Saturday, February 7, 2015

The "All There Is"

The totality of the Soul was originally created by All-There-Is, and it is that soul that group of particles which comes down through the dimensions and then connects with the physical forming body. This path involves two stages because the Soul interacts with the physical body at the moment of conception.

We are aware there are two cells, which represent the first division after insemination. And these two cells continue to divide to form what is known as the nucleus which then goes on to divide to shape the physical body in all its characteristics. This nucleus or center represents the expression of the chromosome, however the soul influences how that chromosome is expressed. So there is this combination of influences in the nucleus. That center of cells continues to exist in the body and indeed it is in what we may consider a protected chamber in the pineal gland. It is protected so that it cannot be interfered with by any exterior influence, any drugs, medications or Beings.

The souls influence the expressions within that nucleus and it has an effect on how that center begins to be expressed in the physical form. Because of the way that physical form evolves, how it grows and reveals its completeness is deeply associated to the mission that has been reserved by that particular soul.

An illustration is if the choice has been made by the soul to come forth with some emotional irregularity that was chosen for the learning and experience of the soul in its totality, the soul will bring about its unfolding of those initial cells such that there is this irregularity which is emotionally expressed. Then once the body advances to a specific point, which can vary depending upon the choices of the Soul, the soul comes down and connects with the physical body and becomes resident with or within that physical form. The point during the pregnancy in which this occurs varies upon the individual.

More often than not it is several weeks before birth yet can be earlier or late in the pregnancy and there are many considerations, which influence this. The soul continues to correspond and influence the emotional form as well as the intuition of the individual and the kind of choices which the individual makes.

We choose the life that we live and that choice is powerfully expressed through the soul and how that influence comes forth in that life experience. The group of particles continues to exist beyond the point of crossing over, to the point of what we call Death.

The Higher-Self, instead is an energetic form that is sent forth by All-There-Is. It is like a communication path and it is also what you might consider to be a guide to the individual self that can be connected, and communicated with to include supplying great wisdom and guidance.

Some of that guidance is placed specifically within the Higher Self for that particular lifetime. It’s possible that the Higher Self may be replaced during a particular lifetime; this is a choice made by All-There-Is, because an assignment is fulfilled and the life heads in a different direction. The Higher Self may be replaced to support the change in life’s path. So this is a powerful and important source of wisdom and guidance, moreover it can be connected with consciously, or it may remain in the background as it does for most people prompting and suggesting to the individual while communicating back to All-There-is on a continuous basis.

There is a relationship between the Soul and The Higher Self, not only in the sense that they are able to work together, but a relationship in the sense of the elements themselves. Everything is vibration.

There is a difference in vibration, which we would consider it to be a frequency. These particles that come to structure the soul, that forms the Higher Self has an extremely high frequency, it is one of the arrangements or reasons because of this high frequency.

As you might suspect the frequency of the Higher Self is much higher than the frequency of what we call the Soul itself, and this is an important design, and arrangement to understand because it is what stimulates the necessity for the Higher Self and the Soul to be two distinct compositions even though they are connected with one another. Those elements, which form the soul, are of such a nature that they can be in your dimension and they can have connection or blend with the physical body itself, so to work in an optimum manner they should be able to enter into the physical body.

However there is no way the Higher self may be involved in such a design because those particles, or elements are at an even higher frequency than what can be considered the Soul as well as what can be considered the physical body. For that reason it never enters the physical body itself, instead messages can be sent forth so there is a direct line of communication in the consciousness of the individual and actually the mindfulness of the soul that connects to the awareness of the Higher Self.

It was this difference in vibration, which allows a blending of the Soul into the body. If the particles or elements in you were positioned in a different way there would be a much closer relationship between the human being and the Higher Self. But because of this difference many times the Higher Self is not activated in such a way that the human being can actually feel and hear and sense the direction of the Higher Self.

Those individuals who are on a much lower frequency can only be taught and guided on an intuitive manner. Individuals of very low vibration are working under a detachment between themselves and their intuitive functions. Therefore for those of a very low vibration that guidance that should be available to them with regards to the Higher Self is cut, it is the very reason why the Higher Self must interconnect with the Soul directly. There is a communication, but those of a lower vibration have difficulty even in the connecting to their soul because they are not in the frame of mind where they believe there is such an arrangement.

So for many people they wander around with a complete disconnect from spirit. Although some of the subtle bodies can come through the portal that we call spiritual and yes there can be communication between that phase and the soul itself, however, it is more desirable for the individual to have communication with their Higher Self, but for many this communication does not exist, as there is a barrier placed there. The reason this becomes important is because the Higher Self is the portal or gateway to All-There-Is.

Because of the difference in frequency between these two bodies, The Higher Self and All-There-Is, have set up communication with each other. A person must be very advanced spiritually to be able to connect with the Higher Self and move beyond to All-There-Is.

The most desirable part of all this would be to go directly to All-There-Is, but for most people this is an impossible task and it is because they do not sit in a place where they apply a belief in a spiritual practice.

Most people who sit there are there perhaps, because they do not believe. Belief motivates all aspects of human beings into more advance realms of vibrations, energy and manifestation, or display. The very basis of all this is belief.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Full Forgiveness is Felt in the Heart

Recently, I had a client who told me she forgave her mother but she still had some residual feelings that were gnawing at her every time she thought about their relationship. My client asked, "Does that mean I haven't really forgiven her?" After thinking about the many years I've sat in my therapist chair listening to countless stories of pain and enlightenment, as well as my up-close and personal experiences with forgiveness, I've come to this conclusion. Forgiveness is a process. It begins in your mind and has a need to settle there for a while in order to give your brain a chance to accept and embrace what is to come. We know that forgiveness is mainly about healing yourself, especially your heart. When we release from another's hold on us it really is freeing, and extremely empowering. When the mind ultimately believes in the truth of its forgiveness it begins to travel to the heart. I explained to my client that she is preparing to travel further into her forgiveness, but first we must work through some of those residual issues and release. Once released, we then do the inner work to fill those gaps that never got filled in childhood. It is never too late to learn to nurture yourself, but first you must truly let go of the resentments seething inside and realize your healing is solely (and soul-y) up to you now. Whether your parents did the best they could, or they didn't, it's time to let that go and give yourself a fresh start.

Once your mind assimilates into forgiveness and journeys to the heart, you will feel a peacefulness you haven't felt before. Your soul smiles knowing that you have received the message of love that stands before you. All feels right in the world because all resentments have been lifted. You've let go and blown the heaviness of your burdens into the universe, reaching the completion of full forgiveness.

So when my client asks me if she hasn't really forgiven because she still has some residual resentments, I simply look at her and say, "Your mind just hasn't caught up with your heart yet." And her soul smiles.

From the Author of ‘Living, Loving & Unlearning: A therapist’s guide to healing and living authentically from the inside out’.

Cynthia Brennen, LMSW, Contributor, Author. Please see Bio section for additional information.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Transcending Ascension Consciousness

Sometimes as a spiritual traveler you have to step out of the ethereal world and deal with the concrete, the things that are real-seeming in this reality we co-create and exist within.  I won’t debate whether that reality is truly real or not as that just isn’t the purpose of this piece.  The purpose and point of this piece is a string of thoughts or musings, if you will on the topic of duality and the spiritual path in general.  First and foremost, we are conscious beings, even when we are asleep our consciousness is quite busy – just at a different level of awareness.  We are even when awake, existing at various levels of consciousness and I’ve written about those from the technical perspective and there is a non-technical less tangible side to awareness as well.  What does this have to do with duality you might ask?  Well, everything.

In many circles, we have this strong dogmatic urging to detach from the world, embrace the oneness, go into the void and experience the nothingness.  This is how you become enlightened, this is how you ascend and this is how you grow. This sounds really cool doesn’t it?  I mean, who wouldn’t want to elevate themselves above the rest of the populace through spiritual practice and evolving to higher levels than your neighbors, right?  Not so fast.  I want to give you some very practical food for thought in sharing with you a blasphemous thought in the context of New Age thoughts (at least from some perspectives).  There are those who can tell you none of this – Earthly experience – is real.  Nothing you can perceive exists outside of the very way in which you can perceive it – go within and understand the truth.  Would they be wrong?  Not really.  Should it be your life purpose to spend all of this physically limited conscious existence pursuing our return to that space from which we came?  Why?  Why would we do that and why would we hold that as a goal from deep within us as our core mission?  What opportunities in our lives might we miss if that were our only goal? I think sometimes it sounds like a cool alternative compared to the every-day commonly experienced mundane existence.  But there is another piece that is very important here:  Why we came.

If our soul or sole intent and purpose here was to go back to where we came from, why on Earth would we be here at all?  We did not come here to spend all of our time in meditation (although meditation has some very beneficial effects I wholly support), most of us actually came here to experience life in 3-D.  We can also experience some of the aspects of other dimensions but you are here in a physical body for a reason.  You naturally transcend it when your physical time clock gives away its last tick and you move on from this realm.  So, what is it with the rush and the hurry to do it all right now?  What if I told you that you were already enlightened?  What if I told you that a part of your consciousness is already ascended and so, there is no place for you here now to ascend to?  I know, blasphemous thoughts right?  Well, think about it and think about it carefully.

I’ll say this again and a little differently.  You are Spirit, spirit is consciousness and your physical existence here is your consciousness specifically projected in this dimension to experience life here in this very physical dimension of vast dichotomy.  So, why rush to get out?  You will miss that very thing you came here to do.  What I suggest is that you live your life here through thoroughly embracing your life just as it is—crazy, maddening, wonderful and exciting.  Embrace you – crazy, creative, wonderful and so very precious.  Your mind thinks thoughts, you send your body then into action creating this scene or that scene with other wonderful souls from which you learn about love, about life in 3-D and just how terrible and beautiful our home in the Milky way Galaxy can be.  So, consider carefully my above questions again.  Is there duality?  From our perspectives, Yes.  Is there a Oneness in Consciousness of which we are all part?  Yes.  Is there a Cosmic Consciousness from which we gain much of our love, courage and drive to do the things we do in this life?  Yes again.  When you begin to understand the machinations of your own Earthly life, you begin to see there are all of these little things you were meant to learn and transcend.  These little things may be learning how to get along with other human beings, how to forgive so you don’t stay in a space of illness producing toxic anger or how to give of yourself in pure kindness just for the absolute joy of the experience.

Humanity is amazing if a little unaware of just how amazing and wonderful they truly are.  We need not fight for a piece of any illusive pie and we need not chase any imaginary dragons of enlightenment that we already have deeply ingrained in the core of our consciousness.  Learn to understand your environment, yourself and then others a bit more and you know what you might find?  Compassion.  This is one of life’s most beautiful treasures and only through our connected consciousness can we fully comprehend the wonder and beauty, power and strength this one thing holds for us.

So, my thoughts for this day along the lines of consciousness – you intentionally projected your consciousness in a physical body with an ego alive to protect it and keep you on this side of the veil.  Through meditation and prayer even, you can pierce the veil to assist with your understanding and better support your growth in life if you want to.  Just remember the term moderation.  Avoid extremes and the fanatical embracing of any new concept, idea or goal unless, of course, it involves love of the completely unconditional kind.  I’ve been to the other side consciously and I have to say that as amazing and wonderful as it was and is, my job and my focus is to live my life.  A great conversation with another wonderful human being I met randomly yesterday reminded me.  This message has come to me 3 times in just the last couple of weeks and while I may be a little slow at getting some messages, it all begins to make much more sense.

Find what inspires you in life, embrace your amazing and indescribable consciousness and enjoy your creations here on this Earth for they are many and wonderful and support not only your learning but the learning and experiences of every soul whose path you cross.  Consider that science, spirituality and New Age thought based on ancient philosophies have given us so very much to consider.  So many often wade into the shallow end of the pool and proclaim they’ve completed a swim of the entirety of the ocean.  It’s okay.  They learn from their proclamations and wading and learn that what they thought was swimming the ocean hasn’t even scratched the surface of possibilities.  Consider even further your existence here.  Would you be here if there were no one here to perceive you?  How do you know?  Maybe it is not everyone and everything else that is the illusion but you are the illusion?  It’s easy to take certain concepts and throw them about carelessly as truths but you have to dive into the deep end of the pool and learn the difference between knowledge, belief, perception and assumption. These things are the biggest challenges we grapple with whether we realize it or not.  Our consciousness has vast potential as long as we refuse to close our minds around belief alone.  Let others be as they are and explore as they will through any path they deem most worthy.  You have that same right of exploration or not as you deem right to choose.  Just choose and explore and while you are in the process, appreciate your ability to be here right now and experience all the wildly imaginative, creative, seemingly concrete aspects of reality that is life on Earth.   Let your mind and heart expand not with belief but knowledge.  Nothing limits a mind more than belief.  Your consciousness is not limited by belief unless you believe it to be.

The illusions that we consider truth run like a common thread through all of our lives and the really amazing and wonderful thing about us is we get to live and through our experiences learn to discern truth from fiction, fact from fantasy and knowledge from mere belief.  Expand your consciousness and embrace the fact that you are here for a reason. There is no place to run to and no place to hide.  Your perception is focused on this movie in this theater and it’s an amazing one.  I leave you with these musings now as I need to go experience my own life a little bit.  Until our paths cross again, I challenge you to look for the beauty in the ugliness, search for meaning in the seemingly insane and seek understanding at the deeper levels of your consciousness and you’ll find some surprising things about the true meaning of life.  Bless.

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