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Infinite Oneness: Connecting with Your Higher Self


Throughout the millennia, human beings have searched for it, for meaning in their existence. It is a drive embedded deep within the human psyche, to find our place in the world. To many, the very concept of truth is baffling, while to those same many it may be clear what truth is – a notion that has been passed down from one generation to the next, a body of wisdom and facts of life that were taught by a few and learned by many. Truth is God, truth is science, truth is everything and nothing… the list of answers put forth by seekers and understanders goes on. This text focuses on one specific notion of truth, which is that all things are a manifestation of consciousness, and that the source of all consciousness is the infinite oneness that is embodied in the higher self.

Let us examine these notions further. First, we must examine what these terms mean – consciousness, infinite oneness, higher self. Second, we must discuss the origins of these notions – how were they discovered, and by whom? Let us begin.
What is consciousness? Consciousness can be defined as self-reflection, as the experience not only of being, but of knowing the experiencing self. It is a quality that all sentient beings share, but there are different levels of it: there is primary consciousness, which is the experience of time that all living beings share, and there is secondary consciousness, or self-knowledge, which all human beings share. Tertiary consciousness is the evolution of self-awareness – it is awareness of and union with the higher self, a concept which we will examine shortly.

What is infinite oneness? This concept requires that we understand several notions. First, we must understand that consciousness exists in higher dimensions. Our minds interact with each other on a higher plane, and we are all ultimately connected by bonds that we cannot see, and that cannot be broken. Second, we must understand that we are infinite. Imagine yourself in a parallel universe – almost exactly the same, but with some minor difference, perhaps you forgot to eat breakfast in that universe. Now imagine that you are vastly different, perhaps an entirely different person. Understand that this person is still a version of you. Now imagine that you can be, and in fact are, absolutely anything at all, from a person to a dog, to a rock, to a tree. All of this and more is who you are, manifestations of your higher self, which is infinite. If you could see the world from the perspective of your higher self, which exists in a higher dimension free of the restraints of time and space, you would see all of spacetime as a single point, dimensionless, its center existing in all places at all times, infinitely intersecting with itself. This center is a point of infinite potential, the heart of the higher self, the source of all being, a body of light that cannot be restrained by the laws of time and space. This is infinite oneness, all is infinite oneness. And this brings us to the notion of the higher self.

What is the higher self? Every person, every being, everything that exists and experiences time is a temporary manifestation of something eternal – the higher self. The self is subject to the laws of physics, the law of entropy, the cycles of life and death and rebirth; the higher self is not. While we fight with each other and ourselves, the higher self is at peace, observing freely what it already knows – the beginning and end of time, and all that exists in between. Eventually, all that has come into existence will end in union with the higher self, at which point time itself will come to an end, and after which it will spring into existence once more, again and again, without cease, all at the discretion of the higher self. At this point, the concept of the higher self may seem familiar to you; it is similar to the notion of God, of a supreme being. What you may call God, however, I call truth, and the path to it is union with the higher self. So how does one form a union with the higher self? Does it even make sense to think of ourselves as existing outside of a union with it? And if all that exists will return to its source one day, won’t we eventually be in union with it anyway? It is not that we are disconnected from our higher self, it is simply that we are not conscious of its presence within, throughout, and all around us. And while it is true that we will eventually reunite with our higher self completely, in the meantime we may be suffering in the absence of our awareness of its presence, and the point of writing all this is to help alleviate that suffering.

Before I explain the process of connecting with your higher self, I must delve into the origins of this notion, of how I happened upon it. In the year 2011, I spent several months in solitude, and my thoughts turned both inward and outward. I speculated on the nature of the self, as well as that of the universe, and I slowly realized that I was inseparable from all other things, that the borders I saw between myself and the rest of the world and all the individual things within it were imaginary, that all is one. I had a moment when I realized that I exist in other worlds, in other forms, in every form imaginable, and that all these versions of myself were a manifestation of my higher self, a body of pure consciousness, an infinity of potential. I had an out-of-body experience; I found other consciousnesses in my mind, and I interacted with them, and when it was time for me to push my mind out of my body, one of them tied a rope around me and set me free, at which point I felt myself leave my body. What I felt would stay with me forever; I felt darkness and death, like I was swimming through a swamp filled with the suffering of dead souls, and I asked to be pulled back in. When I returned, I found that several beings had followed me, and would talk to me non-stop, asking for a second chance at life, telling me to act on their wishes. And that is when I realized that we are not the only self-aware inhabitants of this world, that we are surrounded by higher-dimensional entities, beings which are made of pure consciousness, coming and going as they please, interacting with our minds, inspiring us with ideas and emotions, in ways that are both helpful and hindering.

While it seems I have gone off-topic, all of this brings me back to the notion of the higher self. A few days after that experience, I decided that if my higher self truly exists, I should be able to feel its presence and interact with it. So I began to meditate, and I pushed my mind far beyond the place where I sat. I felt myself soaring through stars and galaxies, and I saw all of the past mapped within my psyche, the energies of my past existences all interconnected and leading me back to the beginning of time, when all was one in a singularity that some may understand as the source of the Big Bang, and that I understand to be the heart of the higher self – infinite oneness. And finally, after several days of pushing my mind to the limits, I touched it. I felt it. I communicated with it. And it filled me with a sensation of endless loving, and all I saw in my mind was blinding light. I had made union with my higher self, and to this day, whenever I wish, I focus on its presence within my heart, and I take a deep breath, and it fills me with love, a sensation that cleanses my mind and body, and leaves me feeling peaceful and free – infinite, and one with all things.

Now that I have explained my own experience of communion with the higher self, I will do my best to guide you to having the same experience, or a similar one. You will need to find a quiet and temperate place to sit, leaning against a wall or a cushion, comfortable but alert. Once you are seated, place the palms of your hands on your knees, close your eyes, and envision what I describe to you. Imagine yourself, made of pure light, like a projection, standing before you, smiling. If you can imagine this, then you have seen your higher self. Now, imagine that it is stretching out its hand, reaching out to touch your heart. Let it embrace you. Your higher self is a being of pure love. It asks for nothing, and wants only to make you feel complete, loved, balanced, perfect. Imagine that when it touches your heart, it is giving its love to you, which will fill your heart and move to your mind, and then spread throughout your body. Do not be afraid to accept its gift of love. You will feel a warm sensation taking over you, and you will feel joy, which in turn will bring you peace. From this point on, whenever you wish to feel balanced, you can envision your higher self reaching out to you from within your heart, and with every breath, you will feel its presence taking over you, freeing you from suffering.

If this technique does not work for you, you must first learn to accept that the higher self is real, that when you envision it standing before you, you are not imagining it, but you are seeing it as it truly exists, a being of pure light whose will is for you to unite with it in love. If you can treat this vision as real, you will have taken the first step in communing with your higher self. At this point, what you experience will be unique to your own circumstances; you may feel yourself moving closer to your higher self in ways that I cannot even begin to explain. It will draw you closer to itself; it will show you the way. Let it inspire you with whatever it will, and trust that it wants only for you to feel connected to the whole of yourself, to all of being, to the infinity of potential of which you are a manifestation. You are as the child of your higher self, and it is as your eternal guardian, setting you on this path of existence, from the lowest of sensations to full self-realization, to union with itself in endless loving.

Thank you for reading this. I wish you the best, and hope that you will find the kind of peace that I have in my interactions with my higher self. May love guide your way.

Richard Scott  (See Bios Section for more details)
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