sensation, perception and observation occurred in a span of 3 minutes as I stood in the shade of a very large tree by my car in the parking lot. I smiled with an ear to ear grin. It’s like life is a simple joke sometimes. The things we think are so serious mean nothing and the things we miss, the things we don’t see mean everything. You might think it’s a cruel joke but to feel it you clearly know it’s not. A simple shift in your conscious observation can bring joy and love or infinite serenity spilling into your inner sight, your heart and your mind and the trivial things shift their phase out of the focus of your being for as long as you remain open and refrain from control. It’s an amazing space to exist in if even only for 3 minutes.

I find I slip into such much moments more frequently. Perhaps I’ve been through so much raw emotion these past couple of years that I’ve really lost my mind and those moments I am transfixed in observation may just be moments in which my sanity is lost or maybe it’s that I’m insane all the other times but those short 3 minute escapes I encounter or simply allow at times. I’m really not sure and I’ll probably question that forever. The one thing I do know is the effects are a bit intoxicating in a rather interesting way.  Maybe it is the true essence of that "high on life" feeling evidenced in John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High song? Such moments remind me that there is so much more to life than we allow ourselves to see, hear and experience. You have to shift your focus a bit or become acutely aware when the shift occurs on its own; remember what that feels like so you can go back to that space any time you want to.  It is an allowing, increasing observation of detail and feeling or seeing all that is happening within and around you and your consciousness.


From an experiential perspective in this moment, I observed a shift in time.  What seemed to be an hour of awareness of everything in crisp detail and allowing consciousness to unfold in an ever-expanding way outside of my elf and personal concerns, time had no meaning for a few moments.  What was once linear and limited by ticking seconds and sequential order disappeared and was no longer entirely sequential at all in terms of the perception while observing life in a very open state.  I question whether consciousness, time and perception are things much more in our control than we realize and that such descriptions are themselves so very limited.  Time may seem to be consistent with a clock that seemingly measures each moment and we experience that sometimes as quick and fleeting with shallow perception or, we observe it and truly feel it as expansive, with great depth, infinite detail and moving much more slowly to not at all.  We have much yet to understand and explore concerning how these perspectives of our minds work to influence time.  Perhaps it is just another facet of the quantum whole of existence seeming to move but really just an aspect of our awareness pre-consciousness slipping through the veil of what we commonly understand as the conscious and physical mind. 

 Dr. J.L. Harter, Founding Editor - See bio section for detail.

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Experiences of a Stone: A Panpsychists First-Person Autobiographical Representation


This story is about the life and journey of a stone; an autobiographical imaginary first-person representation. It may seem nonsensical to many, but alas it is my opinion of what a stone could experience; it is an imagination which is exclusively based on my assertiveness. The text aims to instill a sense of existence of a source of energy, which interrelates with the non-living, just like it does with the living; a driver for all experiences when in physical and non-physical. If it generates interest, it may change one’s perspective of what it is to think like a panpsychist.

Key Words

First Person, Stone, Experience, Panpsychism, Existence

I am lying here on a dusty roadside, weak and fragile. I crumble with the gentle blowing of the wind; I feel the energy within me departing; death looms over me. My guardian always said to me, “when you get old and tired, you will break-down and blend with the ground you lie upon; for we are all born of the dust and so, we shall return to dust, but the energy shall prevail”. Currently, this is my state waiting in anticipation of my end; for the energy within is trying its level best to stay within me. I have faith in it; I have believed and still believe in it; for it has shown me my world. My energy has made me experience my surrounding; for that is why I am aware, that is why I may exist; for I have always acknowledged it. I have felt this energy disseminate within me, flow within me with full energy and power, but now the time has come for it to be released; for my physical body cannot handle it any longer. I have had a marvelous life, for which I have no qualms, for I have now accomplished my journey, to experience the non-physical. The countdown to my death originated when I was born; then, the energy was intense and strong and I was all eager to experience life.

I was born of someone who resembled me, whom until today, I consider my guardian; for that someone was the first I experienced, when I opened my eyes. I came into existence as a piece from its body. For my guardian always stood in front of me, be it night or day; it always looked at me with an endless smile. My texture resembled it; shiny, glistening dark black form with wavy patterns all over my body. I experienced the wind that kept blowing all over me, but I would never move. There were some others who lived around me, they looked somewhat similar to me but would roll from one place to another, while I never moved. Eventually they were the only friends I had, but since they were very small, they would often get blown away with no sign of return; I would end up making new friends. Inquisitive as I was, I had a lot of questions for my guardian, but remarkably every question was answered. Together we enjoyed the sunlight during the day; we admired the various cloud formations in the sky. The nights were fun too, as we stared at the starry sky with stories that went all through the night. We laughed and smiled every single day; for every day and night was a new and wonderful experience.

Then one day, I felt a feeling like none other; there was something falling down from the sky or rather it felt as if the sky had come down. My guardian told me that it was raining and assured me that there was nothing to worry about; for it will pass off soon; I was relieved. Without the sunlight, I felt cold and gloomy; I was all wet; I felt my texture changing. Countless drops of water fell from the sky; the experience was eerie but eventually I began enjoying it; all the mud had washed off from my body. This was the first ever time I got wet; an enjoyable experience in the presence of my guardian; we laughed and enjoyed the moment together.

It poured for many days and nights and the flow of water kept getting stronger. Then one day, I felt a push and I moved for the first time. It was the water; it was using all its force to push me; I knew that I could not hold for long and so I kept calling out to my guardian. In no time the water had rolled me over, I tumbled and was pushed away; I cried as I could hear my guardian scream and shout which eventually faded away as the water rolled me over. That was the last time I saw my guardian; my pillar of strength had gone. The water pushed and moved me to an unknown place; I was all alone, upset and sad; I cried, but there was no one to hear my cry, tears rolled down my cheeks for many days; I missed my guardian and its presence. Days went by, I saw summers and winters; monsoons were rare, but no one came my way. I had now become used to staying alone; all alone; I missed my guardian; I missed my friends.

One fine day, when I woke up I saw a pair of dark circular moving structures observing me; I was scared. Never had I ever seen something like this before; it was big, much bigger than my guardian. It hurled me towards the sky and as I moved up, I could barely see the ground and then all of a sudden I moved rapidly downwards and landed on something soft; it was definitely not the ground. I felt a rub on one of my sides, the feeling was warm and comforting; a feeling of gentleness; a feeling that I should not be scared. Whatever it was, it felt soft and gentle and when it rubbed me on my sides, the warmth came back. I wished that the warmth would continue, but in no time I was up again, moving towards the sky and rapidly falling back, this happened several times and it got me really dizzy. The experience of rising up and falling down was splendid, and made me realize that without support I will never ever rise up from the ground and that I needed some sort of physical force to make me rise; apparently the energy made this possible. I needed an explanation to this situation and I missed my guardian who had an answer to all my questions. I felt connected to this form; its energy gave me warmth and in fact I felt our energies merge at one point; the experience was splendid.

The experience of rising up in the sky was wonderful; the world from above looked beautiful. Every time I was flung up, I could feel myself touching the sky; the air felt pleasant; the sun shone bright on my face. Everything appeared to look smaller as I would rise up but the fall made me shiver. At that moment, I felt like just being up there; I wished not to be on the ground; I longed to be up in the air. I had nothing to fear as there was warmth and joy; everything seemed wonderful. I was confident that I would not fall directly to the ground, for I had something that was managing the force and then suddenly everything changed. I hurtled towards the ground; the force seemed uncontrollable and I hit the ground hard; where was my protector; I yelled in pain. As I hit the ground, I bobbed up again and rolled off; I felt disoriented. The next moment, I could not breathe; I was suffocating and moving downward; there was water all around me. I had never ever experienced so much water; the water felt cold; it felt as if it was penetrating me; I thought I was dead. With a sudden jerk, I opened my eyes; there was water all around; the water had percolated deep inside me; I was being tossed from one side to another; but something calmed me down, the feeling became nice and comforting. When I looked around, I saw many like me staring at me.

The water cleansed me and I could now see my coat again; the dust had been washed off. My body patterns looked fresh and shined in the sunlight; I was all fresh and I felt more comfortable. I never knew that I could survive under water; it was an experience to cherish. As time passed, I got used to the tossing and pitching; the force exerted by the water. I had a lot of friends besides me and they kept asking me where was I from and all I did was smiled and said “I don’t know”. Some were big and some were small, but occasionally the smaller ones got washed away, I was used to it by now. As days passed, the water started making me feel feathery; it felt as if my coat was being replaced every single day. My texture kept getting smoother by the day; I got a feeling of being smart and elegant. Occasionally, there were these moving forms which seemed to use their bodies in a different manner. Most of the time they would come close to me, examine me and rub against me. Some would even try to hide under me and sometimes stare right into my face. Their presence was warm and gladdening, but would get me wondering, as to why can’t I move like them?

This is when the thought about my existence struck me. How is it that I exist? What is it that drives my experience? Since there were no immediate answers to them, I would get back to enjoying these experiences; I was happy the way I was. Occasionally there were forms that would like to pick me up and move me and sometimes sit right on top of me. They had structures attached to their bodies which made them look creepy. When I had nothing to do, the thoughts of my existence would come back and trouble me. I would look at the stars in the night sky and I would question their existence; were they truly there or is it an illusion? I was aware of an energy flowing within me and would get excited whenever it felt strong and depressed when it felt weak. I was somehow aware of its presence and its ability to guide me, for at times when I felt weak there was a sudden feeling of a luring sensation within me; it actually felt as if the energy was being drawn from the exterior to the interior. Time went by and the energy levels within me started to drop, I could easily be tossed by the slightest ripple in the water; I knew I was growing old.

Life seemed good but the feeling of weakness persisted; the water kept trickling into my body; it always felt unusual. I started feeling flimsy and the tossing and turning increased; there was something happening to me. My health was diminishing and I only longed for someone or something to get me out of this place, I felt death approaching; I was aware that I was slowly dying. I would close my eyes and looked up to the sky; I would remember how I was born, wondering where my guardian would be. One day, I was suddenly picked up by a sharp form which carried me out of the water, right up to the sky, I felt myself rise up and everything below me kept getting smaller; it seemed that death was near. The experience of being in the air was always amazing, but the weakness made me less joyful; the water within me drained out, but somehow the weakness prevailed. Whatever carried me out of that place suddenly dropped me, I felt the air whiz over my body and in no time I hit the ground so hard, that I developed a crack right across my head. I cried in pain, but there was no one to hear my cry; fortunately I survived.

Yet again I was all alone; no friends; no forms; nothing. The dust kept blowing with the wind and gathered on me; the feeling was that of being dry and lonely; but I was also weak. In the day the heat of sun would consume me, while the cold nights would freeze me. As days passed, my body grew weak; it was the experience of getting old, weary and tired. The crack in my head grew bigger by the day; it is an experience of being ripped slowly and gently; I was aware, I was slowly crumbling. I am old now; I feel it within, for my body breaks off in crumbles to mix with the dust; my body splits into smaller bits that amalgamate with the ground. My energy is now trying to accommodate itself within this shrinking body and occasionally releases itself; this is my experience of dying, just as my guardian had predicted. The energy tries to fill me again, but in vain, for my body cannot accept more. My life would someday come to an end and that day would be when I would merge with the ground forever; my energy would then be released. The experience of being me was wonderful and it gave me the opportunity to see what exists around and to experience it but why I exist is still not answered.

I was born out of a form much bigger than me. It taught me how to be a part of existence; it taught me to see life till its fullest; how I miss those days spent with my guardian; for yet I know not why I came into this world. Years have gone by while trying to figure out the answer to this question, but now is the time to be a part of the ground. I was happy to be born and so I am happy to die. My experience shall prevail within the energy that drove my very existence; the energy that grew old with me, and that which has never left my side, since I first opened my eyes. I am aware that I shall exist beyond my body and the day I close my eyes, I shall be more than what I am, until then adios.

Dr. Contzen Pereira

Independent Scholar, Mumbai, India
 *Corresponding Author. Address: Nandadeep, 302, Tarun Bharat Soc, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 099, India. Tel: +919819642456, +912266750530