Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dream Interpretation

From the bizarre, crazy, weird, funny, inspirational, fearful, and awesome, they all mean something.
By Rory Colgan

              An ancient Jewish saying from the Talmud explains A dream not interpreted is like a letter unopened.  For this issue, let’s look at two submitted dreams and what insight they can give the dreamer once interpreter.  Thanks for submitting the dreams, and readers remember to submit your dreams at if you want a chance to be selected for the next upcoming issue.

The Grand Piano

“...I was driving to my grandparents house.  When I got there my mom's purse and other items were sitting outside the door.  I was concerned that these things would get stolen, so I put them inside.  After doing that, I looked out the window and saw there were more items outside the door....  As soon as I put them back, I saw more items like cleaning supplies and a broom.  I was starting to get irritated, and I voiced to whoever was doing this that I needed them to stop...  The last time, I looked outside and there was a mahogany grand piano out there. I have no idea how it got there, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to move by myself and it was just sitting on the porch.”  34 year-old male

So, Mr. Piano Man, it seems that this dream is indicating your need to concentrate more effectively.  Welcome to one of the most common mental issues of our time, and though the dream doesn't indicate ADD or ADHD behavior (and I'm not one to diagnosis it if it were) the clues are apparent that the mind needs a tune up.  

            Things simply appearing out of thin air in this repetitive pattern indicate that there is something you're missing, a thinking pattern that is unconscious, and it is causing you extra work.  In the dream this is shown by you moving objects back and forth, from one location to another.  Ever heard of the hobby of digging holes just to fill them?  No offense, but your dream is indicating that you are doing something like that mentally.  And by the way, almost no one practices that manually intensive hobby.  Gyms and weight rooms pretty much bled it dry.

            In another light, this dream indicates that you have a lot of thoughts that can be put to good use, but you have to actually use your will in order to go from thinking about doing something good to actually doing something good.  By being willing to act on your good ideas, they will stop popping up at the wrong time and the wrong place, and then your life will be filled with a lot more harmony.  In essence, get that metaphorical piano inside and start playing it!

 My Mom's Hair was Falling Out
“I had a dream where my mom was losing her hair and was feeling bad about it.  I kept trying to reassure her that with the proper nutrition things could get better.  What do you think about that dream?” 
28 year-old female.

            A slightly different twist to one of the most common dreams known to our culture and times.  In the type of dream interpretation I practice, everybody, everything, and every place represents a part of you; not your mom, no matter what the school yard kids say. Now Ms. Nutritionist, this is a dream that shows there is a need to focus more on the point of life.     What is the point of life, you might ask?  Well, first off you know what it is.  This isn't religion, or dogma, or new age crap, it's just common sense.

            Still need a little help? I don't blame you, somebody (other than my parents) had to tell me straight up what life was all about, and ever since then it's like I can't stop seeing life that way.  So, let me be the “voice” who passes on what was passed to me:  learning.  Yup, that's it.  The point, or purpose, of life is learning.  Almost everybody has heard the cliché “Knowledge is power.”  Have you?  If not, you're lying because I just told you.  Seriously though, what is knowledge?   Knowledge is what you learn.

            Therefore, Miss Nutritionist, as you focus more on learning from your life experiences, you will be able to reach a much deeper appreciation of your natural beauty and improve your self image immensely, hence no longer have mama losing hair.

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Rory Colgan is a dream interpreter, metaphysics teacher, writer, speaker, and a spiritual, mental, and emotional balancing teacher.  Rory is a graduate of the School of Metaphysics.  He lives South of Corydon, Indiana, and teaches people in the Louisville area and throughout the United States via phone.  Visit Rory at and