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                  The current thought process occurring in education all over the world is the sequential thought pattern. The purpose of this critical and exploratory essay is to explore the nonlinear thought pattern as well as elucidate its possible applications to such diverse fields as education, psychology, philosophy, theology, humanities and the social sciences.
                  We must understand that the masses are used to thinking using a certain methodology. This method is called serial processing. The two methods of processing are actually two ways by which the brain is processing information. The left brain is the serial/analytical processor while the right brain is the nonlinear/synthetic processor. The left brain analyzes disparate information in stages because that is the way it digests knowledge. Furthermore, the left brain cuts down a pattern into different clues. The left brain is a destroyer of pattern matrices, in order to comprehend them. The left brain is the primary tool of the scientist and technocrat.
                  On the other hand, the right brain apprehends disparate information as whole, for the right brain is the chalice of the artist. Looking at a pattern as one, the right brain synthesizes the pattern information matrix in one singularity and attempts to absorb its data in one loop. This is obviously a higher order of processing, with the left brain serial processing being a lower order of rung. Yet both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Let us start with a very simple exercise to illustrate these two different informational processing realms. Collect twelve pebbles and arrange them in a series from left to right, one after each other, in a straight pattern. You could give them names like alpha, beta, gamma, delta and so on. Speak their names out loud if you wish, to accentuate the exercise. Now, look at what you have constructed. This is a serial or linear pattern, you called out the names of the pebbles from a certain perspective, using a certain direction only. This is how the human mind in the 3d universe thinks mostly.
                  Now, let us create another pattern. Arrange the pebbles in a circle, taking care to make the distance from each other similar as much as possible to effect maximum symmetry. Now, call one of your friends and ask them to contemplate the pattern. Can they tell which of the pebble came first in the order and which came last? Surely not, in normal terms. This pattern you created is now what we call the nonlinear pattern. It has no beginning nor ending, it is apprehended as holistic pattern by the mind, and it is not ordered in a sequential way. This is the true pattern of the universe, nonlinear reality. The sequential universe that we currently comprehend is thus only a simple derivative of the true universe.
                  The seeds of understanding the difference between nonlinear and sequential thought actually begins with the study of light. Light is both a particle as well as a wave. Here is already the difference. The particle property of light simulates the sequential universe while the wave property of light simulates the nonlinear universe.
                  The sciences by their very nature are exercises in the inexorable logic of the left brain, while the arts are delicious adventures in the panoramic feast that is right brain nonlinear processing.
                  Calibration, prediction and measurement are facets of sequential thought. They achieve their zenith in the predictive sciences. Since sequential thought is about the step-by-step processing of the mortal mind, then it makes sense for that mind to engineer and contemplate a sort of predictive method whereby he can believe that he controls the evolution of its worldsphere through space and time. Unfortunately, every time the sequential mind contemplates this fact, the very polarities that he wishes to control will now dance in his face, defying his well thought out schemes. The polarities themselves supply the challenge to his very mindset, and thus he rationalizes that use of technology for greater and greater mastery of the known variables of each continuum arrayed before him. He patiently categorizes all knowledge into the known and the unknown, and makes a persistent effort to discover the unknown. Much to his dismay, however, he finds that for every known that he masters, a new set of unknowns fly in his face. This causes him mental suffering. Locked in sequential thought processing, he wil continue to master every set of unknown variables thought time and space. Why? Because there is no other way to solve his conundrum.The sequential mindset is therefore locked in a vicious cycle of its own making.
                  The predictive power of the sequential mind, in its own context, is awesome, for it seeks to create, cultivate and propagate alphabets of understanding, which it uses to navigate from the known to the unknown. These alphabets are all the languages, from the linguistic forms to the mathematical worlds, to the computer languages and thence into all the symbolic forms. These languages are powerful in their own right, for they give rise to a certain kind of internal logic that arises out of their syntax and coding. Like a game of chess or GO, these languages persist for they can define protocols in their own worldspheres. Remember that all forms are fractals of the Cosmos, and therefore partake of its power. In this sense, sequential constructs have an abundance of order. Why? Because that is the part of the cosmos that they express. The problem, however, occurs when the sequential mind attempts to translate these languages and interpret the Cosmos as a whole. Here the map fails. And it fails miserably! The Cosmos is too awesome to be interpreted by any kind of mental map, however profound that map is. A map is still a map. Thus, there are limits to what a map can understand. These limits are defined by the nature of the fractal contexts of which the map is the intended instrument of measure. Farther and farther away from this fractal context, and the map loses intelligibility. The map “crashes” so to speak, meaning it lacks translation protocols to define new ways of understanding the terrain. It becomes “lost in translation.”
                  What is the lesson here for the sequential mind? Savor the various maps and languages and instruments for their own purposes. But remember, all maps have limits. Know when it is time to discard them. And never make the mistake of thinking the map is Infinite Reality itself.
                  We shall use this knowledge of the two informational processing realms and bear them on to a deeper understanding of the phenomenon called time. The arrow of time seems to be moving forward all the time. But this is an illusion. When consciousness singularities are experiencing the three dimensional universe, they are automatically delimiting their multi-dimensional selves into special vehicles that can assimilate a limited informational worldsphere, in this case the 3d universe. What we call time is really a special focus of attention whereby a consciousness form tracks the presence of certain worldsphere events and arranges its vector dynamics to travel that worldtrack in a specific fashion. The consciousness singularity is, of course, aware, that he can traverse the infinite manifold of the cosmos in many different worldtrack permutations. But, to maintain consistency in his 3d universe worldtrack, he prefers to traverse it using a specific vector frequency. This is called spacetime. And it appears to be flowing in one direction only, though of course, that is an illusion only. Since the consciousness is mainly using a serial processor biological mainframe to traverse the worldtrack, it makes sense to delimit his multi-dimensionality and focus only in one direction, otherwise the serial processor will not comprehend the data that he is exposed to.
                  Thus, spacetime in the 3d universe is configured to be assembled by the serial processor. They are made for each other. In order to comprehend the higher order data from higher order realms, another distinct information retrieval system should be manufactured or discovered or utilized.
                  Enter the nonlinear processor.
                  The nonlinear processor apprehends multi-dimensional realms simultaneously. It is like looking at an art form, or listening to a piece of music, or watching a dance number. The whole is assimilated completely, not part by part like the one in sequential thought. The learning style is holistic, and the learner assimilates a large amount of data.

                  The triangle or pyramid is the symbolic flag or rune signature of the sequential processing aspect of reality, while the circle or sphere is the symbolic flag or rune signature of the nonlinear processing aspect of reality. The triangle shouts its linear allegiance, and demands worship from its adherents. This is a way for the triangle simulated thought worldview to make its presence felt. Adhering to sequential processing, it must attempt to warp and force its native consciousness forms to partake of its feast. This process is almost a form of cruelty, because it uses coercion to manipulate the mind to become its slave. The mind is the direct child of consciousnesses, thus it is apt to be spontaneous in the beginning. The triangle attempts to surpass this nativity, by bringing the mind into full control. It wrestles with the mind, it seduces the mind, and when all else fails it coerces the mind through direct manipulation. When the mind surrenders, it surrenders itself to the machinations of the sequential universe. It begins to process in a linear fashion, delimiting itself and surrendering its full powers. It becomes heavy. It falls prey to gravity. It becomes enmeshed in the planes of matter. It becomes lost in the maze of its own making.
                  When sown in this manner, all the systems of thought are derivatives of the sequential worldview. The sciences, once powerful and objective, become slaves to it. They are quickly seduced by its twisted logic. And they come to believe that there are limitations to the unknown set of variables in the universe itself. They now begin to quest to master these unknown variables. Sadly, the sciences themselves become egocentric, refusing to countenance the possibility of paradigms that do not suit the tastes of the sequential universe. Science now becomes an adept at manipulation. It dictates the fashionable paradigms, it dictates the way to transmit these paradigms, and it dictates the way to deal with bifurcations in the road. The result is the glorification of the vehicle of the technosphere, for it represents the current mastery of its sequential paradigm. The hardware is glorified, the software is suppressed. The dream is under way…..
                  Being a slave to the sequential worldview, the sleeping soul trapped in the planes of matter holds fast to whatever tool is present at the moment that can ease its suffering. The sleeping soul itself become addicted to control and controlled environments. It reeks of sequential processing also. It desires to know, yet uses only the sequential thought process. It is trained by its master, the sequential mind. It comes to abhor all forms of nonlinear processing. They occur only to him as diversions, hobbies suited for playing in its leisure hours. It does not imagine that leisure itself may supply the answer to its quest……
                  Art becomes only a diversion now.
                  And yet, hope prevails for a solution is embedded in the soul matrix itself. This is the quest motif. It is a feature of all consciousness forms, whether solitary or collective, whether playing in the sequential or nonlinear universes. The quest motif is the desire, deep within every consciousness, to know the truth about itself and the universe. It begins as a form of restlessness, or a yearning, or a desire to study, or a penchant to travel, or an inclination to inquire from others, or merely curiosity, or any permutations of the aforementioned. This small fire can be fanned into a larger steady blaze by a constant barrage of synchronistic and enlightening set of circumstances. Let us call this Serendipity. Serendipity arranges the events in the life of the consciousness singularity in order to awaken the potential within that soul to access the Truth. The querent now begins to truly travel, immersing himself in the world of the quest paradigms. And, whether formulated consciously or not, it begins to mould its inquiry along the lines of the fundamental metaphysical questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?
                  The quest will carry the consciousness, let us call him the Fool, through mountains and valleys and caves of thought. He will encounter thousands upon thousands of thought systems, all clamouring for the attention of his foolish sequential mind. Initially, he will begin to question the system of thought which is its nativity. Its native system of thought, a child of the sequential universe, possesses the Truth in a distilled form, palatable only to the sequential mind, and consisting of various control parameters which make it hard for the seeker to embrace the nonlinear path. In addition, the doctrines of such a system has its own polarities, inconsistencies and dichotomies, which are the legacy of the sequential universe. Every system of thought in the sequential universe, being its child, possesses polarities at every level, in every dimension, and occurring in every construct. So, an added burden to the seeker is the unravelling of such polarities. This may even distract him from the true Quest itself. Thankfully, its Higher Self has the quest motif prepared in advance. The seeker will now have a life best by a continuous train of contradictory and challenging events which serve to awaken him to Absolute Truth. Such events may center, but not be limited, to various forms of existential dilemmas which challenge his loyalty, whether to the lower or the upper planes. As his consciousness begins to awaken, the inertial forces will in turn, become stronger and stronger and the querent must fight for the quest to continue.
                  It appears that the seeker is all alone in his quest, a lonely traveller in a dark road, where twilight and night entice him to rest from his quest. But, thankfully again, his Higher Self has prepared well in advance. Companions in his quest shall appear from time to time. These may take the form of actual people, or events, or books, or peculiar experiences, or even distressing occurrences. Environments may also become “companions” on the path. And so the quest continues.
                  One day, it all comes together. One lucky event, which appears to be random. But it is not random. And the traveller awakens. This is the awakening process, which shifts the consciousness of the seeker from sequential to nonlinear. And the drama returns full circle, and restores the symmetry. And the ending becomes the beginning…
                  The old paradigm is static, sequential and reductionist. The new paradigm is dynamic, nonlinear and holistic.
                  The eyes of the soul are opened once more, to the realities of the nonlinear cosmos. The veils of illusion are parted, the bars of the prison are broken. The seeker is awakened!

                  The nonlinear model of reincarnation is the greatest possible teaching for consciousness singularities traversing the breadth, height and depth of the Cosmos. For it encapsulates the nature of the cosmos itself. It is the very expression of cosmic life. Let us enjoy its priceless jewels:
                  The cosmos is nonlinear.
                  The cosmos is holistic.
                  The cosmos is one, the Oneness.
                  The cosmos is the supreme form of art.
                  The cosmos is infinite.
                  The cosmos is eternal.
                  The cosmos is interconnected, holographic and recursive.
                  The cosmos is absolute Love, in absolute permutation.

About The Author:
Sensei Erwin Rimban was born in the Philippine Islands. Since a young age he has been fascinated by the esoteric realm and avidly read books on world history, philosophy, astrology, mythology, the social sciences and similar fields. Educated at the University of the Philippines, where he graduated Cum Laude, he added Evolutionary Biology to his plethora of interests. After graduating from college, he spent many years in the tourist destination of Baguio City where he pursued a career in writing and teaching, while at the same time finding time to be a meditation teacher. Currently, he is active in organizational work, where he is promoting advocacy programs in educational philosophy, spiritual counselling, wisdom, metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, history, educational philosophy, ecology and alternative medicine. (He can be reached at this email: