Sunday, September 28, 2014

Frequency of Connected Consciousness

I don’t have studied works for you today.  Today I have something all together different.  An observation, perhaps and I’m not quite sure where it is going.  As I sit here beside the open window, I hear the wind rustling through the tree leaves and I see the pale light of a just rising sun beginning to etch all of my world in a fine gold and silvery light.  Consciousness in tact, as always and ever it is, I observe the things in my world just now.

The breeze is strong enough to tickle the wind chimes outside my front door into motion sending out a beautiful tinkling.  The air not quite crisp but cool sends waves of sound that include the chirping of birds, the vehicles on the freeway a half block away already en route to some physical destination and the sound of that something I can’t quite put my finger on.  The former, I’m certain are generated physically from my perception of the physical world.  The latter, I’m not sure anyone hears but me sometimes.  I’m not sure how to define this frequency, vibration or sound I perceive at times.  It varies in pitch or tone.  Sometimes it is steady and sometimes only just there a moment.  Sometimes it isn’t there at all.  When I find the tone generators online, they produce a near similar effect with one thing missing, the feeling that naturally accompanies what I hear.  It isn’t there all the time but when it is, it flicks on like a light switch and its pulse is strong enough to disrupt all thought and action.  It is strong enough for me to feel its accompanying vibration from inside out and yet another… a feeling, non-physical, I cannot define.

The sensation of sound, vibration or frequency (or all 3 as the case may very well be), is typically preceded by an invisible barrier that seems to enshroud my being temporarily.  I liken it to an absence or distancing of perception.  It is the best way I can think to define it.  What is this, or It’s back, I often say to myself when I encounter it off on and on throughout my days and weeks now.  What is this sound, frequency or vibration that it is I am hearing?  Sometimes, at work, I’ll be mid-sentence and the energy flicks on and I’ll notice a sensation about the ears or maybe it’s the hair on the back of my neck standing up, I’m still not sure.  I feel things around me and as crazy as that sounds, it brings me a great sense of peace.  There is a knowing in the feeling…that I am not alone.  It is so very hard to understand until you’ve experienced it and you’ve noticed the difference between tinnitus and this sensation or a barometric pressure change and this shift in perception.  This is non-physical, this sensation.  Again, it is a bit hard to adequately explain.  But I wonder even more, what is it for?  Why am I experiencing it at all?

Some very quick searches for information have left me with an explanation that this perception, this thing that I am experiencing is merely the Aum or Ascension Symptoms.  I think I could find more solace in the meaning behind the Aum in, “The Sound of the Center of the Universe.”  Is it really even a sound if I’m hearing it inside of me?  This thing, whatever it is, has a steady-state frequency that gives off a sense of awakening and it isn’t always the same tone.  Sometimes the hertz are well up into 5 digits and beyond and are joined by harmonizing tones.  With all due respect for the perspective of others, I don’t “believe” in ascension symptoms that run the gamut of every symptom normally attributed to stress, menopause or the common cold.  I see no evidence to support it so see that as a hypothesis not yet tested.  Another reason I don’t share the belief in the concept of ascension symptoms is that I know that we are already awake and a part of us so very Consciously (Big “C”) aware.  You can blame your anxiety and bad days on a thing but I can’t.  I can see there is nothing to blame in this universe.  If I feel a certain way, there is an experience I intentionally sought.  If I hadn’t, it would not be.  I have enough self-case studies in my time from a variety of topics to support this contention at least in enough areas to convince my self.

I was once merely an observer of physical life but something changed many years ago following my NDE (Near Death Experience) and then deepened in the years leading up to my Big C Consciousness awakening following a surgery and some of the most intense life lessons I’ve ever contended with and that awakening continues.  I don’t see it as an ascension, I see it as remembrance of who and what I truly am.  And each will come to this conclusion in his or her own time.  There is a knowing that accompanies this feeling and even the non-physically perceived sound that I have wondered about all of these years.  There is a part of me that knows what this frequency or vibration is and why it seems I “hear” it.  In a very simple way, with intent, I am merely remembering…remembering home.  Home is not a place that we try to put into the constructs of our third-dimensional framework.  Rather home is a state of being, a state of remembering the connected nature of all things and not only remembering but also feeling the connected nature of all things.  There is nothing more beautiful in this world.  That feeling to me connects directly with the feelings evoked by watching a beautiful fiery pink, silvery gold and orange sunrise over the mountain tops framed in low-lying clouds or even the same colors, ever more vibrant as the sun sinks slowly into the powerful ocean.  If you’ve not felt these things and their accompanying vibrations then my words won’t do them justice by any measure…for there is no measure or words I have to truly define the powerful beauty of the experience. 

I cannot prove my experience with this non-physical perception or feeling may be a better word.  I think that others share this experience I am trying to define who have found themselves in a similar state of feeling the Consciously Connected nature of all things that leaves them in awe, blissful and filled with compassionate love and deeper understanding.  If you have encountered this feeling or something similar to what I have been trying to articulate here, I would very much like to hear about your perspectives or experiences.  Write me, if you’d like to share.

Blessings of Love and Greater Awareness in the Wholeness of your Beautiful Being!

Rev. J.L. Harter, PhD, M.Msc., B.Msc., Author, Blogger, and Spiritual Counselor, Editor of the JMCC.  See Bio section for more information.

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