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Science and Spirituality Become Harmonic Frequencies

Some years ago, I had previously touched upon the concept of human transmutation, an alchemical change throughout thousands of lifetimes that facilitates the de-materialization that is matter into spirit into light. In light of recent discoveries (no pun intended) made by CERN it might be an appropriate time to revisit some of the initial ideas behind my belief that matter is derived from light and thus will return to light. (See my original post for an in depth look into the process that is matter into spirit into light).

So then, what does it mean to become light? Berkley lab published a recent news article with the headline titled, "CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Creates Matter From Light," in which it states:

"Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) played a key role in an analysis of data from the world’s largest particle collider that found proof of rare, high-energy particle interactions in which matter was produced from light."
(Originally published by symmetry magazine)

"The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) plays with Albert Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc², to transform matter into energy and then back into different forms of matter. But on rare occasions, it can skip the first step and collide pure energy – in the form of electromagnetic waves."


"This research doesn’t just illustrate the central concept governing processes inside the LHC: that energy and matter are two sides of the same coin. It also confirms that at high enough energies, forces that seem separate in our everyday lives—electromagnetism and the weak force—are united."

So, practical experiments conducted in Switzerland by CERN and its Hadron Collider suggest that indeed matter is derived from light. However, we too are made of matter, we are created from light and through DE-materialisation shall return to light. While this concept may have been symbolically or literally retold in various religious materials is it often the case that they are left ambiguous, without the ability to merge areas of discipline we cannot expand upon the idea that we as humans shall return to God or "light." You see, too often phrases and long held beliefs are simplified to the extent that you either believe without explanation or more appropriately, fill in the gaps in order to explains some of the why's and how's.

Because flesh cannot simply turn into light, it is acknowledged almost universally among all beliefs that a soul is extracted from the body upon death ready to pursue God in whichever form this takes place. This is of course dependent upon our individual assumptions of the afterlife. Because we are not separate from God, we  therefore, cannot move into God or towards God or light. The idea of distance between us and God would contradict the fact that we are indeed one with God having a human experience. Rather than moving towards God we have to think of our journey as one of transmutation, a DE-materialization of flesh to spirit and then to light moving in the opposite direction of creation that is light to spirit and then to flesh.

We have explored in general terms how these processes take place. Let’s dive in a bit more deeply. The body undergoes changes from birth to death as we age. The physical deterioration of the body is evident. What is not evident to the naked eye however, are the molecular and chemical changes occurring through the course of one lifetime. Not only do these changes occur as a result of ageing but in fact the culmination of our experiences, our life lessons, our sufferings, our revelations and inspirations are all forming and changing us at a molecular level. Sometimes intense trauma can go so far as to express itself outwardly upon the physical body.

When the body has changed as a result of life's experiences imprinting itself upon us physically, so too does the soul change. The soul that has been infused with the body undergoes its own transmutation. It changes concurrently and in proportion to the changes taking place within the physical body. Again, directly correlating originally with the natural ageing process and importantly, with the many trials and tribulations experienced in the Earth realm. One can say that the Earthly experience is a vehicle through which we advance the soul or spirit. In other words, a soul will infuse itself with flesh specifically to experience life and thus not only learn lessons but inevitably change its own properties along the way.

A soul that has left the body isn't immediately all knowing and one with light. It has however changed. It has become more light when compared to itself prior to its Earthly experience. It then will become integrated with a body that is compatible with its newly attained light. The body will appear to be the same as the one prior but it’s the changes in DNA within the subsequent body that will facilitate a compatible pairing with the soul needing to infuse itself again with flesh. This means that across the entirety of the universe there are souls experiencing life at various stages of advancement. The term "old soul" is in fact a literal description of the soul’s age or level of experience.   

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